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Compiled by Rev. Jack Barr
On the Prophecies from The Start in the 1970's to 2002 09 30.1

The following are the entire quotes from the Prophecies, of what is related to War in each of the following prophecies
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War -

1994 11 01.1

I will bring only limited destruction upon them for a short time, BUT then, if they do not repent of their evil deeds, they will be severely destroyed almost to the last of the will to fight against their enemy. ---- This force that will come against them is the power of the demon of Russia. This force will come upon them without any warning. It will be as though they had peace in their hands, an absolute peace, that would rule the world, BUT THEN the destruction of world war three will intervene.

1995 03 11.3

I have called My people to war against this evil worldly system that you now live in, but so few have turn their hearts to this call that there is now a small fraction of people working as My prophets that I called.

1995 04 02.2

This is the word of God for the new move of the Spirit which shall occur after the war years. This war shall occur in the next several decades and will be a few years in length. At this time I have chosen to allow this war because of the evil that is occurring in this nation and the one to the south. Canada and the USA have walked partly in My will. They have not walked before Me in the way I would prefer. They have sought out ways to stay in the flesh and not walk with Me, says the Lord of Host. I desire a nation that walks before me, therefore I will do the following. ---- I will bring about a system of problems that will result in a third world war. ---- This is My will for all time. But it will take a war, a disaster, for My people to walk with Me in the Spirit of God the way they should.

1995 12 07.1

So thus says the Lord. In a few years from now, you will be impaled on the brink of war. It will come with very little warning. I shall bring this war down upon you who think you can serve the world, and claim to serve Me, saith the lord! ---- In the year of 2005 you will have yet to see this war. But it will then be but a few moments in time, by the Spirit, till you will see it. It is close, it is coming, and no one can say, "I will hold it back, I will put a stop to it." I, the Lord, have made a decision to judge the evil hearts of the people, and I will do it! ---- So it will be, that I have now spoken the year in which I will hold it back to: but by the year 2010 it will have come upon you! ---- Now as this occurs, as the war progresses, and Russia takes heart to overthrow the entire world, I will put an end to it. ---- I will see that the time will come that they, Russia will loose this war, and be changed in their political agenda forever . Russia will become a major world wide country to bring My salvation to all of the earth! ---- So it will be, that this war will come to an end in this way. That by a new invention, that I will see comes to the USA, they will win this war. ---- But this will NOT occur until they have repented for their sins! They must repent before I will turn the time of the war to them. I will bring them to the brink of disaster, to the brink of destruction, to the brink of all out loss, before they will turn with their whole heart to Me, says the Lord. ---- As My people turn to the one faith, there will then come a persecution like has never been before in this earth, on this planet, in this time of the end - for it will start at the time of the end of the war. Satan will have fought for the destruction of this planet by first trying to take over the world through satanic influences in the country of Russia. But it shall not be. ---- This is one more situation to learn from. He, satan, is trying to take over the world, to raise up a world kingdom of himself, the evil one. So it shall be, that this will eventually occur, but not at this war. --- This war will be the war that will bring the sudden destruction, and realization that war is inevitable, and most dangerous, because it cannot be controlled in the earth. ---- Now as this war comes to an end, there will be another fear. This will not be the time, but it will be a prelude to this time. The fear of war, which will rise up at this time, will be so strong that every politician will be overcome by this fear, and will try to appease the people with any kind of peace agreement, no matter how ridiculous it may seem. They will sign anything as long as they can use it to convince the people war will never happen again. This is the tool satan will use to bring about total world power in one being, in one place, says the Lord God. --- So as this will come to an end, the war years, there will come a new peace upon this earth for a very short time ---- This is not the end of all war, but rather the beginning of world war!

1995 12 09.1

This war that shall occur on America will be My judgment on it. Not to turn it to rune, but to turn it to Me, says the Lord. ---- So you see that they will not turn, for I have said this war is coming to those who will fight against the kingdom of Heaven, and so it shall be. ---- This war will with all its total cruelty from the earth's point of view, finally bring about a true repentance and a true love for the things of God in those few who will turn to Me at the beginning of the war!

1995 12 12.2

Now as these war years come to a close, you will see that there will be abnormal amounts of discrimination against those who are truly called by My Name. But it is not abnormal amounts from the time before, for My people have been persecuted for many years, as I have stated. "they will be persecuted for My names sake." And so it shall be! --- So therefore, notice that the persecution that will occur just after the war is over will be abnormally small!! Not large, but small.

1996 05 09.1

For you will have to fight. There is a spiritual war on. You will have to fight. There is a spiritual war on! Do not be deceived. I an the Lord God. You will have to fight for Me.

1997 04 12.1

Learn the parable of the times at hand. This is war! No other time throughout eternity will be like this for all the generations of this earth. There is, at this time, war on a spiritual level. The time of victory celebration is yet to occur. The time of war is here now.

1997 09 22.2

The infiltration onto American soil of enemy bands of soldiers to begin World War III.

1998 02 08.1

For there is a great spiritual war to take place. For satan shall fight like never before against My people, and My people shall learn to be victorious against all things of the evil one. Says the Lord.

1998 12 17.1

Thus saith the Lord, some have looked to war in the east and have said. "there is trouble brewing." ---- But I say, says the Lord, there shall be much more than this going on in the years to come. Much more than one little war with one little nation be the United States. I say, says the Lord, there'll be many more wars, and many nations involved.

1999 02 13.2

The streets of many large cities will become a struggle of power for many gangs. Police will settle for keeping gangs from tying up too much police manpower in keeping the gang wars to a minimum.

1999 03 09.1

So heed the will of God! Know the will of God! Participate in the will of God! Heed the Holy Spirit in all things, and you shall be at peace, and you shall be at war! Yes, at war! For satan shall be your foe. And the world shall be you foe. And yet you shall be at peace in the war! For I shall give you a peace in you that is not of this earth.

1999 04 24.2

But I say, woe unto America, for little by little, war by war, piece by piece, YOU SHALL BE DRAWN INTO conflict after conflict, till you can no longer protect yourself.

1999 05 18.1

The number one things is: we are at war!! Not with flesh and blood, but with spiritual powers that are in the heavens and in this earth seeking to destroy and deceive all they can.

1999 05 21.1

But hard in the spirit, because of the war in the spiritual realm that MUST BE FOUGHT!!!

1999 05 30.1

There is war in the flesh. ---- And there are wars in the spirit.

1999 06 13.1

Then the Lord said this. There is war and bloodshed coming to this continent of North America.

1999 06 13.3

( a small hamlet of Bodo, near the Alberta / Saskatchewan boundary) ---- God spoke and said this was the first place where east and west will meet in military conflict in the air.

1999 07 19.2

For I am training an army, and there is much people to train, and much training of every person, AND SO LITTLE TIME LEFT. Before the great war begins!! And it is a war over the souls of men, the great last battle. ---- And this battle will be fought for the souls of men

2000 05 03.1

At this point the economy of the United States, America, Canada, and much of the rest of the world, much of the rest of the world, will collapse, at this time it will collapse because of not an economic problems, but of an invasion of the United States of America.

2000 05 12.1

For the United States shall first fall economically - first by economics, second by war - for I shall bring it to its knees.

2000 12 13.1

Some put faith in leaders. Some put faith in political ideologies. But a nation is blessed because of its spiritual nationhood with Me. Some are raised up to be damnation to other nations - such as Russia. For it is not a nation whose heart is to Me, but I am allowing it to rebuild itself - and it shall! It is being brought forth because I will use it as a tool to judge other nations, such as America, which has sinned before Me.

2001 02 07.2

The following things will occur during the years known as "the war years." ---- Thus says the Lord, coming is the Russian invasion throughout Canada and most of the U.S. You will see a significant invasion of foreign forces. During this time the United States will be brought to its knees.

2001 02 11.1

Those people who pray for those against them and will not fight, shall win this war. You see that is a spiritual war. This is not a physical war. And those who will pray - as I said in the 5th chapter of Matthew, pray for them who are against them, pray for them who use them, pray for them who say things against them.

2001 04 05.1

There is coming a great war within the church, a non-compromising people, some of which will leave of their own free will but most will be pushed out in this war, a great spiritual war, which will see many people pushed out of the church. And they will come out dazed and not understanding that it is My will for them to come out. ---- For I am not in favor of this war, but I must bring it to pass to bring the unity again. I must create a division between those who compromise and those who serve.

2001 11 04.2

Terrorism in Canada and in the United States will not go away until after I have brought about the Russian - Chinese invasion. And when this occurs there will be much greater problems on this continent. For thus saith the lord. Under no conditions will I allow Canada and the U.S. to be a relaxed and safe nation again until it completely and totally repents of its sinful ways and its rebellion against God.

2002 04 28.1

Now you will see some judgment, and then more. And some of it will be very severe; and some of it will be very hard to withstand. Yet it shall come stronger and stronger until the day I bring war in American soil. At that time and in that day America shall fall a great fall - down to third world nation level - and I shall have judged that nation.

2002 04 28.2

For thus says the Lord, hear me and know the time is short. The United States shall be hit severely - yet not immediately - but it shall come soon. A little while and the United States shall suffer a severe blow. ---- No, I will not bring a war on it yet, that is, not a war with a nation, but it will come from terrorism, from natural disasters, and other things I will bring against it.

2002 08 18.1

As I was praying the Lord showed me the following in my spirit. I could see President Bush from his left side sitting at a desk or table. He was saying, "we must get Saddam Hussein, we must get Saddam Hussein." (He said it twice). ---- As I watched he signed some type of paper. But he signed it with his left hand from the right to the left - just as the Arabic language is written. He signed this twice. I could not tell if he was sighing two papers one above the other, or twice on the same page. ---- then the Lord gave me this word. Thus says the Lord, these two statements by Bush plus the two signatures, indicate each two agreements with Arabic nations. These two agreements are compromises by Bush in order to get permission to go into Iraq. ---- when he sign them, says the Lord, this will create ruffled feathers both in America and in Arabic areas as they find out what is agreed to; which will not be done until some time later.

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