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Compiled by Rev. Jack Barr
On the Prophecies from The Start in the 1970's to 2002 09 30.1

The following are the entire quotes from the Prophecies, of what is related to Satan in each of the following prophecies
** The The Next section tells what each of the Prophecies says about Satan

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Key parts of prophecies are in Blue text, My notes (if any) are in Red text.

Satan -

1994 11 01.1

Now after this there must become a way of destruction from the will of satan. He will first desire that abortion on demand be law, and it will be so. You will see this come to pass in the next few year! I no not desire this, but satan does, and the U.S. is being turned over to their own evil lusts, and therefore I will let satan have more of his way than in the past. This will cause a number of extra judgments on them, but they will not repent of this evil.

1995 12 07.1

As my people turn to the one faith, there will then come a persecution like has never been before in this earth, on this planet, in this time of the end. - for it will start a the time of the end of the war. Satan will have fought for the destruction of this planet by first trying to take over the world through satanic influences in the country of Russia. But it shall not be. ---- This is one more situation to learn from. He, satan, is trying to take over the world, to raise up a world kingdom of himself, the evil one. So it shall be, that this will eventually occur, but not at this war. This war will be the war that will bring the sudden destruction, and realization that war is inevitable, and most dangerous, because it cannot be controlled in the earth. ---- Now as this war comes to an end, there will be another fear on this earth like has never been before. Yes, it has come before, but not in the way that it will come from, and to, this time. It will come from this earth's system, satan himself will go to those who will not walk in My ways, those who will not turn to Me. ---- They will sign anything, as long as they can use it to convince the people war will never happen again. This is the tool satan will use to bring about total world power in one being, in one place, says the Lord God.

1996 05 09.1

I am dividing among My children, those who are dedicated, those who are fervent of Spirit, those who are strong, those who will serve; not those who will play the game of religious experiences, not those who will turn aside when the going gets rough, not those who will turn aside when satan attacks. ---- Who told you to run at satan's shouting? Who told you to turn away? I did not. I am your leader, right? Have not I held you when you were disobedient? Have I not been merciful? Have not I been righteous when you were not right with Me? So why turn aside when satan makes a noise? Have you not understood, have you not read, do you not understand, that the scriptures will make you strong? ---- In the coming days of this age, you will see more than just judgment on this earth. Satan has sought to hinder you by the following ways:

1. To remember your old ways, to cause you to tremble in justice with guilt! Your justice is the blood of the Lamb which has already caused your sin to pass away!

2. he will look upon you to cause you to stumble on your weaknesses - you all have them, but remember I AM YOUR STRENGTH!! So remember that you have to spend time with Me. I spent time with MY Father while on earth, you must also! PRAY AND FAST before Me regularly!!

3. thus will satan do when he cannot succeed in the earlier ways: to cause you to notice your successes in the Lord and to build you up in you r flesh, which is pride. Do not let him!!

A division will occur between those who will stand for the Kingdom of God, those who will turn aside from the flesh, those who will turn and follow after the Lord NO MATTER WHAT, (this is My will for all); and those who will seek after the things of godliness to which they claim is salvation. BUT IT IS NOT!! Do NOT go after those people. They have chosen the ways of evil. Turn not to them, but away from them, for the ARE EVIL. No matter what, turn not to them, they have decided to serve satan. YES, THEY ARE IN THE CHURCH! YOU KNOW MANY OF THEM. THEY ARE YOUR FRIENDS!! THEY ARE ENEMIES OF ME, saith the Lord of Grace. They are enemies of Me. Oh how I wish they were not, not the enemies of Me, BUT THEY ARE, AND YOU MUST BELIEVE IT!! ---- Now understand this, I tell you this not for love only, but also for them. That they will read, understand, and turn away, but if not: judgment!! So it must be. Now you must be prepared to take on the whole earth, with Me at your side. ---- For as you do, you will see those things occurring around you. You will first be called evil, sin, other names too horrible to mention, but you will be in My will. I know this sounds very much like some of satan's crowd, (turn away from the long sought after ways of the church, to become a more violent person), but no, it is Me causing you to turn away from the world and become like unto Me! ---- Now hear this word in the truth with which I have sent it to you . do not be deceived, that satan can be attacked on the level so many Christians have sought to fight him on. No way. He will defeat you right away. He will defeat you with hardly a fight. But fight him on the way of the Lord - Spirit Power from on high, the Word of God - this is how to fight the devils that come to you. ---- Make no mistake about this. Satan wishes you destroyed! That you must know. The only way around this is to have your spiritual armor on , and ready for battle

1996 05 21.1

But look at My word. In My word, in the last book of My Bible I wrote that the one thousand year reign would have a time when satan would be released, and judgment would fall. So it will end, but there will also be times of wrath and judgment previous to this. I will have a people that will turn against Me no more. They will serve Me.

1996 05 23.1

This is what you that follow Me will see, says the Lord God of all, the New Heaven and the New Earth. More happiness, glory, power, than ever known in this age, will come to be. I WILL RESTORE EVERYTHING THAT SATAN STOLE FROM THIS EARTH WHEN HE BROUGHT SIN TO EVE AND ADAM!! I will restore it!!! That's a guarantee. I will no longer have any sin to deal with. It shall be in satan's domain, the eternal lake of fire, forever. That's all you need to know about the New Heaven and Earth from a spiritual standpoint. It is perfect!

1996 09 14.1

I have it planned out. If you will follow that plan, you'll walk in the uprightness of the living God. ---- If you do not, you will fall into the traps of the devil.

1996 10 21.1

If you are to walk and be victorious against satan, against evil that is to come, you MUST learn to fast before Me. Spend time in the Word. Spend time in prayer.

1997 01 10.1

There is coming this time of hardship among the Christians. It has already begun in some very small ways, but it shall accelerate toward a satan - goal of eliminating the Christians from the face of the earth. Just as satan tried to eliminate the Jews from Germany so he will generate a hatred of all those who will not compromise this word of God that I have given you.

1997 02 09.1

For you have walked in the lie of satan, which is that you cannot do it. When you see what I have called you to do, you believe the lie: I cannot do it. ---- But I say in My Word, I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me.

1997 09 15.1

Listen to this word. Listen carefully to this word. There is a falseness disguised as truth. ---- Satan goes about seeking to look as a spirit of light. He is a false spirit. You shall know the false by the word of God, and by the Spirit of God. If you will be led by the Spirit of God in everything you do, you will be at a place in your life where satan cannot move you. ---- Yet if you go by your own understanding, satan shall fool you, and satan shall utterly destroy you in everything you do, because he will be able to deceive you at will. Your own understanding cannot reach the depths of the understanding of God.

1997 11 23.1

Try to make it run with Me, says the Lord. Bow the knee to the Kind of Kings, and listen to My commandments. Seek Me, and not the wisdom of this earth! Seek Me, and not the wisdom of man! Seek Me, and not the wisdom that comes from satan! ---- For you would be surprised, if I would reveal every single piece of wisdom that you know - and I revealed how much came from satan, you would be SHOCKED at how much satanic things you have believed. ---- For there is much in the way of satan in this earth, he controls almost everything in this earth, and he seeks to control it.

1998 02 08.1

For there is a great spiritual war to take place. For satan shall fight like never before against My people, and My people shall learn to be victorious against all things of the evil one, says the Lord.

1998 03 02.1

The coming trials, and tribulations, and persecutions, and troubles, that I shall bring upon this earth. ---- Yes, I shall bring them, says the Lord. For I desire to let satan run to and fro through the earth to do these things, because My children have fallen prey to devil's very clever ways.

1998 03 03.1

Satan will fight like never before and I will strengthen My people like never before.

1998 03 17.2

For not only shall the wrath of God descend. But satan shall fight against Christians like never before, and you shall see a great outpouring of persecutions from people you did not think it would come from.

1998 04 03.1

And it is being held back, for the test of the earth. And I have tested many in the earth. And they have tested to satan and evil and evil - even in My churches they have tested evil

1998 04 28.1

This country of Canada is not so holy as some might have thought. For it has sifted out the things of God, kept the things of satan within itself. It has kept the evil and taken out the good. It has left God and turned to the devil.

1998 05 31.1

For beware of the prophet that goes out on his own accord to do his own thing. For, while great are the rewards of a prophet, great are the judgments of a prophet when then fall wrong to the errors of satan, to walk in pride, to walk in evil, to walk in sin, not to speak the word that I gave them, but to speak their own: then they stand in danger of a great wrath. ---- Here Me, and hear Me carefully. For there is a time coming very soon when the prophets work will rise stronger in the body of Christ, but so will satan as he raises up false prophets, from true prophets, who will walk in pride to seek their own glory. And I will drop those true prophets. I will not deal with them anymore.

1998 10 24.2

People will stand up for the Lord, and satan shall not be at ease! For he shall fight this. And it shall create uproars. It shall not sit will with many people. But it shall sit well with Me, for great is the coming revival.

1998 11 14.2

Beware of those who push ministries into the limelight. Sometimes it is of Me, saith the Lord, sometimes it is not! ---- You see, many times satan pushes a ministry into the limelight because he knows he can bring pride about in the leadership of that ministry. ---- BEWARE OF THIS TACTIC!! ---- For if satan pushes you into the limelight, you are soon going to fall, unless you repent, AND REPENT QUICK!

1999 03 09.1

For if you take your eyes off the things of heaven and put them in the things of the earth, you'll be distracted, and be distracted enough that satan can deceive. ---- Heed the Holy Spirit in all things, and you shall be at peace, and you shall be at war! Yes, at war! For satan shall be your foe. And the world shall be your foe. And yet, you shall be at peace in the war! For I shall give you a peace in you that is not of this earth.

1999 03 20.1

I sent Clinton and his sins to be a test of those people who have chosen their own way. And they chose. They chose to be in love with a man of sin. They chose to love that sin. They chose to love that way of life. ---- it is the joke, it is the formal training, that came from satan himself, that they love the things of sin.

1999 07 17.1

Beware of the ministry spirit of satan! It has attached itself to many: the ministry spirit of satan! ---- The Lord commands a Spirit of humility, not of building up of a ministry name!

1999 07 19.2

And it is a war over the souls of men, the great last battle. ---- And this battle will be fought for the souls of men. And satan will not stand idly by. He'll attempt to deceive on a level that he has never attempted before.

1999 09 20.2

For there is a god of this earth (who is called god of this earth): satan himself. There is a God in heaven who is above everything. He is above all things. The so-called god of this earth shall fall - satan himself shall fall. At the return of the Lord, the King of Kings, there shall be a great fall of the satanic kingdom. But until that time, he'll be allowed to deceive and then wreck havoc. ---- And those who will stand by My Name, says the Lord; those who will stand in My ways, says the Lord; those who will stand in the power of the Kingdom of God, says the Lord; those shall stand up. Some shall be slain, martyred for the Kingdom. Some shall rejoice, and continue on for a time. But all shall have victory: victory over evil, victory over satan, victory over the world.

2000 05 14.2

Compromise not the things of God. For satan will attempt to work in your hearts to bend you so that the world is a little more accepting of you. So that you are not laughed at so much. For when you do that you compromise My Word.

2000 06 16.1

And when I have finished with them, there's going to be a church without spot and without wrinkle. And I will guarantee the power of My Spirit will flow through them like it has never flowed before. ---- And as it flows through them you will begin to see this is the church of the end times! This is the church that satan can't stop! Then comes the great end times.

2000 08 24.1

Persecution shall be harder. It shall be like the days of old in the Iron Curtain countries which so squashed the church. That is how it is going to come. That is what it is going to be like. For the worldliness that satan has infused into America, Canada, Europe, and other areas, this shall rise up in strength. It shall rise up in power. And when it does, the greatness of the Lamb shall also rise up.

2000 09 07.2

Hear and know this. Thus says the Lord. There is a division between the truth and the false as has existed in the organized churches. This division is not of Me to create a war, or a fight, or trouble. For it is satan that shall raise up the war - and it shall come. ---- But it is Me that wants My people to stand free from the religion of the world. So says the Lord!

2000 09 10.1

Look now and see as I raise up My church, My true church, those who are not organized by the systems of man, those who are not organized by the systems of the world, those who have not gone after the pride of the world; but those who have gone after the things of God, those who have humbled themselves to the ways of God - they shall rise up in power and in strength. And satan shall have a disaster in his hands!

2000 10 21.3

For throughout the day there is a constant draw by the spirit of this world, which is the spirit of satan, to draw you away from the things of God, to distract you from the things of God, to tell you, you don't have time to spend in the things of the Lord. ---- But I tell you: the busyness of the world is a deceit of satan to draw you from prayer before Me, to draw you from the Word of God, to draw you away from Me, saith the Lord.

2000 10 21.4

(on your money in the stock market and how long you can stay in)Your mind is with the flesh and the worldliness of satan! You have sought the things of the evil because you want to get rich and get out without loosing it!

2000 11 14.1

In the years to come you'll see turmoil like you have never seen it in your life. Because now is the time satan is allowed to stretch forth his might farther than he has before.

2000 11 20.1

Listen to My word and watch. For My hand is upon the United States of America. It is upon the presidents, and it is upon the election; but so is satan's

2001 01 13.1

But in this day and age it's a time of false prophets, they shall rise like never before. And satan shall use, through his various means, the false prophets, and the excesses of the false prophets, and the dangers of the false prophets to bring about a great persecution against My prophets and against My people.

2001 01 13.2

For thus saith the Lord, watch ministries that raise themselves up in the price of this world. There are two types of such ministries: those that serve Me, but have gone after the flesh and want to raise up their name; and those that serve satan who naturally flow into the pride of the world. ---- For thus saith the Lord, never again will I have my church so deceived as its been in the past. ---- But while they use the name of Jesus, while they use the name of God, while they rise up in great religious ways; they are of satan, and they are born of him

2001 01 24.2

There are two direct lies of satan that he attacks My people with. The first is to get them out of My will and into sin. And the second is greater: that I would never forgive them.

2001 02 25.1

But there is a trouble. The trouble is that there are many false apostles and many false prophets gone forth to deceive. For satan has perceived what is going on. Deception is his game, and he is going forth to deceive.

2001 03 28.2

Remember there are three basic types of false prophets and of false apostles. Number one are those who are led by satan. They are most deceptive and most destructive, for they really use the terminology of the church, but the heart is filled with evil. Then there are those, in the price of trying to be important, have called themselves to a ministry which I did not call them to. This is evil, and I tell you it is sin! Then there are those who I have called who seek not My will but their own and have gone astray after their own minds.

2001 04 09.1

The woman stood for a ministry of God that was deceived and carried away (in the helicopter) with error. She is unaware (unconscious) of these errors in her work for God. The man who delivers her does so by showing to her heart the error and deception that she is in. she is loosed from this and then runs away from this error. But she is still partly hindered in her thinking because of the binding of the various sects of Christianity (the handcuffs). ---- The man with the gun is someone seeking after truth. The kidnapper is a false ministry sent by satan to deceive. She is a ministry of God that has been deceived and is now coming out of the deception. ---- The very wise man is the one who carefully investigates each ministry before deciding who is of God (deceived of not), and who is of satan.

2001 04 11.2

For thus saith the Lord God of heaven. Great is My Name in the earth. Nevertheless satan shall raise up a great people, and a great number of people, to fight against My people. They shall seek ways to persecute. Even in the nations of Canada and the U.S. they shall seek ways to persecute. ---- They shall come from within the organized churches, from without the organized churches, from any walk satan can find them. They shall fight against My people. ---- But satan shall not stand idly by while I raise up a great people seeking to promote the salvation of the Blood of the Lamb throughout the earthy. He shall not stand idly by. He shall raise up a great stink, and a great noise, and move many to persecute My people. ---- But it is this noise that shall get more to notice them - that is, notice My people.

2001 12 06.1

Where did I come from, saith the Lord? Did not I raise the nation? Did not I raise it up for they have loved their love and their love was the love of the earth, the love of satan, the love of evil.

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