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Compiled by Rev. Jack Barr

The following are the quotes from the Prophecies, arranged according to specific subjects of what is related to The Prophets in each of the following prophecies listed

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God is raising up Prophets

1994 11 01.1 Now I will do this: I will make a statement of prophetic fact of what I shall do in the coming years to them for their evil and their righteousness.

1995 03 11.2 This is the way of God, to turn from the worldly things, and move on toward spiritual maturity in the Lord. For by this method I can find apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, and evangelists,

1995 04 02.1 I am going to use My prophets, My teachers, My apostles, to move this strength to the whole body of which I am the head!

1995 12 12.2 This will occur as you have noticed in the previous prophecies - not only from this prophet, but from many others that I have called - that the war years will end and a new time of rejoicing in the Spirit will be here.

1996 05 09.1 I have brought about the return (not that I have left them at any time, but My people have forgotten to remember them, to honor those who I have called!!) of the prophetic ministry

1996 05 09.1 I have raised up the prophet in this hour. Oh, how few there have been in days gone by, but now I have begun to raise up the prophetic ministry, which will always be a strong point of My Church!

1996 10 21.1 For I have called a new breed of prophets

1996 10 21.1 But heed My true prophets, for they are there. And they will walk, and am bringing up a breed of new prophets in this time, which will not fear man, but will fear God, and God's place will be upon him.

1997 08 03.1 There is a new breed of prophets and ministers coming, says the lord. And indeed they are here now - however, there will be much more in the coming days. There will be many more of them, a breed that I have raised up.---- This breed is not of the world. They do not seek after a glorious ministry with a big name, and money in their pockets, and a glorious vision to the world, (that they will look good to the world). But rather they are interested in being humble. They are interested in being profitable to the master, Jesus. They are interested in being in the work that God has called them to do

1997 08 03.2 I have sent prophets, --- unto you to show you the way.

1998 02 23.2 Hear Me and know Me. I am the true Prophet, and I send out true prophets. --- Those who walk with a humble heart, quiet before Me, speaking carefully the word: these are My prophets.

1998 03 01.1 Many a prophet has wished he could live in this time.

1998 03 13.1 And as I pull the pieces from the bottom, the top will come crashing down. It will not come down in easy ways, but with a thud and a crash and a suddenness that will shake most people. ---- there are a few prophets it will not shake, for they know and expect it to occur.

1998 03 17.2 For thus saith the Lord, this word shall not depart from My prophets. They shall speak it forth from one end of this earth to the other until the day that I come back

1998 04 03.1 But I do not prophecy this way, says the Lord. For My people and My prophets will speak My Word

1998 04 10.1 There is a time coming soon when you shall see prophecies that have been told, and heard, and repeated, from time and times past; they shall come upon you, and you shall see them come to pass. ---- There is a great price to pay for the prophets that I have called! A great price to pay! A great price to pay! And so it shall be in the days to come

1998 04 10.2 when the judgment falls, they'll remember what you said. They'll remember the hard times that you said would come, that you said the prophets prophecided, that you said the prophets were about to bring forth into this world by the word of the Living God.

1998 04 10.2 there are prophets prophesy - they speak the word of God; when God speaks through them, it shall come to pass. ---- You read of Elijah, So it shall be with the prophets to come, and even that are here now. When they say something shall occur, it shall happen!

1998 05 31.1 There is a calling of My prophets to stand up and be righteous, and not embellish the word, and not stretch it, and not exaggerate it.

1998 05 31.1 A prophet of Mine who is truly a prophet, walking in ALL that I call him to be, or her to be, is this: humble before Me, seeking Me carefully in all of the strength of the power of which he walks in, listening to My word, hearkening unto it, speaking carefully as I call him.

1998 05 31.1 there is a time coming very soon when the prophets work will rise stronger in the body of Christ,

1998 05 31.1 and turn to a prophet that will humble himself, seek the word, and seek knowledge of the things of the Lord, and in true humble spirit, and in humility before Me, he will stay before Me in truth and honor.

1999 07 19.3 the Lord has asked you to stand, a prophet, given to all who will listen, a prophet that will stand true in the times of persecution. ---- So says the Lord.

1999 09 20.1 He has told me that I will receive prophetic warnings concerning several cities, and that I am to take these warnings to the streets of them to tell the people

1999 09 29.1 But listen, the word of the Lord is that , the word of the Lord. Do not despise the prophetic word. Do not despise the prophetic word.

2000 02 17.1 The Lord would not allow me to continue with the prophetic work that He called me to do until it was completely burned out in my life ---- During this time in which the Lord dealt with me on this I was not allowed to have my prophetic web site up, or answer an prophetic mail. I was also not aware if the Lord would ever allow me back into the prophetic area at all

2000 02 24.1 Listen to the word. Be careful concerning the word, do not assume you know what a prophet means, and do not question him, ---- For I, says the Lord, give the word. Listen carefully to what that word is. Obey carefully to what that word is. Know carefully, know what the word means will revealed

2000 02 24.1 Know and understand that for when the times come and you see it fulfilled, you will see that it has been fulfilled. And you'll say, why that didn't happen the way I thought it would! That happened totally different than I thought it would, but it still fulfilled the prophecy, or the vision, or the dream. ---- So it is in the prophetic realm

2000 02 24.1 2000 02 24.1 Harken unto My voice as I prophesy, for My word shall not return void. And when I send out a word, it shall become indeed at true prophecy that must come to pass.

2000 02 24.1 And don't be fretting or worrying about when a given prophecy shall come to pass. I hold the times and seasons in My hand, says the Lord. And it shall cone to pass when its correct time and correct season - neither before nor after

2000 05 28.1 For thus says the Lord, the God of Israel, the God of mighty men, the God of mighty prophets.

2000 06 07.2 As I have called them out I have raised up prophets,

2000 06 07.3 I have been preparing prophets

2000 06 08.1 For there are those who are called into the Kingdom's work, especially as apostles, prophets, and pastors, evangelists, and teachers. I have anointed people to these ministries.

2000 06 08.1 I am calling a great number of people to specific callings in My work: apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists. I have called them all for My work at this end time.

2000 06 16.1 I have prepared My people - prophets, apostles, and pastors, and teachers, and yes, even evangelists - I have prepared them to build these people up, to strengthen them

2000 06 25.1 For thus says the Lord, listen to the word of the prophet. For hear this word and know that it is true

2000 07 19.1 For the Glory of the Lord has gone forth into the earth to call the apostle, to call the prophet, to call the pastor; and to bring them again into the commands of the News Testament church as He once commanded them to be. ---- So that the prophet will submit humbly to the apostle,

2000 07 19.1 And I cry out unto My prophets and My prophets shall hear, for I have called them in this hour and in this day to heed the word of God and to go forth and to prepare a mighty work for the end times, says the Lord.

2000 07 20.1 For the Glory of the Lord has gone forth to call those whom I wish to call into the offices of the apostle and the prophet

2000 07 27.1 and I have gathered My prophets together, says the Lord.

2000 07 27.1 But listen, listen hard! For the word of God gives forth a true prophet: one of humility, one of submission, to everything that is of God.

2000 09 20.1 The days are soon coming when you will see the great financial collapse that has been so prophesied by so many prophets for so long

2000 10 21.6 No one votes Me in, says the Lord. And no one votes My appointed people in. whether they be apostles, whether they be prophets, whether they be evangelists, pastors of teachers, nobody votes them in, says the Lord.

2000 11 20.1 For thus says the Lord, the work of My prophets have gone forth throughout the years. Sometimes they don't speak volumes on subjects, and sometimes they do

2000 12 31.1 Do not doubt the prophets, they have been moved by the Spirit of God to prophecy of the coming great end.

2001 01 04.1 So let it be known that God has shown you, through the prophets, that there is a great anointed time coming to prepare you for what you are to walk through, and to lead you through it.

2001 01 13.1 But I am the Lord, and when I call someone, I will call them.

2001 01 13.1 Do not be deceived. I have called only prophets to My Kingdom, apostles to My Kingdom, evangelists pastors and teachers.

2001 02 11.2 The judgments are about to fall, and I have raised up many prophets to prophecy of it, and few want to hear. ---- Take note of the prophecies. Take note of My Word

2001 02 25.1 You see them coming, Thomas, from afar. Where they come from is important. They come out of the world religions, seeking the prophet, seeking the apostle, seeking those of God to lead them. I am placing such apostles and prophets in the world today. I am placing them to guide My people and to lead them.

2001 03 28.2 For thus saith the Lord. There are many prophets and there are many apostles which I am raising up in this day and in this age. For My people need to be led by those who I appoint and anoint to lead them.

2001 03 28.2 Those of My people are of humble attitude, they seek not money, they seek not the love of this earth, they seek not importance of this earth, they seek not to be known, they seek not to be made a big name for themselves, they seek not a following ---- But the earth, and those of the earth seek all these things

2001 04 24.1 For thus says the Lord. Hear this word of My commandment through many of My prophets. There is coming a time when I will send forth much judgment on this earth.

2001 11 04.1 For they will equate terrorism and crime with those fanatics who believe that god speaks to them, prophesies; and for those who listen to the prophets they shall be equated with the prophets, and shall be persecuted along with them.

2002 09 28.1 In the days of old the watchman stood on the tower and reported trouble coming to prepare the city. ---- Today I am sending many of My prophets into the world with warnings of what is to come - and who pays attention?

False Prophets, and disobedient Prophets

Disobedient Prophets

1995 03 11.3 I have called many persons toward the high calling of My prophets. Many have heard this call but many do not respond toward this because they have a need in their heart toward the world and its ways

1995 03 11.3 so few have turned their hearts to this call that there is now a small fraction of people working as My prophets that I called

1995 03 11.3 Now I have a few that are called and obedient to that call, but of them only a few have their heart dedicated to Me so that I could teach them!

1995 03 11.3 Now it is time to warn you, My prophets!!! ----You who are not spiritual, not mature, not willing to become mature, you who are willing to stay in the things of this world, You who are trying to overcome the flesh with the flesh, you who are trying to stay out of the will of God, because you fear the world and what it might think, you who are not obedient to Me. Now, says the Lord God of Israel, I will judge you, I will judge you.

1996 08 24.1 There are prophets called by My word, says the Lord. And these prophets have not heeded the call, or obeyed what I have called them to do. I call them to repent of their ways before the Lord, for I shall reject them if they shall not serve Me. And I reject them totally, for I have called them to a call of the Spirit of God, a call of the call of the prophet

1998 04 03.1 And yet many churches will do this. They'll applaud them, and they'll bow down and say, "Yes, we have out prophet in out midst. "And as long as that prophet will say the right things, they will be glad of him.

1998 04 10.2 Some of you are afraid of persecution, afraid to standup and say, "Here am I, a Christian. I believe the word, I believe the prophets, I believe God." Stand up and let them laugh, and there'll be a reward unto you when those people repent later on, says the Lord God

1998 12 02.1 Have I not for years sent prophets, prophesying that you are to pay off your debts and not borrow? ---- Yet My people claim to believe this, yet they turn around and borrow, and borrow, and borrow. They dig themselves a hole of debt, and yet they claim to believe My prophets

1999 05 21.1 Oh, the pain that I feel when My prophets seek not My will --- Those who I have called so high, those who I have prepared, those who I have set forth, those who I have anointed - Oh, the pain that I feel when those people turn their backs on Me and don't desire my will. ---- For I have called these anointed ones to their work. I have prepared them. I have taught them. I have been patient with them. ---- This is to My prophets. I say unto you, PLEASE DO MY WILL!! I call you! Be obedient! ---- I call you to be obedient. It is not an easy life.

1999 09 29.1 There are those who say, "what is this to me, that a prophet speaks, and should I obey

2000 02 24.1 for even those that are true can lead you into deception if you will allow a false interpretation of a true word. So says the Lord God of Heaven!

2000 07 27.1 For so many places: there are no mighty works, there are no mighty deeds, there are no mighty miracles, and no mighty healings; because My work has been stilled by the heart that is against the will of God. It is against the anointing of the apostle. It is against the anointing of the prophet. It is against the anointing of the pastor

2000 10 21.4 Many of My prophets have told you there is a coming crash of the economy. ---- That's why My prophets don't tell you when it's going to happen. For you would seek to make money off that prophecy ---- And any prophet that has stated the time of the crash is a false prophet

1998 04 03.1 You cannot go on and believe the falseness of the words that have gone forth from some of My so-called prophets

1998 04 03.1 Some of them were, and turned to the evil because they wanted to be tingled, they wanted a word when I would give no word, they wanted to be looked up to, and raised up, and put on a pole. And looked up to, and almost worshipped as a prophet before Me

1998 05 31.1 For beware of the prophet that goes out on his own according to do his own thing. For while great are the rewards of a prophet, great are the judgments of a prophet when they fall wrong to the errors of satan, to walk in pride, to walk in evil, to walk in sin, no to speak the word that I gave them, but to speak their own: then they stand in danger of a great wrath.

2001 02 11.2 my prophets who prophecy falsely, bring forth nice words of great comfort - and they love to hear it;

False Prophets

1995 11 04.1 While there are those false prophets coming around regularly, I have commissioned My words by My prophets and there will be a Holy Word gone forth in this era

1996 10 21.1 Watch out for false prophets. There are many such false prophets. By their fruits you shall know them.

1996 10 21.1 I will show what's a false prophet, what's a true prophet. I will direct you. You will not be misled.

1998 02 23.2 there is much false throughout My church, says the lord, and also throughout My prophetic work. ---- for there are many prophets gone out in My Name that I did not call. There are many prophets gone out in My Name that I did not send. There are many prophets gone out in My Name that I have nothing to do with, says the Lord

1998 02 23.2 There are so many of the false that sometimes it is hard to find the true

1998 03 03.1 Do not be deceived, for many, many false prophets have gone out into this earth to deceive many. Many false preachers have gone out, preaching to tickle the ears of the churched of My people.

1998 04 03.1 There are spirits of hell - demons --- They have sent forth yes prophecies that will agree that you can love the earth, the things of the earth, and the pride, the love of money, and the evils of this earth. They have sent forth such words to deceive even My people.

1998 05 31.1 so many of My prophets have tried too make a name for themselves. They have tried to make a name using My name. They have tried to call themselves a prophet, and stand up, and make people look toward them

1998 05 31.1 but so will satan as he raises up false prophets, from true prophets, who will walk in pride to seek their own glory. And I will drop those true prophets. I will not deal with them anymore ---- And I will turn against them,

1999 01 10.2 How many, says the Lord, how many shall fall? Prophets upon prophets. Date setting upon date setting for My return. --- I will return, says the Lord, when I choose to return

1999 08 31.1 and many false prophets have gone out. ---- But don't believe the false prophets, says the Lord.

2000 02 24.1 many have been led down false paths by false prophets. But many more have been led down false paths by false interpretations of true prophets.

2000 06 16.1 Beware of false teachers, the false prophets, the false apostles, and yes, even the false Christ's that shall come. ---- For many shall come and say they are Me, saith the Lord, when they are not. Many shall come as false prophets speaking enticing words, speaking enticing words.

2000 07 27.1 2000 08 12.2 The false prophet has gone forth seeking to make a name for himself, seeking to be held up in certain circles, seeking to be known, famous, or outlandish, to be heard, and to be looked upon.

2000 07 27.1 Beware and know. For the false has gone forth to deceive, even in the churches. So says the word of the Lord.

2000 09 22.2 Therefore, before of those false prophets that are going around taking profit from the believers they have perverted. Looking unto themselves to make a profit from My people. They shall be judged more strongly than any other because they have known the truth, and willingly perverted it to their won selfish financial gain!

2001 01 13.1 For thus says the Lord, look not to the false prophet for guidance. For there are many such false prophets.

2001 01 13.1 Look not to those who build themselves up in pride and seek to be some great known person, for they are the evil ones seeking to devour the sheep. ----- For they are wolves in sheep's clothing, and I have warned you about this in My Word. I have stated this in My Word. And you know that there are such false prophets around. ---- For in this day and age it's a time of false prophets, they shall rise like never before. And satan shall use, through his various means, the false prophets, and the excesses of the false prophets, and the dangers of the false prophets to bring about a great persecution against My prophets and against My people

2001 01 13.1 be warned the time of the false prophets is rising up ---- Beware of those people calling themselves

2001 01 13.1 But there are many that call themselves, who desire to be some great one, who listen to some evil spirit, and they themselves are deceived and deceive many. So says the Lord God.

2001 02 11.2 But there is a trouble. The trouble is that there are many false apostles and many false prophets gone forth to deceive. For satan has perceived shat is going on

2001 03 28.2 But beware and be forewarned many are the false prophets and many are the false apostles. For they rise up by great number. You shall know them by their fruits. Look unto them and seek their fruits to see what they are. Do not run after them until you have sought what they are like.

2001 03 28.2 there are three basic types of false prophets and of false apostles. --- Number one are those who are led by satan --- there are those, in the price of trying to be important, have called themselves to a ministry which I did not call them to. This is evil, and I tell you it is sin! ---- those who I have called who seek not My will but their own and have gone astray after their own minds.

Many deny there are Prophets today

1995 11 04.1 Now as this millennium grows toward the end you will notice that there is also an increase in the words spoken against My prophets. ---- There will be those so called Christians that will rise up and say they have not spoken of the lord, but of the satanic power. This is wrong and it is error!

1996 05 09.1 There have been so many of My church that will say there is no such ministry; but I say there is, there always has been, there always will be, even in the ages to come, For I will send a type of prophetic ministry into the ages ahead. But it will be different in the prophetic.

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