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Compiled by Rev. Jack Barr

The following are the quotes from the Prophecies, arranged according to specific subjects of what is related to Praying in each of the following prophecies listed

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If you do not Fast and Pray you will have trouble

1994 10 05.1 Those who will not learn to fast and pray will have EXTREME trouble when this persecution comes. ---- Sad to say that most of My church will be the ones that do not fast and pray, but have trouble in times of persecution!

1996 04 08.2 When was the last time you spent an hour with Me, the last time you spent a weekend with Me

1996 05 09.1 you do not heed My commandment to obey the Word of the Lord and do the Will of God in prayer --- seeking My will, seeking My power, seeking My blessings, seeking My pleasure, seeking My ways, seeking My methods of operation

1997 04 12.1 Had he looked to the word of God, to fasting, to prayer, I would have taught him what was right

1997 04 21.1 You cannot understand the problem of being in the world and not fasting, praying, and seeking Me very often throughout your day.

1998 10 17.1 No, they've got no time for that ---- AND THEY HAVE LITTLE TIME FOR ME!!

2001 02 07.1 Make no mistake! I do not reward those of My people who spend no time with Me, or very little time.

2001 08 12.1 get into the Word of God and realize that he who does not spend time in prayer and fasting shall not be prepared for the onslaught of the devil.

When you Pray continualy, you will walk in the Spirit

1994 10 05.1 Those who will spend the time to walk in the Spirit, by fasting and praying before Me on a consistent basis, WILL learn to walk in the Spirit

1996 05 23.1 So listen to the ways of the Lord. Spend time with Me in prayer,

1996 10 21.1 Spend time in prayer. Spend MUCH time in prayer.

1997 02 09.1 Spend time in prayer. Spend time with your God and you will do what I have called you to do

1997 04 18.1 Look and know that the Lord will direct any of you who will spend the time with Him in prayer. --- This is where the direction will come from prayer with the Lord of all!

1997 11 23.1 Oh, spend your time in pray,

1998 01 02.2 Because you will put Me first in your life, you'll spend time, quiet time, in prayer before Me, and I shall teach you things, and I shall show you what to do in your lives.

1998 08 20.1 spend time in prayer, and spend time allowing Me to take My Spirit and show you what needs to be changed. As you spend this time with Me in prayer, In fasting, and in time, in spiritual time, in strong spiritual time alone with Me, says the Lord; as you do these things, you will see that I will show you what needs to be done to draw closer to Me

1999 05 30.1 For it is a spiritual battle fought on you knees - in prayer, in fasting. This is what brings victory!

1999 09 23.1 those who spend their time in a prayer closet, whose who spend their time with Me, says the Lord, they are the ones I am walking with

2000 06 16.1 Stand in fasting and praying and in the word of God for what is to come. For it is the great end times.

2000 09 22.1 Much of the time not working needs to be spent in the Word and prayer

2000 09 22.3 Learn to pray and spend time in the Word of God, to spend time in prayer, and to spend time in fasting.

2000 12 13.3 spend time on your knees before Me seeking direction from the Spirit that dwells within you - the Holy One of God

2000 12 23.1 For this is to be: great judgments this coming year. Those who look to Me in prayer will be protected from all

2000 12 31.1 So spend time in prayer. Spend time in prayer. Spend time in prayer. Be close to the Lord in this day and He will lead you through the great valleys to come, for He is greater than His judgments.

2001 01 04.1 But seek Me and My ways, and seek My Word. Spend time in My word. Spend time in prayer

2001 02 11.2 The warning is for you to go to your knees and say, "Lord, purify my heart, find any wicked way in me, burn it out. I don't care if it hurts, I want the sin out!" that's what you need to learn

2002 08 31.1 Now that you have entered into these last days, strengthen yourself in the fasting and prayer, for this is the only way to become strong for the Lord.

Prayer is how you fight evil

1998 03 01.1 There are coming rough times. So be it. Let it be. It must be. It cannot be taken away. ---- Do not pray against it, but pray for it.

1998 04 03.1 It is a warning to seek carefully, in prayer before God, whether you stand correct; or being pulled by the lusts of this earth into sin, and you're calling it "the will of god." Be careful what you call My will

1998 12 23.3 Hear Me, says the Lord, hear Me, Pray for the nation of America. Pray for the nation of America. Pray for the nation of America. Seek it in prayer. Seek it for the souls that shall be lost, for many shall die, many shall die, many shall die

1999 05 18.1 Listen to the word. Prayer is your fight against these things! Prayer is your fight against these things!

1999 09 06.1 For great revival has always come by one method. By the method of dedication, fear, and service to the Most High God - hours on their knees, hours in the prayer, hours, hours, seeking God.

2000 03 30.1 But there's a remnant in the church, still a few who seek after Me, who seek My word, who seek My ways, who pray and study and seek the Kingdom of God

2000 06 25.2 Those who have spent their time in prayer and faithfulness: they will have something. They will have the power of the Lord to deliver and protect them and carry them through this time, says the Lord.

2000 10 21.1 Those who spend time in prayer before the Lord seeking Him in fullness and power: they are the ones who will walk righteously with Me; for they seek Me and they find Me, says the Lord.

2000 10 21.3 But I tell you: the busyness of the world is a deceit of satan to draw you from prayer before Me, to draw you from the Word of God, to draw you away from Me, saith the Lord. ---- Don't be deceived. Spent time in the power of the Spirit of God. Spend time in the Word of God. Spend time in prayer. For those are the keys to finding the power of the Spirit of the Lord

2001 02 11.1 Pray for those who fight against you, Pray for those who speak against you. Pray for those who verbally abuse you. Pray for those against you. ---- Those people who pray for those against them and will not fight, shall win this war. ---- You see that is a spiritual war. This is not a physical war

2001 02 11.1 those who will pray - as I said in the 5th chapter of Matthew, pray for them who are against them, pray for them who use them, pray for them who say things against them. ---- those who will stand up and do that , and love their enemies, they are My children of extreme, high quality

2001 02 25.1 Pray, therefore, that the people will know the true from the false, that they will have revealed to them what is of God and what is not.

2001 06 02.1 I hear when they are praying and crying out to Me because of the sin of the nation around them

2002 06 21.1 This morning as I woke up and began to spend a short time in prayer before the lord, He showed me the following in my spirit It only lasted a brief second or two. ----- (was given a vision of smoke rising from a high rise building in a city, but no indication of where.)

2002 09 24.2 Those who spend time in fasting and prayer will be guided by the Lord. ---- Spend time, therefore, before the Lord and His righteousness will be with you forever.

Prayer brings Blessings

2001 02 07.1 Those who spend time with Me in prayer, and in fasting, and in studying the Word - they are the ones that will stand up and receive great miracles and great glory in the last days. And these are the last days

2001 08 12.1 Those who spend time in preparation of prayer and fasting shall walk forward in power and strength of the Holy Spirit

2001 08 27.1 When you seek the Lord first and give Him your all, then and only then can He open up the floodgates of heaven and turn on the blessings from above.

2002 04 13.1 Those that delve deeply in prayer and fasting and follow with the work will be blessed by the Lord God in this time of trial to come.

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