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Compiled by Rev. Jack Barr

The following are the quotes from the Prophecies, arranged according to specific subjects of what is related to Persecution in each of the following prophecies listed

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Only God's people will withstand

1994 10 01.1 Those who are standing on the foundation of The Rock Christ Jesus will withstand the force of this persecution.

1994 10 01.1 Only those who walk FULLY in the Spirit will stand and be whole.

1996 05 09.1 Just stand with Me and nothing of this earth can affect you, or upset you, or persecute you to the end of your ways for defeat. ---- Rejoice that you are counted worthy of persecution. ---- Rejoice that you are counted worthy of prejudice against you.

1996 05 09.1 those who will stand with Me will be persecuted, yes! But oh, what little that is compared to losing it all!!

1998 04 03.1 even though there shall be evil round about them, even persecution to death around them, yet I will raise them up,

1998 04 03.1 As persecution raises itself up against My people, I shall raise up in great power. You shall see the dead raised. ---- You shall see the dead come back to life in front of your eyes if you'll walk with me

2000 03 09.1 I will meet your needs throughout all persecution, --- To understand this, read the book of acts. To understand this, read the epistles of Paul. To understand this, read how they stood in the midst of persecution and I was with them! ---- Even to the death of Stephen I was with them - for I was with them

2000 12 02.1 And those that stand, they shall have a peace and a strength within them - it is not of them, but of God. It shall lead them through the time of persecution. And I shall have my hand of protection upon them, not to deliver them from persecution, but to lead them through it, says the Lord.

2002 08 31.1 Now hear this, says God of all. I have placed within My people protection and courage to follow their God and to serve their God in all of the persecution that shall soon occur.

The Church will persecute the true believers

1994 10 01.1 I will allow those opposed to the church to come and attack the things I have set up.

1994 10 01.1 Those who are standing for religion and church form will fall!!

1994 10 05.1 I am sending a great persecution on My church. It will come because I will stop holding back the demons who have long, very long, desired to destroy this My people

1997 03 30.2 You will see a strong delusion in the church to turn against My people in Israel. So it will be that the churches will be deceived into thinking that they will do the will of God by turning against all Jews that they find to persecute --- It shall be pushed by the world, because they will not persecute the churches against Israel. -

2000 06 16.1 The church cannot stand in what is to come if they are going to be filled with the filth of this world! ---- For when the persecution comes they will fall if they stand with the filth of this world.

2000 07 19.1 I am calling a church, and am now building it in this earth --- And there will be persecution against them like never before.

2000 10 08.3 But look at the first church in the Book of Acts. Was it not a church that met persecution daily? Was it not a church that met persecution every day of its life? And they grew in strength! Because when persecution comes the love of the world falls off; or they will revert to the world and deny Christ

2002 08 31.3 There shall come a time of great division within many churches. Several shall say, "go not after the world," and the whole church that they are a part of shall persecute them --- They shall persecute until My people leave the churches that they have called home. ---- These that come out from persecutions shall be My choicest of servants.

Pray and Fast in preperation for Persecution

1994 10 01.1 There will be a beginning of these things at this time, but the fullness of the persecution will come only after many years and will be so strong that those who doubt or play religious games will not be able to stand.

1994 10 05.1 Those who will not learn to fast and pray will have EXTREME trouble when this persecution comes, ---- Sad to say that most of My church will be the ones that do not fast and pray, but have trouble in times of persecution

1998 04 10.2 Some of you are afraid of persecution, afraid to stand up and say, " Here am I, a Christian. I believe the word, I believe the prophets, I believe God."

2000 05 01.1 If I test the hearts of My Christians, how many would stand the test of persecution, how many would stand the test of trial; and stand with Me when times are rough, and stand with Me when people are against them.

2000 05 01.1 For many have been tested, and many have fallen from that test because their hearts were not truly on fire for Me. They had a form of godliness, but they would not stand in the day of temptation! They would not stand in the day of trials. And they would not stand in the day of persecution.

2000 07 30.1 few have actually gone forth beyond the beginnings of the ministry. They see a great wall of doubt, and they stop. ---- Some see a great wall of problems, and they stop. And others see a great wall of persecution , and they stop.

2000 08 24.1 If you can't walk in it now when times are easy, how are you going to walk in it later when times are past easy and are becoming hard!

2000 12 02.4 For there are many that shall quickly deny Me, shall quickly deny the truth, quickly revert to a world religion, shall quickly deny the power of the Word; they deny the truth of the Word. They shall quickly deny many things, and they shall become politically correct for the day and the age that they live. For they do not want to be in persecutions and they do not want to stand against the world

2001 03 17.4 There are those who fear being persecuted, who fear suffering for Jesus. --- The greater they suffer here, the more they are rewarded there. ---- The early church understood this, says the lord. They looked forward to having the privilege of being persecuted and suffer.

The Faithful forming the true Church will be Persecuted

The forms of Persecution

1997 12 31.1 98 will bring forth a change in the world, a more stronger stance, by the world, against My people. ---- There will be more instances of outright prejudice from authorities against My people

1998 04 10.1 My prophets that have prophesied in My Name shall be persecuted.

1998 04 10.1 they shall be persecuted, and they shall be put in jail,

1998 04 10.3 to jail them,

2000 05 12.2 There was a man sitting in the corner of what appeared to be a cell with concrete walls. I could only see the corner where the man was. Then briefly the words "this is coming to America" flashed in my spirit. And then across the man the word "Christian"

1998 04 10.1 and they shall be done to by the evil one, and they shall be treated harshly for My Names sake

1998 04 10.1 They shall be turned aside, not treated nicely, but thrown away, pushed aside, not dealt with nicely by the world. But rather they shall be dealt with harshly by the world

1998 04 10.1 They shall be killed for My Names sake

1998 04 10.1 they shall not be able to own houses, or places to do business in a normal way

1998 04 10.3 This time is coming when the good people of God shall have to run and hide from the authorities that shall seek them to persecute them,

1998 04 10.3 and to harm them

1999 03 10.1 that shall be laughed at by the world,

1999 05 31.1 a short dream about someone who was arrested for having illegal material on their computer. ---- All I could see was just a short quick arrest of someone I did not know, and then I saw the word "download" clearly printed above the scene. As I awoke the Lord spoke to me and said it would become illegal to download Christian material to your computer

Persecution at the end of war

1995 12 07.1 As My people turn to the one faith, there will then come a persecution like has never been before in this earth, on this planet, in this time of the end - for it will start at the time of the end of the war.

1995 12 12.2 Now as these war years come to a close, you will see that there will be abnormal amounts of discrimination against those who are truly called by My Name. --- My people have been persecuted for many years, as I have stated, "they will be persecuted for My names sake," and so it shall be! ---- So therefore, notice that the persecution that will occur just after the war is over will be abnormally small! Not large, but small

2000 10 08.2 It is a small dying hamlet that has almost disappeared. --- There were only 2 or 3 houses that appeared to have anyone still living in them --- Some day God's people will take refuge in such towns, way away from the main population, because of the persecution that is to come. These places will become a refuge in Western Canada for the persecution that will come

2000 10 08.3 Persecution is coming unto this earth to My people. ---- It is coming to Western Canada in a severe way. ---- When it comes it will get so bad - as it progresses - that you My people will resort to small town and places you can live, in remote areas, to avoid much of the persecution.

Satan's Persecution of Christians

1997 01 10.1 There is coming this time of hardship among the Christians --- it shall accelerate toward a satan goal of eliminating the Christians from the face of the earth.

1997 01 10.1 Just as satan tried to eliminate the Jews from Germany so he will generate a hatred of all those who will not compromise this word of God that I have given you.

1998 03 17.2 satan shall fight against Christians like never before, and you shall see a great outpouring of persecutions from people you did not think it would come from.

1998 04 10.1 And like Nazi Germany who persecuted the Jews for no real reason at all, so this shall be in this day, they shall rise against My Christians, and they shall persecute them for no real reason at all.

2001 01 04.1 They shall rise up in great furore against you. They will not like your God. They will not like you following Him. And they will not like you witnessing. ---- they shall rise up like never before and violence shall occur.

2001 01 13.1 satan shall use, through his various means, the false prophets, and the excesses of the false prophets, and the dangers of the false prophets to bring about a great persecution against My prophets and against My people

2001 04 11.2 satan shall raise up a great people, and a great number of people, to fight against My people. They shall seek ways to persecute. Even in the nations of Canada and the U.S. they shall seek ways to persecute ---- They shall come from within the organized churches, from without the organized churches, from any walk satan can find them. They shall fight against My people.

2001 04 11.2 He shall not stand idly by. He shall raise up a great stink, and a great noise, and move many to persecute My people. --- And because of the persecution many more shall come into the fold of the Lomb of God receiving the salvation of the Blood of the Lamb. So says the lord.

Stand without compromise during Persecution

2001 03 17.4 Here on this earth I test you. Those who are persecuted most and suffer the greatest are rewarded the greates

2001 04 11.1 A people that will not compromise, no not for persecution, not for any reason will they compromise the Word of God

2001 04 11.2 You shall see a separation of those in the world, who are also in My church; and those who are of Me in the church. ----- This separation shall be with considerable spiritual violence

2000 12 02.4 Those of Mine, that are truly Mine, who walk in the power and are committed to Me, they shall stand in this persecution no matter what it brings.

2001 01 04.1 Take note of the book of Acts. For in there great revivals occurred, but also great persecution! The two must go together

2001 01 04.1 this is the time of great revival, of true revival, and of true persecution.

2000 12 02.4 Note that there shall be persecutions arising in all places, throughout the United States and Canada, and through Europe the nations shall rise up in persecutions against My people. It shall purge the church.

2000 10 08.3 This is My will. Persecution hasn't been on My church in the western world for years and years and years

1999 09 27.1 For those who fight against Me will loose. For when Christians fight against Christians they shall loose

The more committed to God, the greater the persecution

1996 05 09.1 So you should now be committed to the things of the Lord, but not to the things of the world. ---- Oh, will you be persecuted for this!! You Will!!! --- they will begin to persecute you beyond what you thought you could bear!

1996 12 07.1 We cannot say what is going to happen, we dare not say that we are part of the kingdom of God, for the persecution that shall come.

1997 09 22.1 they will see a difference in you, and they will either fear you or ridicule you.

1998 03 02.1 It is in their best interest to lose interest in the things of this earth which will not protect them, and to rise unto those things of God which will bring them through the coming trials, tribulations, and persecutions, and troubles, that I shall bring upon this earth.

1998 04 10.1 But at this time, there shall rise up a persecution like never before.

1998 04 10.1 For My people shall be persecuted, and chased from one end of this earth to the other.

1998 04 10.1 there shall be persecution like there has never been before. ----- For until My coming there shall be great persecution. It is just barely beginning in the earth ---- But it is coming, and as it comes, it shall come slowly at times. Sometimes with a ferocity, and a quickness in certain ways. And sometimes it will come slowly. It will not be all at once

1998 04 10.3 For there is coming a time when persecution shall hit even United States country, and they shall come after My people in great numbers, --- they will seek those who are of Me, to persecute them

1998 10 24.2 This revival shall touch all!! ---- And it will turn people against each other

1999 07 19.3 Thomas, you personally shall face, in the coming days, in the not too distant future, a persecution, and an investigation against you of false charges --- Lord has asked you to stand, a prophet, given to all who will listen, a prophet that will stand true in the times of persecution

2000 03 26.1 Here this word and know that the time is coming when it shall be hard to serve the Lord without the Spirit of God fully empowering your life.

2000 05 01.1 the day of persecution is coming -- beware those in America, beware those in Canada who think the day of persecution is afar off - it shall come, it shall come

2000 06 06.1 As I look at My people I seek to see a heart totally dedicated to My service. I seek not to see a heart dedicated to My service until there is persecution, or until there is opposition, or until people object, or until people laugh, or until people really make life miserable for you. ---- thus saith the Lord, I seek a heart that's completely dedicated no matter what the cost.

2000 08 24.1 For the times ahead are going to be hard for My people! ---- For great persecution shall come. Even in America it shall be! ---- Even in Canada it shall be!

2000 08 24.1 And what I prophesied in this prophecy is not the great persecution that shall come - this will be just the beginning. This will be just the beginning. ---- Persecution shall get harder, It shall be like the days of old in the Iron Curtain countries which so squashed the church. That is how it is going to come.

2000 10 15.1 the days are coming in which My people, called by My Name shall be persecuted in great numbers.

2000 12 02.1 Those that are persecuted are persecuted. Those who stand, stand. For all those who stand with Me will be persecuted for the stand for the things of correctness, the things of Jesus, the things of God.

2001 02 07.2 Thus says the Lord, coming is the Russian invasion throughout Canada and most of the U.S. You will see a significant invasion of foreign forces. During this time the United States will be brought to its knees. ---- It is after this time that you will see great persecution against My people, and against My church

2001 03 03.1 Those who harken unto me, saith the Lord, they are persecuted by the world. So the spirit of the world knows the Spirit of God and persecutes it. ---- Look unto Me, and know that the world will persecute you as you do so. ---- For the spirit of the world persecutes the Spirit of God wherever it finds it, saith the lord.

2001 11 04.1 There is a time coming when persecution shall rise greatly against My people. It shall rise at the same rate that the fight against crime shall rise and the fight against terrorism.

2002 08 31.3 Now learn to stand for the things of the Lord, not compromising the Word; and willing to walk in the persecution to come.

Will come from unexpected directions

1999 07 19.2 Persecutions shall rise up in the places you'd least expect it from, and the places you'd least expect it to occur

1998 04 10.2 the richest people in the world shall persecute you --- they may be the one that laughed the loudest at you, call you the greatest names of all blasphemes - but they'll remember what you said.

2000 03 26.1 It shall be hard to serve the Lord. ---- Persecution shall come when you least expect it, and from sources you do not believe it could come from.

How the Persecution will start

1997 12 14.1 And they shall equally differ among themselves, but they shall turn against you. They shall say Christianity is evil. They shall say Christianity is sin. They shall say Christianity is dangerous ---- It is at this time that you shall see a persecution rise up against My church like has never risen up against My church. You shall see it rise, you shall see it rise - in your lifetime, very soon!

1998 04 10.1 You'll see suddenness in this way: there will come a persecution against you, almost out of nowhere. Suddenly they shall be rising up and saying, "who is this person, and what have they said. They are telling lies and deceiving. It is them that are causing so much trouble."

1999 09 20.2 For those who stand for the Kingdom, stand for the power, for the very Lamb of God - they shall be jeered, poked at, laughed at, persecuted. ---- People shall hate them for My Names sake. Because they dared to be different, and stand up for what is righteous

2000 05 01.1 if you were looked upon as a fanatic, even as a dangerous fanatic, and shunned by everyone around you; would you still stand for the might of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

2001 04 11.2 They shall call you names - those who will dare to stand up and believe all that God has said in the Word. They will call you evil for My Names sake. They will stand against you in all ways

2001 11 04.1 they will equate terrorism and crime with those fanatics who believe that God speaks to them, prophesies; and for those who listen to the prophets they shall be equated with the prophets, and shall be persecuted along with them

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