T. Gibson's Prophecies on

By Subject

Compiled by Rev. Jack Barr

The following are the quotes from the Prophecies, arranged according to specific subjects of what is related to Obeying in each of the following prophecies listed

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The Obedient

1995 10 23.2 You who what to serve Me will do My will.

1996 05 09.1 So now, make note that you must take the time before the Lord in prayer, seeking His will, obeying the words I will give you;

1996 05 09.1 The most important of all the armour is love, faith, obedience to My Word, HUMBLENESS.

1996 10 06.1 Now this is the will of the Lord God, that you My people, will follow My Word, My will, and My ways. You will not turn aside from My ways, says the Lord

1996 10 29.1 So therefore remember what I have called you to do, AND DO IT!!

1996 11 03.1 Now I am seeking people, a people that will listen to the Spirit of God, a people that will do what I call them to do, a people that will listen to the Lord their God, a people that will obey the voice of the Lord, a people that will do what they have been told in the Word of god to do, a people that will study the Word of God.

1996 11 03.2 But you, My children, shall be protected from it if you fear My ways, that is, to learn to obey and know that I am a fearful God that will judge all those who rebel against Me

1996 11 30.1 I seek a people that are willing and obedient to do the will of God

1997 03 16.1 his is the word of the Lord to all those who will do His bidding. Stand fast. Know the will of god in your life. Look to the leading of the Holy Spirit to find this out. ---- Look at the Word of God. Know that it guides you too

1997 03 23.1 Thus saith the Lord, of all those who walk after the will of God, in true humility and love for all the ways of the Lord, shall receive all that the Lord has, now in this life, and in the life to come

1997 03 28.1 go where I tell you to go. Do what I tell you to do.

1997 04 04.1 to those who will sacrifice all to obey their God. They are of My Kingdom and My obedience in them is a Holy thing.

1997 04 21.1 Know that I am a Holy God that wants everyone to HUMBLY walk with Me, seeking to know Me, seeking to obey Me.

1997 05 02.1 This do, listen to the Spirit of the Lord. He it is that will tell you what to do and what to say in all things of this life --- nothing in this world is of any importance, except what you have been told to do by the Lord, and your obedience to it!

1997 05 05.1 For the will of the Lord is this: that you obey at every command the things that God has given as commandments to you

1997 08 29.1 This Jesus: His blood shed to the redemption of sin to all who would listen, obey, repent, confess, that He is Lord of all, and then they would be delivered from this sinful, earthly ways

1997 11 06.1 and look for a humble people who will follow Me and go after My ways. I see the humility of obedience to the Spirit of the Lord

1997 11 16.1 So listen, and obey. Learn the word of God. Learn it. Learn to obey the Word. Listen to it carefully.

1997 11 23.1 What is the issue is this: that you would stand, and you would know that you are obedient and faithful to Me, For THAT IS WHAT IS THE ISSUE

1997 12 04.1 If you will accept this word and seek that in your heart, it will humble you and bring you to a place of true obedience to the Lamb, the Lord Jesus, the Son of Almighty God

1998 01 02.2 you'll have to listen to My Spirit, obey it, listen to it.

1998 02 07.1 listen to the Spirit of the Word, the Spirit of the Lord, the Spirit of the Father. Listen and know what He tells you to do, and do it

1998 02 24.1 But as they obey and listen to the things of the lord, and as they do the things of the Lord, they will be one, because they will be obeying - all of them - the things of the Lord

1998 03 09.1 But, in the meantime, be busy serving, says the Lord, seeking what you can do for Me, seeking to be a witness, seeking to be a power in your community, seeking to be a witness, seeking, seeking to serve

1998 04 03.1 But those who will say, "Lord, Lord," and bow and humble themselves, and obey My Word, and seek My will, and obey it above all things, not caring what people think, not caring about the world around them, not caring about anything sane the will of the Lord, those, those I shall raise up a power that shall not be reckoned with in this earth

1998 10 17.1 Harken and heed the word of the Lord in this hour. I demand people submit to the Spirit of the Living God

1998 10 24.1 Here am I to be with those who go after Me, and follow Me, and be obedient to the Spirit of the Living God

1998 12 29.1 I am seeking those who would humble themselves, obey the Spirit, and follow the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords

1999 03 09.1 So heed the will of God! Know the will of God! Participate in the will of God! Heed the Holy Spirit in all things,

1999 04 30.2 Listen to the word. Not all who say, Lord, Lord will enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.

1999 04 30.2 Humbleness and obedience to the word of God is required to be saved

1999 05 21.1 This is to My prophets. I say unto you, PLEASE DO MY WILL!! I call you! Be obedient!

1999 05 22.2 Stay obedient to My will

1999 09 12.1 Blessings and prosperity follow those who are obedient

1999 09 12.1 listen to the Spirit of God. And as you obey the promptings of that Spirit, I will totally, guaranteed, fulfilled all your needs through this time.

2000 04 22.1 those who humble themselves and obey every last word of the living God - those people, those people, those people I reward, I protect;

2000 04 22.1 Listen to His word. Listen to the promptings of the Spirit. Obey this.

2000 06 25.1 I am God of every single person who will bow the knee to serve Me

2000 07 11.1 I will stand and teach that My people must humbly obey the Spirit of the Lord

2000 07 11.1 I will begin to call out My people from the time in the organizational churches to the true church that will listen and obey Me in all things

2000 07 11.1 this church shall realize that there is coming a time, and now is, when all of the Lord's people will humbly obey and submit to the will of God

2000 07 20.1 Therefore listen and obey to the voice of your God. I am going to call forth My people to this obedient church of the Most High. ---- I am going to call forth My people to serve Me inside the churches and inside the organizations that will not obey Me.

2000 08 12.1 my pastors, says the Lord God, they are the ones who are humble, obedient, submissive to all the things of the Lord. ---- So it is with all My callings. They are those who submit willingly, gladly, to all the will that flows from the throne of God

2000 08 12.3 I am going to separate My people, says the Lord! And greatness shall come from those who humbly obey Me. For they will be rewarded. Do says the word of the Lord God!

2000 08 21.1 there are those ministries who seek to be totally obedient to everything the Lord tells them to do, to be accurate in preaching the Word and delivering the gospel to an unsaved world.

2000 09 20.1 If you will humble yourself and obey My word, I will be with you even to the ends of the earth

2000 09 22.3 Yet in the churches there are those that are truly called of me: called in humility, called in obedience , and called to the ministry. Many of those are heart-broken at what they see around them --- Those are My true ministers; they pray for the people, they seek the Lord's will, and they obey the Lord's will.

2000 09 22.4 No one can say in truth, "I am of God," and not obey the Holy Spirit

2000 10 01.1 The way to success in My Kingdom is to be obedient to My word to you. If you will obey the direction I give you, then you are successful. If you are not obedient, then you are a failure.

2000 10 02.1 For My people will have learned to obey the Word

2000 12 02.1 look ahead in the humility of obedience to the Spirit of Gid. Seek the will of God and seek what you are to do and I shall show you and you can stand, and you shall be part of the great, great army of the Lord

2000 12 31.1 Do not fear the great wrath that is to come --- for you fear the Lord and His ways and you bow to His ways,

2001 01 24.1 It's just important you obey. This is the compete commitment that puts the very few on the straight and narrow. - just step by step, not caring about anything save obedience to the Holy Spirit

2001 02 25.1 While in prayer this morning I could see in front of me, in my spirit, a sea of people coming toward me---- Thus saith the Lord, these are those who are truly saved, who seek My will --- who seek My will and seek My ways to be saved to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, who seek to worship Me, who seek to bow down to the great God of the universe, the God of everything that has ever been made. These people know the truth, humble themselves, and obey the Word of God.

2001 04 18.1 Heed the promptings of the Holy Spirit that as Christian you have within you. Heed those promptings. He will direct you and guide you in everything, says the Lord

2001 04 24.1 But those designs and plans which I give to My people - they shall work. They shall be different wherever you go and whoever you see of My people. They will be given at the time I wish them to accomplish what I say, and then, if they are obedient, they shall do the things which I tell them---- This is so that those who will listen and obey the Spirit of God will be protected and blessed during this time. ----

2001 06 17.1 For as I raise up My church, My true one church, says the Lord, united in love, united in Spirit, united in action, united in obedience to the Spirit of God -

2002 05 06.3 My people called by My Name shall humble themselves and not seek their own call, but obey as I direct them.

The Disobedient


1996 08 24.1 There are prophets called by My word, says the Lord. And these prophets have not heeded the call, or obeyed what I have called them to do ---- If they will obey I shall prosper them and I shall bless them more than they could ever imagine on this earth. --- But if they will not obey Me, then they shall be crushed and judged - wathfully judged - for the evil that they have done in rejecting My word and My call.

1999 09 12.1 For I call people to the ministry and I train them, says the Lord. And when I call them, it shall be a righteous call. And many of those that I have called, resisted. And I have pleaded with them, and I have sought to turn them from their sin, and bring them to a place of obedience to the Spirit of the living God.

2000 08 21.1 But there are some of those who, while they are obedient in action, their hearts are far from Me, building up their names to make a name for themselves. ---- Even though they are officially obedient in their actions, their hearts are seeking price, seeking evil, seeking the name of themselves and not the name of the lord

2002 05 06.3 Those who seek to make themselves great

The Church

1995 10 23.2 My church, has become so solemn in their disobedience to Me that I can no longer work through most of them. ---- You have not been obedient to Me, says the Lord, You have not wanted to do My will. shall be destroyed

2001 04 05.1 I must create a division between those who compromise and those who serve. -- I must bring a division between those who are of the world and are in control, and those who in humility want to serve Me

2001 06 17.1 But until I burn out divisions, bring unity, and a humble obedience to the Spirit of God, the church cannot lead this revival. For the church itself is in need of reviving.

2002 07 21.1 or the church must walk righteously before Me and I must burn out all sin which is found therein, and bring it to a place of purity, and to a place of holiness, and to a place of true repentance and obedience to the Spirit of God

The People

1996 05 09.1 So why do you not do the works I have commanded

1996 05 09.1 You are too much in the world's system because you do not heed My commandment to obey the Word of the Lord and do the Will of God in prayer, in other tongues, fasting, seeking My face, seeking My will, seeking My power, seeking My blessings, seeking My pleasure, seeking My ways, seeking My methods of operation

1996 05 09.1 So it will be that this earth will be destroyed for their lack of obedience to Me.

1996 10 29.1 So many of you are not doing My will that I called you to do

1996 11 03.1 Throughout this earth there are people who will not serve Me. They will not listen, they will not obey the voice of the Lord their God.

1997 03 13.1 So do not obey the ways of the world.

1997 03 28.1 I cannot give you rewards for refusing to do what I called you to do --- I have called many to the work, but too few are obedient to the word that they receive

1997 05 04.1 Do not compromise the word of the Lord! It is for you to obey completely.

1997 06 14.1 Those few who listen to the voice, calling them to their work - many of them do not even obey --- Out of those very, very few that obey the call they have on their lives, most do it in the flesh, causing all kinds of trouble ---- Oh, listen to the voice of God! Listen! Do the work that I call you to do

2000 04 13.1 Thus says the Lord. I am going to judge all those who will not listen to the word of God and obey this word

2000 04 22.1 Those who rebel against God and refuse to follow the Lord do not receive protection of Him and they have no control, over their lives

2000 07 11.1 For so long My people have turned their back with pride, with joy of this world, with lust of the flesh; and not with obedience in the Spirit, says the Lord

2001 04 24.1 Those who will listen to the spirit of the flesh, the spirit of religion - they shall not be protected at this time


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