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Compiled by Rev. Jack Barr

The following are the quotes from the Prophecies, arranged according to specific subjects of what is related to Ministers in each of the following prophecies listed

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God's Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, Evangelist, Ministers

1995 03 11.2 This is the way of God, to turn from the worldly things, and move on toward spiritual maturity in the Lord. ---- For by this method I can find apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, and evangelists

1995 04 02.1 I am going to use My prophets, My teachers, My apostles, to move this strength to the whole body of which I am the Head.

1997 08 03.1 There is a new breed of prophets and ministers coming, says the Lord. ---- And indeed they are here now

1997 08 03.1 This breed is not of the world, They do not seek after a glorious ministry with a big name, and money in their pockets, and a glorious vision to the world, (that they will look good to the world). But rather they are interested in being humble

1997 08 03.1they are interested in being profitable to the master, Jesus.

1997 08 03.1They are interested in being in the work that God has called them to do.

1997 08 03.1 This is the ministry that I am calling in this hour.

1997 08 03.2 I have sent ministers unto you to show you the way. These are not ministers that make a great show for outward appearance - they are of humble heart. ---- They are seeking the will of the Lord

1997 08 03.2 you'll see them in the low places of the earth serving Me with their heart, with their whole heart, and this is the ministries that you are to listen to, these are the ministries that you are to harken unto, for they are the ones who listen closely to the Spirit of the living God.

1998 11 14.2 There is a time when I will allow the spotlight upon a ministry. But that is not often, and it is not frequent.

1998 11 14.2 I want my ministers to bow their heads, humble themselves, and obey the Spirit of the living God

1999 07 17.1 The Lord commands a Spirit of humility, not of building up of a ministry name!

1999 09 12.1 For I call people to the ministry and I train them, says the Lord. And when I call them, it shall be a righteous call

2000 06 07.2 As I have called them out I have raised up prophets, and I have raised up apostles, and I have raised up pastors to take these under wing and show them the truth, and set them forth a true church unto the glory of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords

2000 06 07.3 I have been preparing prophets and apostles and pastors who will take these and heal them in their hearts and bring them into the glory and power of the Lord!

2000 06 08.1 For there are those who are called into the Kingdom's work, especially as apostles, prophets, an pastors, evangelists, and teachers. I have anointed people to these ministries.

2000 06 08.1 I am calling a great number of people to specific callings in My work: apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists. ---- I have called them all for My work at this end time

2000 06 16.1 I have prepared My people - prophets, apostles, and pastors, and teachers, and yes, even evangelists - I have prepared them to build these people up, to strengthen them

2000 07 19.1 For the Glory of the Lord has gone forth into the earth to call the apostle, to call the prophet, to call the pastor; and to bring them again into the commands of the New Testament church as He once commanded them to be

2000 07 19.1 So that the prophet will submit humbly to the apostle, and the apostle to the Lord Jesus, and the pastor to them both.

2000 07 19.1 I am calling pastors out so that they may go where I say they go, and build where I say they build, and there shall be churches

2000 07 27.1 I have gathered My apostles together, says the lord; and I have gather My prophets together, says the Lord.

2000 07 27.1 those that will recognize the true pastors and not the false that have gone forth everywhere. ----

2000 08 08.1 For the Lord, in His mercy, seeks those who would serve Him in the ministry. ---- Those who seek to serve Him in the ministry, who He has called, He will humble and bless in the ministry as He chooses.

2000 08 08.1 Those who seek to serve Him in the ministry can walk in many blessings and many joys because of the mercies and blessings of the Lord

2000 08 12.1 But My pastors, says the Lord God, they are the ones who are humble, obedient, submissive to all things of the Lord. ---- When you see these type of pastors, you will know that you have found the true ones that are called to the pastor.

2000 08 21.1 For there are those ministries who seek to be totally obedient to everything the Lord tells them to do, to be accurate in preaching the Word and delivering the gospel to an unsaved world.

2000 09 22.3 Yet in the churches there are those that are truly called of Me: called in humility, called in obedience, and called to the ministry. ---- Many are heart broken at what they see around them ---- Those are My true ministers; they pray for the people, they seek the Lord's will, and they obey the Lord's will.

2000 10 02.1 I am building up a ministry full of My ministers who are totally dedicated unto My work, who seek not the works of man, not the glory of man; but humbly seek to do the will of God as I have, and am, revealing to them

2000 12 13.3 But some of My ministries go through fire - like never before. --- What is of that ministry that is of God, shall come through in strength. As gold is refined in the fire so it is refined

2000 12 13.3 As I burn the flesh out I'll be left with a ministry that stands on the healing and Holy and mighty power of the Living Did

2001 01 13.1 Do not be deceived. I have called only prophets to My Kingdom, apostles to My Kingdom, evangelists pastors and teachers.

2001 02 03.1 Seek to raise up the Name of Jesus. Seek to put forth the work of the lord. Seek what I would have you do.

2001 02 03.1 But those ministries that are built on the foundation of the Lord Jesus Christ, they shall rise up and continue, for they have been built on a very solid Rock, says the Lord

2001 02 25.1 I could see in front of me, in my spirit, a sea of people coming toward me. --- Where they come from is important. They come out of the world religions, seeking the prophet, seeking the apostle, seeking those of God to lead them. ---- I am placing such apostles and prophets in the world today. --- But there is a trouble. The trouble is that there are many false apostles and many false prophets gone forth to deceive

2001 03 28.2 For thus saith the lord. There are many prophets and there are many apostles which I am raising up in this day and in this age

2001 07 24.1 If I call you, you will know it: whether I call you unto the ministry, or whether I call you into something else. If I call you , you will know it.

False Ministers

1997 04 04.1 But, there has been such a great deal of promoting of self in the Kingdom. ---- Look at ministries. Look at them. How many avoid the promotion of self?

1997 05 04.1 Look at what they are doing now, building huge cathedrals to praise their accomplishments!

1997 05 04.1 I am saying this about those who are serving their own goals of this like, not doing what I have called them to do

1997 05 04.1 They have done their own doing to their evil end!

1997 08 03.1And the ministers that you see so prominent; many of them have gone their own way. Many of them are not walking in the ways that I have called them. Many of them are turning aside after the things of the world, and indeed I am giving them up - some of them - and others I am chastising, trying to get them back into the will that I have called them to do.

1998 03 03.1 Many false preachers have gone out, preaching to tickle the ears of the churched of My people. ---- Hear not the word of those who walk to tickle your ears.

1998 05 15.1 They have just used My name. They are looking for a shortcut to heaven. They don't want to give up the things of the earth to serve Me. ---- What if I called them into the ministry? ---- What if I called them to some place they didn't want to go? ---- What if I called them into some foreign country? What if?

1998 09 13.1 So many of My people preach the gospel without signs following, because they seek a worldly gospel.

1998 09 13.1 They seek not the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. They want to stay in the lusts of the world, the love of money, the love of power. They want to stay in these things. They like them.

1998 10 17.1 For they have mocked Me from their churches.

1998 10 17.1 And they have made a circle. ---- And no one is answerable to Me, anymore, says the Lord. ---- AND I DESPISE EVERY BIT OF THIS!!!

1998 11 14.2 Beware of those who push ministries into the limelight.

1998 11 14.2 many times satan pushes a ministry into the limelight because he knows he can bring pride about in the leadership of that ministry

1998 11 14.2 For any more brings about pride as you try to push ministries into becoming popular. And once they do that, it becomes their ministry, and not Mine, says the Lord

1998 12 29.1 Pride is a serious sin. It has destroyed more ministries than most people realize.

1998 12 29.1 But they look around and they see sin, and they see the world, and they see the world wallowing in pride, AND THEY LONG TO BE LIKE IT!

1998 12 29.1 And they turn from humility to pride. And while I may still use them, I have lost the power they could have walked in.

1998 12 29.1 Why do you think so many ministries fall? --- It starts first with the love of money, and the love of pride.

1999 07 17.1 Beware of the ministry spirit of satan! ---- It has attached itself to many: the ministry spirit of satan!

1999 09 12.1 Call not yourself to the ministry unless I call you

1999 09 12.1 And many of those that I have called, resisted. And I have pleaded with them, and I have sought to turn them from their sin, and bring them to a place of obedience to the Spirit of the Living God.

1999 09 12.1 Judgment will come on those who call themselves to a ministry, and yet were not called.

1999 09 12.1 And judgment will come on those who were called, and did not go

2000 06 16.1 Beware of false teachers, the false prophets, the false apostles, and yes, even the false christs that shall come

2000 07 27.1For so many places: there are no mighty works, there are no mighty deeds, there are no mighty miracles, and no mighty healings; because My work has been stifled by the heart that is against the will of God. ---- It is against the anointing of the apostle. ---- It is against the anointing of the prophet. ---- It is against the anointing of the pastor.

2000 07 30.1 And those ministries I have raised up. I have raised them up in great number. Yet few have actually gone forth beyond the beginnings of the ministry.

2000 08 08.1 Those who seek to build their ministry have already stepped, in their hearts, into the world of pride. And God in His mercy will seek their repentance.

2000 08 08.1 But there will come a time when God's mercy shall come to an end, and God's judgment shall begin! ---- For those who step into the world of pride and seek to build a big ministry so they can have a name for themselves, they shall be brought down, and they shall be destroyed to the very last person of their ministry, unless there is repentance.

2000 08 12.1 There are many of those who call themselves pastors who seek to raise themselves up in pride and in notability in the earth. For it is not an easy life to sit as a pastor in a church, and be known of all in the community

2000 08 21.1 But there are some of those, who, while they are obedient in action, their hearts are far from Me, building up their names to make a name for themselves. Becoming a great one is their desire.

2000 08 27.1 there are ministers, who are ministers because they called themselves to be so! ---- They did not desire a commitment to Me, nor did I desire them to walk in the Minster walk that they have said they were called to. ---- They called themselves. They liked to be foremost in the church. They liked to be looked up to. They liked to be in power and in control. ---- So many of the ministers in the churches today fit that description

2000 09 22.3 There are ministers who stand in the way of the evil one. They stand in the way of perpetrating, on the body of Christ, a deceit to bring them great financial gain. ---- It is their desire, not to reach out into the world with the gospel, but to seek financial gain, to line their pockets in the organized religion that they have taken on and chosen.

2000 10 01.1 This is a warning to My ministers. They think that many people following them is the way to success. It is not. ---- If you will obey the direction I give you, then you are successful.

2000 10 02.2 There is a belief among My ministers that until they are popular like unto Billy Graham they have not really achieved anything at all. ---- But I say unto you that until they have humbled themselves unto the will of God for their life, they have not gained anything with Me, says the Lord of all

2000 10 05.1 Don't listen to the designs, signs, and words of men who run the religious organizations, but listen to the Word of God. Study that Word

2000 10 05.1 many lies are told by many preachers

2000 10 21.6 Where in the Word did I state to vote in those in leadership? ---- You'll read in My Word I appoint them, I anoint them, and I place them in those positions. I've trained them. I've built them up. ---- No one votes Me in, says the Lord. And no one votes My appointed people in. Whether they be apostles, whether they be prophets, whether they be evangelists, pastors of teachers, nobody votes them in, says the Lord.

2000 12 13.3 There are many who have raised up ministries; built them on precept, and not on My word --- called themselves, but I did not call them. ---- Those ministries fall through in time.

2000 12 13.3 Those ministries who are not built of Me, when the fire comes it utterly destroys.

2000 12 13.3 Don't judge a ministry without My Word. Look to see what the fire does. For all My ministries will come under fire; and that that they build in the flesh shall be burned away; and that that they built on the Spirit of the Living God shall stand in ewer and strength.

2000 12 13.3 Some ministries are going to be surprised, in this day and age as I go through and purify My ministries. - how much of their own ministry was built on flesh!

2000 12 13.3 So the flesh speaks in ministry, but it hinders the power of the Holy Spirit in their work

2001 01 13.1 Beware of those people calling themselves, for how many Elijah's have I called? Was there not one?

2001 01 13.1 But there are many that call themselves, who desire to be some great one, who listen to some evil spirit, and they themselves are deceived and deceive many. So says the Lord God

2001 01 13.2 For thus saith the lord, watch ministries that raise themselves up in the pride of this world. There are two types of such ministries: those that serve Me, but have gone after the flesh and want to raise up there name; and those that serve satan who naturally flow into the pride of the world. ---- Both shall be equally judged, saith the Lord, both shall be equally judged! ---- For I am bringing about a judgment on ministries.

2001 01 13.2 You shall see the hand of God against ministers that have turned against Me, and ministries which are wolves in sheep's clothing, which are designed specifically by satan to deceive the world

2001 02 03.1 Humble yourselves. Do not seek to raise up your ministry. For the moment you seek to raise up your ministry, you have sought sin and pride.

2001 02 03.1 Those ministries that have raised up great ministries - built their name up and not Mine, saith the Lord - they shall be put down.

2001 02 03.1 I will crash many ministries at that time. For you see they will have raised themselves up on a tidal wave of prosperity of the world, and when that prosperity falls, they will fall with it. For their foundation is built on the love of money

2001 03 28.2 but beware and be forewarned many are the false prophets and many are the false apostles. For they rise up by great number. You shall know them by their fruits. Look unto them and seek their fruits to see what they are. Do not run after them until you have sought what they are like.

2001 03 28.2 Remember there are three basic types of false prophets and of false apostles. ---- Number one are those who are led by satan. ---- Then there are those, in the price of trying to be important, have called themselves to a ministry which I did not call them to, This is evil, and I tell you it is sin! ---- Then there are those who I have called who seek not My will but their own and have gone astray after their own minds

2001 03 28.2 ---- All these will yield the fruits of the earth. ---- they seek the pride, and the money, and the name, and the glory. ---- they seek to raise themselves up and be great, and be looked up to: but they are not of Me, for they have gone after the things of the earth, and I will have none of it, saith the lord.

2001 04 09.1 (In reference to a dream) ---- This is the ways it is with false ministries. One claims to be true and the other false, but the other one claims the reverse; each telling a believable story. ---- Until you investigate carefully the fruits of the ministry, comparing them with scripture, you cannot know which one is true and which one is false. ---- Both carefully walk their walk, one in truth seeking the things of God, and the other carefully cloaking it to look like truth. And they can be very deceptive in the false ministry area. ---- Be very careful when looking at any ministry. Many of My ministries, saith the Lord, still function in a less than perfect condition.

2001 04 09.2 Carefully research any ministry. Those sent to support one sector or another of some church are being deceived or are deceiving. ---- Those sent to support the Word of God wherever they find it - they are of Me, and I of them.

2001 06 09.1 There is coming a day when I, saith the Lord, when I shall come down hard on the false ministries that have perverted the gospel and have raised up a false standard claiming to be of Me when they are not. ---- There is coming a day that I shall crush such ministries.

2001 06 09.1 there are many deceptive spirits out there coming from the pit of hell that are behind many ministries that have infiltrated many ministries, and have perverted the Word of the Lord

2001 07 24.1 Many have called themselves from their own pride and from their own desires. Many have called themselves and they have fallen and will fall because My Spirit is not with them

2002 04 13.1 There are three kinds of ministers that are serving Me:

1. Those that delve deeply into the things of God.

2. Those that delve deeply into the things of God and follow Him.

3. Those that delve deeply into the things of God and build their own name and ministry.

---- Only the second type is doing the will of God properly. ---- Those that delve deeply in prayer and fasting and follow with the work will be blessed by the Lord God in the time of trial to come. Those that fit into 1 or 3 do not receive the blessings like unto the second kind.

2002 05 06.1 The church has completely failed the nation of America. They have turned their back to God's ways and become as sinful as the world.

2002 05 06.1 For I find that they have openly committed fornication, that is, sex outside of marriage, without shame; they have committed adultery in that they have openly divorced and remarried as the world; they have done nothing about the sins within the church except promote and defend it ---- Even the pastor's have been guilty

2002 07 21.1 There are many ministries which preach money, money, money. --- They preach how to be rich. ---- They preach how to make Me, says the Lord, bless them and make them rich. ---- These people who are in love with money, and preach the love of money, I say to them: you shall fall. --- I will bring you down and destroy your ministries

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