T. Gibson's Prophecies on

The Judgment

Compiled by Rev. Jack Barr
On the Prophecies from The Start in the 1970's to 2002 09 30.1

The following are the entire quotes from the Prophecies, of what is related to The Judgment in each of the following prophecies
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Key parts of prophecies are in Blue text, My notes (if any) are in Red text.

Judgement -

1994 10 01.1

For I am your God and I am changing the way things are in My body. I am no longer supporting those individuals who will not repent and confess their sins! I will remove those individuals from My Body and find those who will make a total commitment to Me. --- Therefore, you will find that in the coming years, I will be allowing those opposed to the church to come and attack the things I have set up. ---- Therefore there will be persecutions! There are those that will say that the persecution comes from the devil, but no, I have sent it by allowing demons, formerly held back by My angels ---- Do you think those in the past who have had their sins exposed to the world happened because of coincidence, or because satan got lucky? No! I allowed this to take place. I even worked at it so that it would take place!

1994 10 05.1

Now shall I give this nation (Canada) to the ones who at least in part will, to a few of My ways, to a some degree a holiness in the church, that is, to the nations of the United States of America. Not only will I give this nation to the U.S. but I will turn every way to see that it is destroyed in a manner that is well pleasing to its evil neighbor who desire its destruction! ---- So you see that in this way this nation shall be judged in a complete and total manner.

1994 11 01.1

A number of things will be brought on them for their evil, starting with their financial problems, earthquakes, and other disasters, of a way that is from the earth and weather. ---- I will let satan have more of his way than in the past. This will cause a number of extra judgments on them, but they will not repent of this evil. ---- Therefore, because of the evil that is in their hearts, I will bring various destruction's upon them, but I will not judge them as I will and have other nations, because of the ones who do truly serve Me in their midst. ---- I will bring only a limited destruction upon them for a short time. ---- But then, if they do not repent of their evil deeds, they will be severely destroyed almost to the last of the will to fight against their enemy.

1995 02 25.1

This time I will judge the nation of Canada till it no longer will exist. ---- I have already judged this nation with a debt load it cannot handle. ---- It has been under judgment of the Lord for some time. But when I judge further, I will take apart this nation one piece at a time with the notion of Quebec being the first piece to go. ---- This will not, at first, be the great judgment; it is on Quebec, but it will not walk in any sinfulness in this separation from the country of Canada. It's sin is in its rebellion to the Holy One of God. ---- It cannot stand by itself and will fall a great fall! --- From that time, the time of the removing of Quebec as a part of this country of Canada, I will change My out look on this nation, and judge it even more severely. ---- In My judgment of this country I will never allow it to have a balanced budget for the remainder of the like of this country. ---- Nations have risen against nations in the past but now I choose to rise against nations such as Canada, who will not repent! ---- I choose this because I will judge the world both now and at the day of judgment which will come at its appointed time. ---- This nation of Canada cannot survive My judgment. ---- Those who will say, I have not walked upright before the Lord, but have walked in sin: those will be spared much of the judgment. ---- I will bring it all to pass over a period of days, weeks and years, even to dragging it out over several decades. ---- It will not occur over night, and I will bring lesser judgment to areas that have some repentance, says the Lord God Almighty.

1995 03 11.3

I will judge you. You thought you could walk upright before Me by the power of the world and its evil, and ignore the call I placed on your life, I will judge you! ---- Those who quickly repent of this evil will be brought back into the fold and will start to serve Me. --- those who do not this, will be judged by the Spirit of power of the Lord God of heaven. ---- This judgment will be swift and just, but severe. So it will be, to those who will repent, and to those who will not repent, says the Lord.

1995 09 10.1

Thus says the Lord of Hosts, I have set forth a time of repenting for the world. This they will do if they have a heart toward the things of the lord. But if they have a heart toward the things of this earth, they will not repent and will go after their own way and I will be a wrathful judge toward them and their ways. ---- Oh, to repent and serve the one and true Lord of heaven and all the earth! ---- I have set forth this time to serve the Lord God of heaven and earth, and to serve him you must! ---- Those who will not do so will be judged a great judging.

1995 09 22.1

Thus says the Lord God of heaven. ---- I am the One who will say this is what judgment or blessing will be for this reason! ---- For the earth will come to an end and there will be a new earth and a new heaven. ---- This will now be taking place: the destruction of this earth and its form. ---- There will come a time when the earth's atmosphere will be a curse. ---- the ionosphere will be damaged beyond what any think now can happen. ---- the earth's magnetic field will no longer be the same. ---- The earth's system of occurrences of weather patterns will no longer be the same or in any way productive. ---- Now the earth's ozone layer will not only deplete dramatically, such as is occurring now, but it will continue to deplete at an ever increasing rate that is not altogether caused by this earth's pollution but by My Spirit, says the Lord! ---- This is My will: that the people of this earth will repent, every one, and turn from their evil way unto the lord of grace and salvation. ---- This is to be, says the lord, when I come and all those who do not serve Me are removed. ---- This will then be, but only because of the judgment and removal of those that will not obey. ----- But, alas, it is not so! I want this to occur, but I would never force anyone to serve Me, and many have turned their backs from righteousness. Now I will judge those that deserve judgment, not by this earth's system of justice, but by My Spirit of perfection, says the Lord.

1995 10 23.1

This is the judgment of this earth: that I will turn My back to them and let them have their own evil way, says the Lord. ---- This will happen over a long period of time, but it will happen as I said, says the Lord. ---- I will let this earth have its own evil way, says the Lord, and you will be able to easily see the results of this earth and its system, My way of holiness, and the devils way of sinfulness. ---- Truly I have let judgment come upon this earth to condemn it before the time of true judgment, that day when all shall be judged before the Almighty! ---- Never again will I judge this earth as I have in the past, but I will judge it in a way that is in keeping with My Word, ways, and deeds, says the Lord.

1995 10 23.2

If you would only repent and stop being so selfish with you salvation, and prideful about your status in this world! --- the only status that counts is the one that occurs at the judgement seat of Christ.

1995 12 07.1

You must repent a repentance that is true, is just, is real! ---- You cannot stand before the judgment throne and claim that you have served Me, because deep in your own heart you know you have saved yourself from hell in only a form of godliness, that is unrighteous in its evil way.

1995 12 09.1

This war that shall occur on America will be My judgment on it. ---- For the nation now consist of those who call themselves Christians, but all those who truly serve Me in love and devotion could not be found except one in ten thousand! ---- So you see, I must bring a judgment on them for their evil ways. ---- There are those who will say, the God of the Bible is compassionate. The God of the New Testament is love, and not judgment. ---- How can there be love, and not be judgment against the ones that refuse to accept that love? ---- There cannot be this sin of refusing My love shed on the cross for you, without a judgment on those who will not turn to this love. ---- Thus it must be that evil will be judged in this land of America!

1995 12 16.1

I have designed a plan for this earth, and I will not fail! ---- This earth and its evil, will at the time appointed, pass away into judgment and damnation. ---- Then shall come the continuation of My plan; and satan and evil shall be put away from it.

1996 04 08.1

I shall pour out My wrath on them in many, many many ways, saith the Lord God. ---- First, I shall turn their own hearts within them to allow their evil to break forth and produce its own results. This will itself be a judgment on them! ---- Second, I shall turn this earth against them - The wind, the hurricane, the tornado, the earthquakes are but a small, small, small, small, small beginning! ---- Third, I shall turn they, themselves, to their own evil and they, themselves, will destroy their own hearts.---- by violence, by evil speech, by sensory products of the flesh, by their own evil imagination, they will be destroyed. ---- Third is not only the last of the first part of the judgments, but the beginning of the ways to the Lord. For by this time the judgments of the Lord will be so strong not many Christians will not be able to deny the fact the Lord is not taking control of this evil, in a damning and wrath filled way! ---- Fourth, I shall bread forth in many more judgments of the Lord, more than can be described here, now in this time, but I shall bring them to pass, with each one bringing mire severe judgment of the ways of the world, but each one also will bring about more stability, more faith, more stubornlessness, more fear toward the Lord your God.


1996 04 08.2

So you are now seeing from the prophecies that I am bringing about, that the Lord will bring more judgment to the earth than has ever before been. ---- But I have not a heart for judgments, nor for wrath. Its not in My heart to seek those things which shall hurt you, or anyone, but rather its in My heart to bring about a serving, faithful, more gracious loving Spirit, in all peoples!

1996 05 09.1

Now it shall be in times to come, that there will be more judgment upon the earth than ever before. More than ever in the time of the flood, more than ever in the times of the earthquakes, more than ever in any time before this late age. ---- That I will be a God, shall be. ---- I will be a God of judgment! ---- So it will be that I will begin the judgments of this evil earth! ---- Now at this time it seems that there is not much judgment. --- Oh yes, an earthquake, a judgment here, or a judgment there; but no, as an earthen vessel cannot last, so you will see this earth not last. For it will be broken up from the inside ---- So let not My people be afraid. For where in the Word did I say, Be afraid? No not afraid, but to fear the Lord, for it is He who will judge, ---- Those who will fear the Lord and His judgments have attained a way of excellence before Me. ---- All will despise you, and they will suffer judgments of God on them, But My people, called by My Name they will be blessed. For I will bless them. ---- So you will see this occur as I have stated it. I, the Lord your God, shall bring it to pass. ---- As the weather changes, and becomes more unpredictable, there will come a change in the earth's atmosphere ---- These changes will be said by man to be a short lived swing to colder, more unsettled weather patterns, that have occurred in times past, but not to worry, it will pass, and then things will bet back to normal. But No, I shall not allow this! ---- It shall continue to get worse over the main pattern that I will bring upon this continent of America. They will see a permanent change in their weather patterns that pattern, but windier weather than has been known to man in recent history ---- So thus saith the Lord, the God of all things. This is the way it MUST be: judgment before the redemption of this earth! ---- This will be the destruction of the planet. ---- If you will follow Me, I will protect you in all of this. ---- More and more there will be destruction of various types throughout the earth. ---- the earth will begin to stagger in its orbit ---- There will be a change on the orbits of many stars, planets, and meteorites. --- Meteorites will hit the earth like never before.

1996 05 21.1

As the hearts of the people slowly turn against My will, to their own will, I will again reveal My power of wrath and judgment, this will occur during the one thousand year reign that you thought would be of peace and contentment. ---- But look at My word. In My word, in the last book of My Bible I wrote that the one thousand year reign would have a time when satan would be released, and judgment would fall. So it will end, but there will also be times of wrath and judgment previous to this. I will have a people that will turn against Me no more. They will serve Me. ---- At this time I will destroy this earth completely.

1996 08 24.1

There are prophets called by My word, says the Lord ---- But if they will not obey Me, then they shall be crushed and judged - wrathfully judged - for the evil that they have done in rejecting My Word and My call.

1996 08 26.1

But I surely am a God of wrath to those who will not repent, to those who reject Me, to those who reject My Jesus who shed His Blood for your sins. ---- To them I am a God of wrath and I will destroy them and everything around them. For they have rejected Me and I therefore will judge them wrathfully, totally, completely on the day of judgment. ---- They will be sent to the pit forever and ever and ever.

1996 09 14.2

This is not the time of holding back. For as you look throughout the earth, you'll begin to see more and more and more destruction of mankind. ---- It will come from mankind's sin and from mankind's depravity. And it will bring destruction upon their own selves and their own ways. ---- But nevertheless, I shall do so much more. I shall bring wrath and judgment upon them in many, many ways and they'll begin to come to a fearful time on this earth.

1996 10 06.1

There are days coming - yet a little way off - but they are coming, in which there shall be a great catastrophe in the earth - many of them; but one or two of them which will destroy much of the technology that you see.

1996 10 06.2

When the shaking comes, and the judgment if wrath comes; there'll be nothing left but the things of heaven when its done.

1996 10 29.1

Remember that I always will judge every person that walks on the face of the earth - every one.

1996 11 03.2

Now this is what the Lord reveals: many of you are scared of the coming times, the evil that will persist, the times of wrath, judgment on all. These things you fear. ---- No!! Do not fear that. Fear the Lord God whom you serve! ---- For He is able to protect you from all things whatsoever they may be. ---- For in this time of evil there shall be great wrath and judgment of the lord on this planet ---- But you, My children, shall be protected from it if you fear My ways, that is, to learn to obey and know that I am a fearful God that will judge all those who rebel against Me.

1996 11 15.1

I am the Lord your God. ---- I am now, and have been for some time, beginning a judgment on this earth. In this time I will slowly begin to bring about a change in the things that man has, from his heart, called gods. ---- This time you will know and believe that I have called this wrathful judgment of mankind to be a sign of the strength of the Will of God. ---- Astronomy has always been the study of stars. But man has turned it into a study of evolution of the universe, when it should have been the study of the mighty hand of their God. ---- So therefore, I will judge them with the very things they are in awe of. ---- There will come various wrathful judgments from the planets, stars, and other bodies in the solar system. ---- If you think the atmosphere has depleted ozone now, wait till years down the road. There has been almost none compared to what will take place in the coming decades.

1996 11 17.1

But to those who will defy My existence, or refuse to serve Me, their Creator, I am a fierce and judgmental God.

1996 12 14.1

Those who walk according to the flesh will suffer judgments from heaven! ---- Those that serve the Lord truly, whether they be prosperous in this life or not, they will be brought through what is to come without any judgment or worries.

1997 01 10.1

I am the Lord God of all. I will not strive with man for his sin has come up before Me! ---- there will be a time of judgment and wrath poured out in these few last days! ---- There will be times of wrath and judgment coming to all peoples. ---- There will be no escape! ---- Those who serve Me with a single heart toward Me will be blessed by having their lives, health, etc., protected from harm. ---- Those who will play the church game shall not be protected from the world's wrath! ---- For not all that are in the church buildings are saved. Many just go there to appease their conscience of the fear of wrath of their God. They think they can live without following My Word, without following what I want them to do. They have closed their hearts - to listen to the words of their God. They will not turn to another gospel outwardly, but inwardly they have forsaken Me! ---- Therefore, I have forsaken them. ---- I shall judge them as they have deceived so many into the ways of deception. Thinking that they have a good life they are spread outwardly into their own ways - the ways of pride, a sin that has Me judging them more harshly than the other sinners, for they know that the ways of God are truly written in the Word of God ---- They know what is right; they will not serve this way because they want the world to look up to them. ---- And I shall destroy them!!

1997 03 01.1

Understand this, that in heaven and earth there are spiritual rules and spiritual laws. Under no conditions do I take My spiritual laws and bread them. I will never break My laws. I have set them in motion and they shall always be. --- Therefore sin MUST BE JUDGED. ---- It cannot be left aside, left alone, left to be forgotten. Unless it is washed away by the blood of My Son, there is no remission for sins. ---- I will judge them. ---- Sin that is taken care of by the blood is gone and I will never remember.

1997 03 13.1

Those that have turned toward the sinful side of life will find they have their punishment!

1997 03 28.1

Nothing from this age will be there when you stand before the Judgment Seat. ---- There will be nothing of importance except what you have dome that I called you to do. ---- NOTE THIS: WHAT YOU HAVE DONE OF YOURSELF WILL NOT COUNT, only what you have done that I called you to do will count.

1997 03 29.1

This is the word of the Lord for the time to come. There will be strong earthquakes like never before in the strangest places. Places that have never had such happenings in the recent memories of man. ---- they will be perplexed about this. They will have no reason to believe that this would or could occur in these areas.

1997 03 30.3

This word of the Lord you must listen to. ---- There will be tough times ahead for those who live according to the world. ---- do not follow this path ---- Do not do the things that you have see some of your fellow Christian's do. Do not follow this way.

1997 04 06.2

I am the Lord God of all. I am the I am. Do not be deceived. The World is under wrath, and wrath, and wrath! I am the I am. There is no way to God except by the One, Jesus Christ. ---- Just because the earth is to be judged so very severely, doesn't mean you cannot have your needs met. ---- There are so many of My people that will not have their needs met. They will have their hearts in the earth, its system, its ways, that they will not receive of Me. ---- When the judgment comes, they will be devastated.---- They will not know what to do. They will not turn top Me, but to the world they know, because that is who they serve.

1997 04 06.3

Only those who will look for the ways of God will find them. Only those who choose to walk in those ways will receive their reward. ---- All others will get their own just judgment of the Lord Jesus when he stands to serve out justice for this earthly life.

1997 04 12.1

Once there was a man who turned his heart to find the good things of life. He turned to look at all the things of heaven, but could not understand it. So he looked at the things of the earth, the money, the works, the goods he could enjoy. He then thought, so this is blessings. I will look to this for enjoyment while I am here. ---- Then he turned away from the things of God, to serve the things of the devil. ---- Such a man will undergo wrath and judgment, for he would not discern the things of God rightly. ---- Had he looked to the word of God, to fasting, to prayer, I would have taught him what was right, but instead he looked upon the earth, in his fleshly state.

1997 04 28.1

Open your hearts. I am a true fair God. You know the things that I have said in My Word. If justice is served, there must be wrath and judgment on all that turn their hearts away from service to Me. But I am a God of fairness. Keep your hearts toward Me and I am with you.

1997 05 05.1

Many of you have been resisting the words of the Lord. ---- There will come a time when much judgment will come upon the house of God for their disobedience to Me, says the Lord.

1997 05 07.1

The one that calls all things that are into being says, "You that are holy, committed to the Lord, say unto the world, the time is now short, soon there will be judgment coming on all the earth." ---- Warn them. Let them know that this is near the end. Soon they will see this (judgment) occur. ---- Those that will be saved, will be saved because those who follow the will of the Lord have told them these things beforehand.

1997 05 07.2

Judgment shall soon come on the house of God.

1997 05 21.2

Sin is at the door of My House, the church. ---- I have looked upon it and I have grieved in My heart for the strong ways they have had toward the worldly system of seeking the things of the earth. ---- They have made it their sole occupation to search out, and find the most comfortable life within this earth. ---- Therefore they shall be judged by the wrath, says the Lord. They have sought the things of the earth. When I bring My wrath down, lets see if they can survive without Me. --- They have survived without Me in this earth, so lets see when the going gets rough whether thy can walk without Me or not! ---- Now this may seem to be somewhat fierce from Me, saith the Lord, but it is not. I have brought judgment s in the past, and I will bring judgments in the future. ---- But those who will walk with Me, shall be blessed by a protection from the wrath of Me. ---- Those who will not seek Me will fall by that judgment. ---- Those who will repent can then find that wrath protection from that time of repentance onward!

1997 05 31.1

In the soon coming future, I will judge the U.S. in a severe way. ---- They have sought the things of the earth and they have fulfilled My wrath, now about to come upon them!

1997 06 14.1

Their eyes see - they need to work at this worldly system to get ahead, so that it what they do! ---- How horrible! How wrong! ---- This is why there are so few called and going to the harvest of souls! They have been called, but most of them do not even hear the voice. ---- They have all of this life's cares in their ears, how then can they listen to the voice of their God. ---- How horrible! How terrible this is to those who are going to the judgment of hell! ---- Those few who listen to the voice, calling them to their work - many of them do not even obey - they have gone toward the world, even though they heard the voice.

1997 07 01.1

For this is the word of God: there shall come in the days ahead, a strong word of judgment upon this land (Canada) that shall turn it again toward the things of the Lord. ---- But first, there shall be judgment upon this land for its sin.

1997 08 30.1

In the years and days to come, much trouble will be received upon this world.

1997 10 02.1

Coming are the days in which men shall cry out, "save me." But I will not save them, because they sought the gods of this earth, and not the true most Holy God of all ---- following these days shall be great wrath upon the land. Then and only then, shall you see the coming of the Son of Man. ---- for these are the days (now) that are the preparation of the times to come.

1997 10 22.1

For this word of the Lord is to make My people realize that the time is short. The time is short. The time is short! ---- There is yet a little while and the beginning of the judgment on America will begin. So note that the time is short.

1997 10 25.1

For thus saith the Lord, the King of Kings. ---- Here is a time and a place for you to listen and prepare yourself for what is to come. --- For the world is headed into a place of judgment and disaster. ---- No, not tomorrow or the next day, but it shall soon come. Little bit at a time, then a little bit more, and a little bit more. ---- And as it steps forward, piece by piece, you shall begin to say, "No, this is all of the disaster, all of the wrath, all of the judgment, that can possibly come in this world." Yet more shall occur. ---- Indeed, as this world goes forward this time of wrath and judgment shall not end. ---- For rather in this time of judgement I will raise up a church, like you have never seen a church in your life. ---- Never shall I betray My people. Rather as these judgments go. And as this wrath comes on this earth - let it be, bet it be - do not seek to have it held back.

1997 10 26.1

Oh, these days, says the Lord, that will pass from Me! For I will bring a wrath and judgment upon this nation of America. But it is not My will that they be judged in this way. I desire, says the Lord, that they repent, and turn everyone from their own way - fasting before Me a true repentance. ---- BUT THEY SHALL NOT! Therefore, in this hour that I will bring wrath and judgment upon them for their evil, says the Lord.

1997 11 16.1

Slowly, but surely, every part of this earth will be judged by Me. And those who have put their faith in the things of the earth will fall with the things of the earth.

1997 11 23.1

WAKE UP MY CHURCH, WAKE UP!! There is a need for you to stand strong. Who cares if they laugh at you, they did at Me! Did I stop? I went on! ---- So laugh not at them, for they are deceived. But if they laugh at you, so let it be. Be a witness and a sign unto a lost generation: that there is an answer and there is a reason for the way the earth is. ---- It has come under the judgment and the wrath of God, and it shall continue to do so. Things will not get better, they will get worse.

1997 12 03.1

When you come under judgment, when you come under condemnation, do not, do not, do not get upset.

1997 12 03.2

My churches, says the Lord, My churches, many of them are unclean. They must either repent or they shall fall at My judgment - not the judgment day, but rather at My judgment against the church in this hour, for I desire a clean church, one set aside from the world.

1998 01 02.1

Terrorists will turn to the United States in greater numbers than ever before.

First FULFILLED - 9/11/2001 Terrorists were training in this country since 1998; They crashed hijacked airplanes (airliners) into both World Trade Center buildings in N.Y. city; crashed an airplane into the Pentagon Building, and crashed an airplane into the ground in Pennsylvania when passengers fought for control of that hijacked airplane, all on the same day, within an hour of each other. With great loss of life.

1998 01 05.1

For I have an agenda too. And it is the most important agenda you can ever have. ---- Listen to it. I direct My people. And I am calling My people to preach My Word. ---- We are getting close to the beginnings of serious, serious judgment coming upon the United States of America. ---- As it comes, it will come in waves. There'll be first some, and then there will be more. And each wave will be more deadly than the last wave. Each wave will push the judgment a little bit farther ---- Do not be dismayed at this. For it is this judgment, and these coming judgments, that shall bring about a repentance in many peoples hearts, a humility to humble themselves - serve their creator. ---- Do not despise such judgments. Look forward to them. For if you would serve Me, you could be the greatest tool in the coming revival that will spring forth from the wrath and the judgment that shall come on the United States and on much of the rest of the world, says the Lord.

1998 01 10.1

You are beginning to enter the age where storms shall take a stronger toll on your life ways, more than they have ever before. As you enter this age, do not fear this. So not fear what you see on the news. ---- You shall see a great number of more vicious storms than there have ever been seen before. ---- Note this, and store it up in your heart. This is part of the end times, but My people are protected if they walk in My ways, and will walk with Me to the end of the age. ---- You shall note this: these things shall not go away, but rather are a sign of things yet to come. ---- For in years to come there shall be even greater storms, more vicious, and more stronger than what you see now, or what you shall see in the next two years. There shall be greater storms than ever before. This is yet more of the end times.

1998 01 19.1

For this word is strong in My Spirit this day, says the Lord. There is coming a time when you will not begin to say words against My people without judgement coming upon you. There is coming this time.

1998 02 07.1

There is a judgment coming upon the church, there is a judgment that is coming on the world. And both shall occur as I have stated it. ---- Make no mistake. Few, very few are prepared for the judgment that is to come. ---- Few, very few are prepared for the depression that is to take place in the very near future.

1998 02 08.1

For thus saith the Lord, there is a rejoicing, now, in the Spirit, says the Lord. For My people are beginning to prepare themselves for what I am saying is to come. ---- No, not all are doing so, but some are. More and More are. ---- People are witnessing and telling others there is coming a time of hardship, there is coming a time when things will not be right on the earth the way we have known them in the past.

1998 03 01.1

There are coming bad times. ---- There are coming rough times. ---- Do not pray against it, but pray for it. For it is in these rough times there shall come a great revival far beyond anything you can imagine, there shall come a great revival.

1998 03 02.1

It is in their best interest to lose interest in the things of this earth which will not protect them, and to raise unto those things of god which will bring them through the coming trials, and tribulations, and persecutions, and troubles, that I shall bring upon this earth.

1998 03 03.1

These days are final days which are to be, says the Lord. ---- These days are the final days which are to be. Look forward to the coming changes, judgments, and wrath of God. ---- For as wrath descends, those of My people, who will not stand fast in My word, but look at the flesh, worry, be shaken, will themselves be shaken by the Spirit of God, to wake up and learn to stand, not on their own two feet, but with Jesus. ---- You are just entering the time of the wrath of God. Just beginning to enter into this. In years to come you shall enter strongly into this.

1998 03 13.1

For you say, I am building upon the Rock, Jesus; and that is good. Be careful where you build, says the Lord. For if you build on this flesh, and on this world, and on its systems, you will come crashing down. ---- For yet a short time, and I shall bring it down, piece by piece. And I shall not pull the pieces from the top, as you might think. I will pull it down piece by piece - but no, says the Lord, I will pull the pieces from the bottom.

1998 03 14.1

One word: JUDGMENT! To begin this year in seriousness and strength!

1998 03 17.1

There is prophecy of judgment, and this prophecy of judgment shall come to pass. ---- First I shall bring about a strong judgment of the fall of this nation's (Canada) economy, and after this will come the judgment of the fall of technology, says the Lord God.

1998 03 17.2

For this word of prophetic judgment on these nations shall not only come to pass in quick succession, but one judgment after another shall be followed. ---- It shall begin, and it shall not end until I shall return, says the Lord. ---- For this world, not only America, but this world has come to a place of wrath and judgment; and it is time, and it is here.

1998 03 29.1

There has always been a time for the judgment of the wicked. ---- You have now entered into the year of 98, and during this year you will begin to see the wrath and judgment of God poured out among mankind. ---- In the years to follow it shall become greater and greater. Some of it will come very suddenly, and some of it not so suddenly. ---- Now all things that this earth trusts in will be trod under by the Lord God of Heaven till there is only one thing to trust in, and that is the true God of all. ---- For the time has come for judgment to fall.

1998 04 03.1

This is a time of wrath and judgment! ---- Also a time of salvation, and glorious times! ---- You are so close to the wrath of God falling on these nations of the earth. You are so close to it, And yet, when it comes many shall say, "Oh, must it be." But rather you shall say, "Yes let it be. Let the judgment of God come. Let it happen. ---- But those who have walked in evil and in the sins, (that I have commanded are sins in My Word), those, unless they repent, shall walk in wrath and judgment, even though they are part of My church, for they have departed from My Word! ---- And they have said, "Lord, Lord," but I say, "I do not know you." For they have sought the evil of this earth. They have sought all forms of it. And I say, "No More!!" For I will purify My Church, And those that come under wrath, come under wrath. ---- And those that come under blessings, come under blessing.

1998 04 10.1

There shall be hard times in this earth, great and hard times.

1998 04 10.2

But in times to come, when the judgment falls, they'll remember what you said. They'll remember the hard times that you said would come, that you said the prophets prophesied.

1998 04 10.3

For there is coming a time when persecution shall hit even United States country, and they shall come after My people in great numbers, because they can't touch Me for My judgment upon them, but they will seek those who are of Me, to persecute them.

1998 04 28.1

This country of Canada is not so holy as some might have thought. ---- I say to this country, it shall come under greater judgment than that of the U.S. for its sin before Me, because it has so greatly turned against the things of the Lord, so greatly turned against the things of heaven, that it can no longer stand before Me without coming under great wrath and great judgment.

1998 04 28.2

This nation of the U.S. shall come under great wrath, great judgment in the days to come. Make no mistake, there is coming a time when I shall pour out judgment on it in a very great way. ---- Now you see al little judgment, an increase in tornadoes, an increase in disasters. ---- But no, this is not really the full judgment. This is but a very small beginning of what is to come. ---- I shall pour wrath on that nation. ----- Judgment has come to this nation of the United States. It shall not leave till I bring that nation to its very knees, economically, politically, and as a world power I shall bring it to its knees, says the Lord God.

1998 05 09.1

For this will of the Lord: that there be judgment and wrath come upon this earth, is not to be dismissed lightly. Heed it and note it. For you're just entering into a time of wrath of this earth. Just entering in. Do not despise it. Do not turn away from it.---- For this is the end times, says the Lord. This wrath and this judgment shall lead into the very coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

1998 05 15.1

No judgment shall occur on those who seek My will, serve Me, and desire Me to be Lord in their lives. ---- Over those who use My name, over those who depend on the world for their prosperity, depend on the world for their plans, depend on the world for all their things, but use My name, on them the judgment fall.

1998 05 24.1

Make no mistake about it. It is here: the judgments of the Lord. It is here to stay until My return, says the Lord.

1998 06 15.1

These days that you are now in, these days that you are now in, these days that you are now in, are the beginnings of the wrath of God coming on this earth. ---- you'll begin to see the things of this world crumble, some fast, some slow, some not at all for a while, but they will. ---- While I say, says the Lord, you shall reap damnation if you put your money into the things of this earth. For they shall come to an end, and I shall bring it to an end. ---- Time is now short, and I shall bring fast upon this earth, judgment, first one thing, and then another. ---- Those who have put their trust in this earth, they shall reap the damnation, because they have failed to yield to the God of the universe, but rather they have yielded and served the god of this earth, and all its pleasures, and all its sin.

1998 08 12.2

There is time for Christians to get their lives in order for the coming crash of the United States. Do not weep for this nation, for it is sick. It is filled with wickedness, and I am laying upon it a just and deserved wrath. ---- Do not turn aside, do not pretend that you are serving a God when your heart is on the things of this earth. Serve Me, says the Lord. For there is coming a time when judgment on this earth shall be so great that only those who walk with Me can have any chance of survival. ---- But those who pretend, those who play the games, seek the things of the world, seek to build up big names for themselves - they shall fall hard at this time, very hard.

1998 08 20.1

For you see in this time of great redemption by the Blood of the Lamb, there is judgment, and shall be judgment. ---- For great judgment is coming, And as it comes, you must be want to stand on the Word. For if you put your faith in the things of man, you shall fall.

1998 09 26.1

Judgment has come, and so has testing! ---- I have brought about a test to the people of America. It is the video tapes of their president whom they love! ---- If they would now repent and change their ways, and stand up against a sinful, unrepentant president, they would then be spared much of the coming judgment. ---- BUT NO! They have turned toward their president, and said in their hearts that they love him and his ways. ---- So be it. They have brought their own judgment upon their own heads!.

1998 10 17.1

For those who seek the things of the Lord, they shall be held up in a strong way over the judgment that shall come. ---- There shall not be anyone of My people who seek the things of the Lord, a humility atmosphere, that shall not be raised up and in protection against the things to come. ---- But those who seek to pretend to be holy, whose hearts are selfish, whose hearts have lust for power and greed, I tell you, they will fall a great fall.

1998 10 18.1

This is the word of the Lord. ---- That this judgment and wrath that comes will bring about a great revival, will bring about a great repentance among My people that will turn them from fleshly desires unto that of the Spirit,

1998 10 24.2

Do not be disheartened by judgments, coming wrath, and wrath that already is. Rather look forward to the times of the Spirit. For I am bringing a new revival to this land, this land of North America. ---- Now I am laying the foundations of that revival even in this hour. ---- The judgments of God must come first. The many that preach: revival, revival, revival, and Oh, things will be different - but I tell you judgment must come first. For until people are brought down from the lusts of the world by the judgments of God, revival cannot be! ---- So note the judgments that shall come. It shall pave the way for a great revival that shall usher in millions of souls into the Kingdom of God. ---- And churches that shall lean to the understanding of the Lord, shall be shook and revived! ---- And those that lean to the understanding of man shall be stale, and I shall bring them down, and I shall judge them, and I shall bring wrath upon them.

1998 10 25.2

For there is a time in which I will show mercy. There is a time in which I will show grace. There is a time in which I will show my longstanding, as I await those who I have called to repent. ---- BUT, there is afterward a time of deep commitment on My part to judge those who will dare to stand against the God of Heaven!

1998 11 15.1

There are those that believe the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords will wink quietly at their sin. ---- Listen, says the Lord. When you stand before Me on the wrath day, (and I mean the judgment day - and I shall bring wrath down on every single person who is not written in the Lambs Book of Life), you will find out, I have seen everything.

1998 12 02.1

Now thus says the Lord to those who believe they are headed for the kingdom. ---- Beware. Have you listened to My word? ---- Have I not prepared My people? ---- Have I not told them of things to come? ---- Yet you stand on the verge of the greatest destruction of the economy of this earth. ---- This world shall not see an economy like it has now, ever again. I shall bring it down, and I shall keep it there. For they shall try and raise it up, but I shall not allow it. ---- Have I not for years sent prophets, prophesying that you are to pay off your debts and not borrow?

1998 12 23.2

This year, says the Lord, for the United States, is the worst year for disaster that they shall ever have in their history from the beginning until now. The year of 99, that is just about upon you, this year, is the year of disasters. ---- They have loved the president who lived in sin! They have loved the president for his sin! And they have loved the president because of his sin! ---- Therefore, the wrath and judgment that shall appear in the United States in the year of 99, shall be greater than anything else, than anyone could have ever imagined. ---- Woe to the United States for its sin!

1998 12 24.1

In the days to come, you will see destruction and damage to the U.S. like has never been seen before. It is judgment coming upon them, because of their disbelief in the God of all things. ---- He it is that is in control. Never before has there been a time like this: when judgment will start in earnest and things in the world will change very dramatically!

1999 01 08.1

For look to yourselves, to the United States of America, says the Lord to the U.S. ---- Stand and note the glory of God has departed from this nation. ---- It has departed for the wickedness of the nation. It has departed for the wickedness of its leaders. It has departed for the wickedness of the church.

1999 01 10.1

For the Lord said, Take up a lament over the nation of the United States. ---- Oh, America, America, The great America, How far have you fallen ---- For soon is your time to fall, and fall hard, and fall hard ---- Soon is your time to fall hard ---- The Great America who could have been above all nations, and risen above them, and stayed above them has fallen, has fallen, has fallen. ---- The Great America who could have been above all has fallen for sin above all sins, says the Lord.

1999 03 09.1

Look not to this earth. You shall go through trials and tribulations. Look to the Lord, and He shall provide you strength to walk, peace in your heart, and direction in your feet.

1999 03 10.1

Harken, and listen, and know that the times are hard, and the times are harder! And yet they will get harder yet again ---- Stand fast in what is to come. For you are My servants that shall lead many unto the gospel,

1999 04 08.1

Now here this word. The United States has not come to the crossroads. That was some time ago. It has passed the crossroads, turned its life over unto sin, entered in a day of judgment, It has begun. ---- There are many wondering when it shall come. ---- It has begun. It shall be occurring for many years. ---- A series of judgments against the United States. The wrath of God has come. ---- It'll come in stages, some her, some there.

1999 04 24.2

Woe unto America. Woe unto America. Woe unto America. The time of judgment is coming. You do not see it. You do not understand. ---- But Woe unto America, for your judgment day is coming. ---- You believe you have set yourself right, to do the things you believe can be done in safety and with out harm to your army. ---- But I say, woe unto America, for little by little, war by war, piece by piece, YOU SHALL BE DRAWN INTO conflict after conflict, till you can no longer protect yourself.---- America the Great shall fall, and fall hard. ---- It has raised itself up and worshipped its own technology.----- It has raised itself up and worshipped its own design. ---- It has raised itself up and worshiped its own might. ---- And all of these things shall fall by the Hand of the Mighty God.

1999 04 30.2

I am the universal God. I see all. I made all. I do all. I shall never take back what I have made, and say, no, I'll destroy it. I made it, and it shall live. ---- If it serves Me, I will serve it, bringing it blessings and prosperities. ---- But if it does not, wrath and judgment shall follow!! ---- Make no mistake, wrath is as much a part of God as blessings. Cursings are as much a part of God as healing. ---- Which side you walk on is up to you!

1999 05 21.1

For the times that are at hand now, that you are beginning to walk into, are such hard times. Hard in the flesh, and hard in the spirit. ---- Hard in the flesh, because of the judgments coming upon this earth. ---- But hard in the spirit, because of the war in the spiritual realm that must be fought!

1999 05 22.1

They sit safely, they sit safely, they sit safely. Those in Europe, America, and even Canada, they sit safely. ---- But how safe are they? For their safety has been designed of the flesh, but the judgement shall come of the Spirit ---- And when it comes they shall know that their fleshly designs can not help them.

1999 05 30.1

There is judgement on those who will not serve the Lord.

1999 06 25.1

For this word is given that you understand that the United Stares has filled up its sins which I will allow. ---- And I am preparing now, at this time, I am preparing now to bring the judgment that I have prophesied upon it. ---- Woe be tied, Canada. For you too, have not listened to the word of the Lord. And you too, have filled up your pages of wrath to come. You have filled it up. Your sin has come to Me - a stench that I cannot bear. ---- There fore you too, will be judged. ---- Wrath shall be poured out. And I shall take that nation, and I shall utterly destroy it from one end to the other, for its sins are so much greater, in many ways, that that of America.

1999 07 19.1

For you people do not realize the hour and the time that you live in! The time at hand is so close. ---- If you knew how close to the beginning of serious judgment on this world - you would not be interested in the things of money, or the goods of this earth, or the ways of this earth. ---- If you understood how close the time is when the goods of this earth shall ball, and the economy shall no longer be in the ways it was. ---- And the things of this earth would not be important, If you understood how close the end of this earth's economy, as you know it, is.

1999 07 30.1

For though this earth shall stand trials and tests and tribulations, yet will I look after My own, says the Lord. ---- For they shall be kept faithful and true for the times and the seasons that are to come: that'll bring wrath, judgment, and damnation on those that are sinners before Me.

1999 08 15.1

Thus saith the Lord. Kingdoms shall fall at this time of judgment. ---- There shall not be one evil kingdom that shall stand at the end of this era. ---- Till then, there shall be judgment upon judgment. ---- There shall not be any more slack given to nations that live with sin upon sin.

1999 08 31.1

For there are those who say that the time has come for all judgements; and many false prophets have gone out. ---- And they have said: this is the time, all these judgments shall come. Some are saying by the end of this year, and some by the next. But don't believe the false prophets, says the Lord. ---- Note the word: some shall come now, some by a little, and piece by piece, shall judgments come. This is not going to be something that will occur in one or two years. ---- But listen, and be careful of those who are standing on the mountains and hollering everything shall happen now! Everything shall happen this year! Or everything shall happen by nest year! ---- For there is a time and season for everything. And many years shall come and go before all these judgments are fulfilled.

1999 09 06.2

For on the city of Red Deer, on the towns that surround, I shall bring a phenomena because of the sin of the region. ---- I shall not bring something comfortable, for they have been in comfort with the world, and comfort in their sins, and comfort with their place in pride in this earth. ---- Therefore I will bring them down and humble them. I will bring wrath, judgment, condemnation of God upon them. ---- But it will come from the hand of God, heavy upon it in the following way. ---- There will come a tornado upon it and through the area that will be utterly devastation to the people it surrounds and hits. So be it, for the Lord has spoken

FULFILLED -- July 14, 2000, A tornado -- see also 2000 07 15.1 and 2000 07 18.1 and 2000 08 07.1

1999 09 12.1

Hear this, know it and understand it. The Spirit of the Living God is a very loving, caring Spirit to those who walk with Him. But judgment will come on those who refuse to walk in the ways of the Lord. ---- Judgment will come on those who call themselves to a ministry, and yet were not called. ---- And judgment will come on those who were called, and did not go.

2000 02 17.1

It has been some time since I left my job according to the Lord's commandment to me (see 1999 09 20.1). ---- At about that time I came under judgment from the Lord for the sin of pride ---- Over the years the Lord has spoken to me about this several times, and I have repented, only to return slowly to this sin again and again. ---- But this time was different. The Lord would not allow me to continue with the prophetic work that He called me to do until it was completely burned out of my life.

2000 03 22.1

There is coming a time of judgment and wrath, which I have determined to be. For it is time to change this lax time in which sin is allowed to go unpunished. For the sins of this place have come up before me and I have stated that I will listen to this sin no more. ---- they have wholly gone after their own wishes and desires, so therefore they will have judgment. Look in the Bible and see if this is not the case! ---- There has always been judgment after that sin is allowed to continue for a season! ---- Remember that! ---- Sin is not allowed to go on forever! It must be punished in its season!

2000 04 02.1

Here the word of the Lord. Kings and rulers shall fall. For great shall be the destruction of the land when the full wrath and judgment of the Lord comes!

2000 04 13.1

Thus says the Lord. I am going to judge all those who will not listen to the word of God and obey this word! ---- This is not an idle statement! ---- There is coming a time when there will be a judgment of all things. At this time I will judge all things and correct all wrongs.

2000 04 22.1

The things that are coming you can walk through with great protection, or you can suffer immensely! ---- Stand and know that the word of God is true, Judgments are coming in small ways here, and there, and in large ways her, and in large ways there.

2000 04 22.2

Here Me, says the lord. Know the will of God. There is judgment coming on the land; and judgment shall come. ---- When it comes, those who testified to the earth that it is coming - they shall bring a redemption of souls to the kingdom of God.

2000 04 23.1

The Lord has directed me this month to go to Red Deer and hand out a tract on the streets with the prophecy of the judgment on Red Deer. ---- Under the direction of the Lord I printed a tract that contains the judgment of Red Deer. ----- When I was driving home, sometime around midnight, I could feel the Lord's heart breaking because of the need for this judgment.

2000 05 12.1

So says the Lord God of all. ---- Stand fast and know that the times ahead are fulfillment of the sins of the nation. ---- For the United States shall first fall economically - first by economics, second by war - for I shall bring it to its knees. ---- Listen and heed the word of the Lord. I will deliver all the righteous and protect them from this time of wrath. But the nation shall be judged according to My word.

2000 05 28.1

Hear and know the times at hand. You stand on the precipice of the beginning of the times of wrath. ---- Don't look forward or backward in the ways of this earth. But moment by moment listen to the Spirit of God which has been planted in you as a born again Christian ---- Stand and know that that Spirit will guide you moment by moment in everything and through everything. It is That that will reveal to you the path that you must walk through these times ahead ---- So says the Lord God.

2000 07 15.1

Headlines this morning in the paper: "Tornado Hits Campground." A tornado hit the Green Acres campground at Pine Lake. This is about 30 km (18 miles) in a straight line south-east of Red Deer, or about 50 - 60 kilometers drive from Red Deer. This appears to be a fulfillment of the prophecy of 1999 09 06.2 given to me in September 1999. ---- The report as of Saturday night are 9 dead, over 130 injured. It is sad to see a prophecy fulfilled in this way, but the word of God always does come true! ---- Tornadoes this far north that are of this magnitude are very unusual. To my knowledge Alberta has only had one other tornado anywhere near this bad - that was in Edmonton in 1987. Both of these tornadoes are classified as an F3 in intensity.

FULFILLED on July 14, 2000 -- Tornado near Red Deer Canada; ---- see also 1999 09 06.2 and 2000 07 18.1 and 2000 08 07.1

2000 07 18.1

A correction to my last comment. Alberta has had 6 F3 tornadoes (counting the Pine Lake one of July 14, 2000), In the last 17 years. The others hit sparsely populated areas and did not result in any significant number of deaths. Also we had one F4 tornado which was the one in Edmonton in 1987, which resulted is 27 deaths. This makes the Pine Lake the second worst in Alberta history.

FULFILLED on July 14, 2000 -- Tornado near Red Deer Canada; ---- see also 1999 09 06.2 and 2000 07 15.1 and 2000 08 07.1

2000 08 07.1

Another tornado has touched down in the Red Deer area, about 15 kilometers from the last one. Meteorologist Dennis Dudley was quoted as saying, "For this to occur a stone's throw from Pone Lake, that's just bizarre." It was a small one touching down in a remote area for only 30 seconds, with no real damage.

FULFILLED on July 14, 2000 and August 7, 2000 -- Tornado near Red Deer Canada; ---- see also 1999 09 06.2 and 2000 07 15.1 and 2000 07 18.1

2000 08 08.1

But there will come a time when God's mercy shall come to an end, and God's judgment shall begin! ---- For those who step into the world of pride and seek to build a big ministry so they can have a name for themselves, they shall be brought down, and they shall be destroyed to the very last person of their ministry, unless there is repentance! ---- I will not seek a church, says the Lord filled with the sins of pride, and the love of money, and the love of power. I will not allow it, and I will not tolerate it.

2000 08 12.3

So says the Lord God: there shall come a great separation in the church. For I will crash down a dividing sword in every single church on the face of this planet. It shall divide those that are false from those that are true. Some will be found false almost to the last one. Some will be found true almost to the last one. ---- And yet there shall always be a division. For I, says the Lord, am fed up with the sins of the church, with the filth of those that claim to be Christians who are not! ---- I am going to separate My people, says the Lord!

2000 08 27.2

There are those that appear in their hearts to seek the world and its life, and its pride, and its desires. But they have an out ward appearance to mankind to seek the things of the Lord, and to be spiritual , and to be religious. ---- Make no mistake about it. These people shall not be destroyed. I am not out to destroy them, but to turn them to repentance, and bring them into the fold. ---- If they will not repent, there will come a time of serious wrath upon them. But there is time for them to repent, for I am a longsuffering loving God; and I seek repentance before I seek judgment. ---- So says the Lord God.

2000 09 22.2

For thus says the Lord, I am the I am, Therefore when I say that there is going to come a time of judgment, it shall be. ---- Go now, therefore, and test this word. Look in My Bible at My Word of judgment. When I said it would occur, it happened! It always happened, not always when you thought it might, but always when I thought it would. --- Therefore, beware of those false prophets that are going around taking profit from the believers they have perverted. Looking unto themselves to make a profit from my people. ---- They shall be judged more strongly than any other because they have known the truth, and willingly perverted tit to their own selfish financial gain!

2000 10 02.1

This is the time to go forth. Stand and know that I am ready to bring forth the great harvest of souls for the Kingdom of God ---- Believe and know that this is not done because of some great commandment. This is done because the times are coming when things will be hard and not easy. When they come, you will understand that these are really close to the end times, really close to the return of the Lord. And yet there is still some time in years to bring in the harvest of souls.

2000 10 08.1

what I had seen, the Lord says, was a picture that had pigments in red - mostly - burned into the paint (on the wall). This is what is coming as a judgment of God in some places on this earth. That this will be burned into the wall - colors from pictures that hung there - and when this happens, it will be a time of severe wrath from the Lord.

This will be caused by a nuclear bomb exploding. In Hiroshima, this effect was found, along with clothing, and shadows of people being burned into concrete walls.

2000 10 21.4

Time draws near for the crash, says the Lord, the economic crash that you have heard of much from so many. ---- Many of you have sought to know when it is, to know what you can invest in now so you can get out before the getting out is bad. ---- You want to get out when the getting out is good, but I say unto you, says the Lord, that this is the love of money! This is the love of the world! This is sin and stink before Me! That you want to make money while the money making is good - get out! ---- Your mind is with the flesh and worldliness of satan! You have sought the things of the evil because you want to get rich and get out without losing it! ---- But I tell you, says the Lord, no matter where you invest, if your heart is against Me like that, you will be deceived into losing it all! By one means, or by another you will! ---- It will be your judgment

2000 10 21.5

The United States ---- produces more pornography ---- kills more children ---- produces more weapons ---- flows its filth throughout the earth ---- And they wonder why I would judge them!

2000 10 29.1

My words, saith the Lord, to bring forth a vision unto all of My people of the great destruction that is to come - they would fear that destruction, and they would fear what is to come. And in the flesh and not in the Spirit they would react, and they would run to the hills seeking protection. ---- But understand, says the Lord, protection comes from the Spirit above. For I guarantee what is in My hand and what I hold in My hand I protect at all costs against the judgments to come. ---- Nothing shall harm what is in My hand!

2000 11 01.3

( A vision of what will happen to the world economy) ---- Thus says the Lord, this is the world economy and what shall happen. It is the beginning of My very serious judgment on this earth.

2000 11 20.1

Listen to My word and watch. For My hand is upon the United States of America. It is upon the presidents, and it is upon the election; but so is satan's. ---- It is not time for America to be blessed; for it is come unto judgment. It is time for judgment to begin. ---- And yet watch this! For while judgment may begin, it may not begin the way you believe. ----- I have My hand upon this. Don't expect Me to bless America. ---- Expect Me to bring judgment: first a little, then more. ---- Several things are lining up to bring this judgment to pass. ---- This presidents election is the beginning of such things. Many more things shall come. ---- Some shall wonder how things could get so bad? How could turmoil come to the great United States of America? But I say unto you, when America repents it can be blessed. ---- Until then its cup is full: full of sin, and full of the wrath of God; and judgments must begin.

2000 12 02.1

Thus says the Lord, hear Me and know the United States of America is fully under My hand. But it is under My hand for wrath and judgment, not for blessings and prosperity. ---- For My hand is against it, it shall be against it continuously until it repents. For My hand is against the evil of that nation. ---- Everything that could go wrong, shall. ---- for in times to come you shall begin to see this. For what is happening now, this, right now with the presidents election, is My hand to begin to shake the confidence in the United States. ---- These days shall be ended. It shall come to pass that there will be a decision, and it will be put in the past. And yet it'll have planted a seed in the hearts and minds of people throughout the world that doubts the stability of the U.S. This stability doubt shall not heed logic, but shall grow over time to many events. And during this time it shall have been started by My hand, it shall continue by My hand, and it shall continue until the day the United States repents; and repent it will. ---- But what I will do against the United States to cause it to repent will be severe. ---- It will not repent at the beginning. It will be like My nation Israel in the days of old when it was stubborn, and stubborn, and stubborn, and would not repent, and I brought judgment upon judgment against it. ---- So shall the United States be .---- Now hear this. So says the Lord God. Do not despise this judgment. It is not designed to bring great wrath upon the United States. It is designed to bring great repentance. ---- But great wrath shall come because they will not repent for long, long time. ---- Therefore many will die. ---- There shall be much pain and much sorrow, but I will deliver that nation and bring it back to Me, says the Lord.

2000 12 13.1

For you see, My hand is upon America. If it is great, it is great because it serves Me; and is not under judgment but under blessing. And if it fails to be great it is because it is under judgment and under wrath. ---- For you see the United States of America does not operate by its own power, but by Mine. ---- So is the United States. The great nation shall be weakened. It will be weakened because of the sins of its people. ---- It shall not be strengthened. It shall never be strengthened until it repents. ---- But a nation is blessed because of its spiritual nationhood with Me. Some are raised up to be damnation to other nations - such as Russia. ---- For it is not a nation whose heart is to Me, but I am allowing it to rebuild itself - and it shall! ---- It is being brought forth because I will use it as a tool to judge other nations, such as America, which has sinned before Me. ---- If Russia wants to continue to be blessed it must repent. If it does not it can be cursed the same way I curse America. ---- The wrath of God works the same way. I'll raise up an nation simply to judge another. ---- But woe-be-tied to America ---- I tell you the truth. This nation stands at the brink of judgment and wrath.

2000 12 17.1

As people hear of the prophecies of judgment they will scoff and laugh, but as they begin to occur, they will seek the truth, and some will come into a knowledge of the truth and turn to serve the Lord God

2000 12 23.1

Thus says the Lord. Wait not for the instruction of the world in how to be delivered from the coming judgments ----- For this is to be: great judgments this coming year. ---- Those who look to Me in prayer will be protected from all. ---- those who look to the flesh with great designs of how to survive will certainly fail.

2000 12 31.1

Thus says the Lord, follow along in the years to come: that you not only are just beginning to get into the great judgments of God - it is such an early beginning, you see very, very little or it - but in the years to come you shall see much more.---- Now hear this, says the Lord, hear this well. That as you step into the year to come, not many, but a few signs shall follow. A few judgments, a few increases of them, but not much. But not much. But watch the years after this for they shall increase in their intensity and increase in the speed in which they come. So says the Lord.

2001 01 13.2

For thus saith the Lord, watch ministries that raise themselves up in the pride of this world ---- There are two types of such ministries: those that serve Me, but have gone after the flesh and want to raise up their name; and those that serve satan who naturally flow into the pride of the world. ---- Both shall be equally judged, saith the Lord, both shall be equally judged!! ---- For I am bringing about a judgment on ministries. ---- In the coming years you shall see this significantly. ---- You shall see the hand of God against ministers that have turned against Me, and ministries which are wolves in sheep's clothing, which are designed specifically by satan to deceive the world. ---- I shall bring My hand against them. And yet they shall rise up in greater numbers than before ---- They shall flourish for a time, and then I shall judge them for their sin.

2001 02 07.1

Make no mistake! ---- I do not reward those of My people who spend no time with Me, or very little time. ---- Those who spend time with Me in prayer, and in fasting, and in studying the word - they are the ones that will stand up and receive great miracles and great glory in the last days, and these are the last days. ----- You are about to see My hand upon this earth in a greater way than ever before. ----- You will see judgments of God roll out: one at a time, and severely. ---- you will see the miracles of God come forth upon His people as He delivers them, protects them, and guides them through this time, and ----- you'll see a revival come forth from this.

2001 02 11.2

Thus saith the Lord, My people hear My voice, and My people despise My voice. So many of My people lave the world. They love tickling ears - my prophets who prophesied falsely, bring forth nice words of great comfort - and they love to hear it; and some times I will send forth nice prophecies. ----- We're standing at the brink of the last of the end times. ----- The judgments are about to fall, and I have raised up many prophets to prophesied of it, and few want to hear.---- Take note of the prophecies. Take note of My word. The warning is not for you to run to some safe haven and stay there. ---- For if you have gained this from the prophecies you have gained nothing. The warning is for you to go to your knees and say, "Lord, purify my heart, find any wicked way in me, burn it out. I don't care if it hurts, I want the sin out!" That s what you need to learn.

2001 03 24.1

Listen to this word and understand. The days are coming when heartaches shall spread over the land. All shall be affected unless they are under My protection. Those who are under My protection are My children. They shall be protected, says the Lord God, they shall be protected. ---- My power shall encompass them. I shall feed them, I shall clothe them, I shall give them drink. For I will guide them and lead them, meet all their needs and do everything they require. ---- My hand will be upon them. ---- It will be a day of extraordinary miracles.

2001 03 28.1

This is the time of the crash. And as it comes seek not the world and its finances. For those who seek the world and its finances, they shall be judged, even My people who have sought not after Me but after the world. ---- But I do so not to bring great wrath on them, but to shake them up and bring them back to a faith walk with Me, saith the Lord.

2001 04 24.1

There is coming a time when I will send forth much judgment on this earth. ---- During this time, anything that you have prepared - which did not come from Me, but from your own design - will fail. All such plans cannot work, They have the design of yourself, and not of Me. ---- but those designs and plans which I give to My people - they shall work. ---- They shall be different wherever you go and whoever you see of My people. They will be given at the time I wish them to accomplish what I say, and then, if they are obedient, they shall do the things which I tell them. ---- Hear and know what I have spoken. For what is to come is a judgment on all those who will not obey the Spirit of God.

2001 06 09.1

There is coming a day when I, saith the Lord, when I shall come down hard on the false ministries that have perverted the gospel and have raised up a false standard claiming to be of Me when they are not. ---- There is coming a day that I shall crush such ministries.

2001 06 17.1

But it will take judgment, chastening, burning sin out, to get the church back where it ought to be. ---- this is occurring now, and shall be occurring for some months and yes, even years.

2001 07 02.1

Those who get ahead in this world - scrounging and getting ahead, doing anything they have to, to gain popularity, to gain power, to gain money - they shall get ahead in this world for a time, but I shall bring them down. ---- And they are not part of My Kingdom, nor shall they ever be part of My Kingdom unless they seriously get on their knees and repent for their sins.

2001 07 02.2

Thus saith the Lord, the world and all that is in it shall die and be destroyed, and a new world be created.

2001 08 26.1

Hear this word, says the Lord. ---- Note the times at hand, You are not entering into the great judgments of the end days. But rather you are standing at the door of those judgments. A few of "other judgments" have come in terms of weather, in terms of a few things I have done, saith the Lord. ---- But I am going to open up a great time of judgment on this earth for its sins. ---- The time is here now. ---- The first major thing you will see is the crash of the economy (the worldwide crash that will reverberate through every nation in the earth). ---- That is the first thing I will do that is of a major type of judgment.

2001 09 15.1

At this time in the United States of America there is great wrath and great fear. ---- In the days to come and the years to follow, the terrorists will make a number of successful strikes against the United States - some of them devastating. ---- My call to My people is to send out the message: repent for the time of judgment is at hand. As in all judgments, saith the Lord, I will stay it, I will hold it back, It is not My will to bring forth judgment, it is My will to bring for the repentance. ---- Repent turn from the love of money, turn from the love of self, turn truly back to the Bible days in the first century church that I showed you in both the gospels and the book of Acts - return to these days and I will stay My hand of judgment against the US. So says the Lord God of heaven and earth.

2001 09 16.1

Early in the morning - for a very short time, about 1 or 2 seconds - while I was in prayer with my eyes closed, I suddenly could see a high rise building with fire coming out of the top. I could not tell from my angle whether it was two towers one behind the other or one longer building, as I was looking at it from the end view. Also, I could not tell if this was the top, as it appeared to be, because the smoke covered the area above the fire - the building could have been much higher. It is definitely not the Trade center in New York. ---- Then this word from the Lord: Now thus saith the Lord, there is more to come. Many times. It will take time. It will not happen all at once. ---- The United States will be attacked over and over. ---- A few minutes later the Lord began to emphasis to me in my heart that these things will only happen if there is no repentance. Then this word from the Lord: If the United States does not turn as a nation from its wicked ways and back to God, this will happen.

2001 10 08.1

I have pleaded with My people in America. They have sought Me in superficial ways. ---- They have not turned away from the sins of the nation ---- They have continued with the murder of the unborn. ---- They have continued with the immorality of adultery. ---- They have continues with the creation of pornography. ---- They have continue with the flowing of alcohol and drugs. ---- they have continued to be in love with money. ---- So there fore, I am going to continue with My judgments. I am pleading with them to repent and turn from their sin. And so, when they do so, I will turn from My judgments, says the Lord God of all.

2001 10 17.1

Oh, America, America, why have you forsaken Me, says the Lord. ---- why have you forsaken Me? For you have sought the very evil which has downed nation after nation, kingdom after kingdom, time after time, from the beginning of sin until now. ---- Less than 6 thousand people died when the towers came down, and you call that evil. ---- But 40 million children have died because of what you call freedom. And yet you do not stop this. Yet you allow it to continue. ---- Do you not understand this is evil? ---- Do you not understand America has not repented? ---- When they turn from their sin they are repenting! ---- When America turns from its sin I will say, "Stop!" and the judgment shall stop. But until it does there shall be judgment! ---- If you think that this is judgment, you have yet to see judgment any serious manifestation,. ---- Many years from now you will say, "Yes, judgment has come." And yet even more will come except that the nation repent!. ---- For that is the only way it can escape. I will turn up the wrath of God. For My wrath, saith the Lord, will be strong! And it will not turn aside except there be repentance. ---- I say unto you: you will suffer severely both now and in the judgment day because you have perverted what I gave America.

2001 11 04.2

For thus saith the Lord. The oil industry will become a target of the terrorists. In days to come they will make major places a target for them to hit. ---- Terrorism in Canada and in the United States will not go away until after I have brought about the Russian-Chinese invasion. ---- And when this occurs there will be much greater problems on this continent. ---- For thus saith the Lord. Under no conditions will I allow Canada and the U.S. to be a relaxed and safe nation again until it completely and totally repents of its sinful ways and its rebellion against God. ---- Thus saith the Lord. This will come to pass, although many will say this cannot be, yet you shall see it in the very near future. For thus saith the lord, nothing, but nothing that I say can fail except the people repent and I will turn from My judgment and begin to bless the nation again. ---- So says the Lord God.

2001 11 04.4

There will be many more attacks on the United States, some from above, some from the ground; but they shall continue, says the Lord.

2001 12 06.1

The nation of America wallows in sin. The nation of America seeks its own way. The nation of America continues its evil: for it murders the unborn child, it loves money, it loves its power, and it gives the credit for all its power to themselves ---- They have sought the sins of the earth and I will judge them. ---- Stand and beware America shall be judged. Had they repented, truly I would turn and deliver them. ---- But less than one in a thousand of those who use the name Christian are truly serving Me, saith the Lord, less than one in a thousand. ---- Listen, saith the Lord, I will bring America to its knees. ---- It will take several years, but it will happen; save they repent and turn I will bring it to its knees. ---- America has sought evil. America has sought evil over and over. ---- They produce more sin than any other nation. ---- They have not only murdered the unborn child, they have taken My Name out of schools, they don't give Me the credit for raising them up, they are slowly turning away from My nation Israel, and they are producing pornography at an incredible rate - and they call themselves a Christian nation. ---- They are evil through and through! And I will deal with them as I have always dealt with nations of evil! ---- So says the Lord!

2002 01 23.1

Now thus says the Lord, Canada in this year of 2002 shall be visited by God for judgment, for its sins have come up before the Lord. ---- It shall be visited by storm. ---- It shall be visited by fear, and it shall be visited by violence. ---- For these judgments shall come upon it in this year in a severe way. I will bring it to pass, says the Lord, I will bring it to pass.

2002 01 27.2

Then this word from the lord. Thus saith the lord, this man is not bin Laden but a leader which will lead a new rebel group against America, Europe, and others. ---- So says the lord

2002 02 17.1

For thus says the Lord God. Never before in the history of the American's has there been a time like this. ---- They stand at the forefront of the time of the greatest crash of a nation that this earth has ever seen. ---- It will take some years to fulfill, but it shall take place. ---- Coming up is a time that in one day many shall die and many shall see a terrible destruction that will come on America ---- This is not a time to run and hide. It is a time to stand up and tell your neighbors that there is coming a time of great destruction. ----

Probable reference to the day nuclear bombs go off all over America. -- The start of the war against America.

2002 03 16.1

Coming are the days when there shall not be plenty. For the great economic crash, of which many do not believe, is arriving at the door. And when it has fully come many will still deny, saying, "it will return to normal, we will build back up." ---- But every time they try they will fail. For My hand shall be upon it. ---- The love of money has risen up unto Me, and I am destroying it, saith the lord, I am destroying it. So shall it be.

2002 03 27.1

When this nation of America fully comes to its knees My hand of oppression shall lift. ---- Either it will come to it s knees in repentance, or I shall bring it to its knees in wrath and judgment. So says the Lord.

2002 04 28.1

Thus says the lord, My hands are tied concerning judgment. ---- For if the people will not repent, and the sins are so many that they have come up before Me for judgment: then judgment shall occur! ---- There is only the repentance of the people which can stop it. ---- But Americans have not turned away from the sins which they have been so filled with. ---- Therefore I am going to rain judgment upon them. ---- Now you will see some judgment, and then more. ---- And some of it will be very severe; and some of it will be very hard to withstand. Yet it shall come stronger and stronger until the day I bring war on American soil. ---- At that time and in that day America shall fall a great fall - down to third world nation level - and I shall have judged that nation.

2002 04 28.2

For thus says the Lord, hear Me and know the time is short. The united States shall be hit severely - yet not immediately - but it shall come soon. ---- A little while and the United States shall suffer a severe blow. ---- No, I will not bring a war on it yet, that is, not a war with a nation, but it will come from terrorism, from natural disasters, and other things I will bring against it ---- I plead with America to repent.

2002 05 06.1

Things I will bring to pass: ---- 1. This will of God to bring America to its knees: America will be continually brought down by increasingly severe judgments of earthquake, power of the enemy, weather, and other judgments of God. ---- 2. America's only way out is to have a majority of the nation fall to their knees to bring themselves to a place where they will turn and truly serve the Lord. ---- The church has completely failed the nation of America. ---- They have turned their back to God's ways and become as sinful as the world. For I find that they have openly committed fornication, that is, sex outside of marriage, without shame; they have committed adultery in that they have openly divorced and remarried as the world; they have done nothing about the sins within the church except promote and defend it - even the pastor's have been guilty. ---- Even Canada will now be judged by the side of America for they have gone much further than the U.S. they have promoted homosexuality in the government. ---- the churches have ceased to stand against this; with some of the so called churches supporting it. ---- There is to come much wrath of God on these two nations; but there must come a forgiving Spirit of God. For those who will fall on their knees I will forgive and ever turn to bless them - even at the last minute during My wrath.

2002 05 06.2

When you see great wrath coming on the United States know that I am bringing down the economy.

2002 05 06.3

Those who seek to make themselves great shall be destroyed.

2002 05 06.4

Those who stand against My nation Israel shall be judged - both nations and individuals.

2002 06 22.1

The drought in western Canada shall continue. ---- (The area through central Alberta and Saskatchewan has been experiencing a severe drought this year, as will as past years.)

2002 06 22.2

In the United States, says the Lord, I Have directed terrorism to continue; and will direct it to continue. I will put My hand to them, and support them, and guide them to success, says the lord. ---- For the judgments of god are against America because of its sins which have come up before Me. Do not doubt - when I allow it, and when I direct it - there will be an attack against the U.S. again. ---- This must be unless they repent. So says the lord.

2002 06 24.1

Calgary (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) shall be judged by storms: storms of wind and storms of rain. They shall be severe in order to bring those who will listen to the ways of God to repentance.

2002 07 21.1

These people who are in love with money, and preach the love of money, I say to them: you shall fall. ---- When the crash, which has begun, has fully finished I will bring you down and destroy your ministries. ---- For such deceit I will not have in My Body. ---- The love of money is a root of all evil, and therefore, I must destroy it within My Body.

2002 07 21.2

For thus says the Lord, I am the God that controls all things. Therefore do not be in fear of what you see within the stock markets of the United States. ---- they will suffer a series of setbacks in their reach to be a world power in the years to come. ---- They will fall as a world power as I have stated through many prophets. ---- they shall not regain that position again. ---- Without repentance they cannot escape this prophecy.

2002 08 11.2

The year 2003 is marked for great destruction in America. ---- Only repentance can save it.

2002 08 25.1

Thus says the Lord. I will allow another terrorist attack on New York. ---- This attack will create fear throughout the city.

2002 09 02.1

Thus says the Lord. Red Deer (Red Deer, Alberta, Canada) is going to suffer severe storm damage. ---- This will include tornadoes as well as other severe storms. ---- It is My will that this city will come under judgment until there is a substantial repentance.

2002 09 02.2

The city of Calgary (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) is to be judged by the crash of the economy. ---- They have built this city on the love e of money; therefore, they shall be brought down with the crash.

2002 09 24.1

Thus says the lord. Watch and wait for the wrath of God is about to fall on America. ---- Stay fast on Me, says the Lord. Watch and wait for My deliverance; but not the world's! ---- There is coming a time when My people will only be able to walk with Me by My power. ---- There will be such disaster and persecutions that they can only be saved by daily walking with the Lord. ---- And to turn to the world, to depend on it for their needs, will result in much trouble. For I am the Lord and they must depend on Me. ---- Listen and learn. When you see the next judgment on the U.S., both Canada and the United states will be in fear for their future. For they will turn to evil more and more; therefore, I will judge them more and more.

2000 09 27.1

For thus says the Lord. ---- Begin to look now for the fulfillment of the further prophecies of judgment of America. ---- Begin to look and see them happening.

2002 09 28.1

Now listen to the word. The time draws nigh. Soon America will shake with judgement.

2002 09 30.1

I am willing, says the Lord, to relent of all My judgments on America as soon as she turns away from her sins. --- Turn away from the sins and I will turn away my wrath. ---- Do they turn from their pride which says America is great if itself and refuse to give God the credit? ---- I will topple the nation till she is a shadow of herself.

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