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Compiled by Rev. Jack Barr
On the Prophecies from The Start in the 1970's to 2002 09 30.1

The following are the entire quotes from the Prophecies, of what is related to Fasting in each of the following prophecies
** The The Next section tells what each of the Prophecies says about Fasting

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Key parts of prophecies are in Blue text, My notes (if any) are in Red text.

Fast -

1994 10 05.1

Those who will spend the time to walk in the Spirit, by fasting and praying before Me on a consistent basis, WILL learn to walk in the Spirit. Those who will not learn to fast and pray will have EXTREME trouble when this persecution comes. ---- Sad to say that most of My church will be the ones that do not fast and pray, but have trouble in times of persecution.

1996 05 09.1

You are too much in the world's system because you do not heed My commandment to obey the Word of the Lord and do the will of God in prayer, in other tongues, fasting, seeking My face, seeking My will, seeking My power, seeking My blessings, seeking My ;pleasure, seeking My ways, seeking My methods of operation - No you are on your own because you have chosen to be on your own! ---- I am your strength, so remember that you have to spend time with Me. I spent time with My Father while on earth, you must also! ---- Pray AND FAST before me, regularly!

1996 05 23.1

So listen to the ways of the Lord. Spend time with Me in prayer, fasting, Bible study. ---- Know the ways of God, and you shall stand firm in the days to come.

1996 10 21.1

You must spend time in fasting. We MUST fast! Without fasting you cannot walk in the spiritual power that I have called you to. That is why My Son, on this earth, spent His time fasting on a regular basis. ---- Read My Gospels. In there you will find that My Son Jesus fasted continually; spent much time fasting, much time in pray, sometimes all night in pray --- and this was His spiritual strength.

1997 02 09.1

But I say in My Word, I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me. And if you will believe that word, it is yours, it is yours. The will of God is yours, and you can do anything which I strengthen you to do. Therefore spend time in fasting, spend time in the word. Spend time in prayer. Spend time with your God and you will do what I have called you to do.

1997 03 14.1

I am the One who guides you into all truth. Why not seek Me for an answer to your question. Why not fast before Me first. You would find out that NONE of what you fight over is worth it.

1997 04 12.1

Then he turned away from the things of God, to serve the things of the devil. Such a man will undergo wrath and judgment, for he would not discern the things of God rightly. ---- Had he looked to the word of God, to fasting, to prayer, I would have taught him what was right, but instead he looked upon the earth, in his fleshly state.

1997 04 21.1

You cannot understand the pride that creeps in from the worldly system you now live in. You cannot understand the problem of being in the world and not fasting, praying, and seeking Me very often throughout your day. It is this that is lacking in your life. This seeking of God is not there. Because of thus lack you seek and do not perceive the true ways of God, because it is clouded in your mind by the pride of this worldly system!

1999 05 30.1

For it is a spiritual battle fought on your knees - in prayer, in fasting. This is what brings victory.

2000 06 16.1

So prepare yourself and be ready. Stand in fasting and praying and in the word of God for what is to come

2000 09 22.3

Learn to pray and spend time in the Word of God, to spend time in prayer, and to spend time in fasting. ---- And as you spend time you will recognize the power of the Holy Spirit in your life. And it is that that will guide and lead you throughout all things

2001 08 12.1

For thus says the Lord. I am that I am. The Lord is in control of all things. Therefore get into the word of God and realize that he who does not spend time in prayer and pasting shall not be prepared for the onslaught of the devil. --- Those who spend time in preparation of prayer and fasting shall walk forward in power and strength of the Holy Spirit.

2002 04 13.1

Those that delve deeply in prayer and fasting and follow with the work will be blessed by the Lord God in this time of trial to come.

2002 08 31.1

Now hear this, says God of all. I have placed within My people protection and courage to follow their God and to serve their God in all of the persecution that shall soon occur. ---- Now that you have entered into these last days, strengthen yourself in the fasting and prayer, for this is the only way to become strong for the Lord.

2002 09 24.2

Those who spend time in fasting and prayer will be guided by the lord.

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