T. Gibson's Prophecies on

The Economy
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Compiled by Rev. Jack Barr
On the Prophecies from The Start in the 1970's to 2002 09 30.1

The following are the quotes from the Prophecies, arranged according to specific subjects of what is related to The Economy in each of the following prophecies listed

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My notes are in Red



Canada will have Economic Collapse

1995 02 25.1 This is the word of the Lord concerning the future of the country of Canada. I have already judged this nation with a debt load it cannot handle.

1995 02 25.1 Canada's nation currency will suffer greatly due to this problem on the exchanges of the world but it will, at the beginning, bounce back for a short period of time. Later however, it will take some serious pounding and remain at some all time lows

1995 02 25.1 I will never allow it to have a balanced budget for the remainder of the life of this country

1995 02 25.1 Quebec will suffer serious problems financially till it can no longer cope with the situation

2000 05 17.1 This morning as I was in prayer and had my eyes closed I could see a man standing in knee deep water. Suddenly the water rose quickly to about his chest. As the waters rose I could see his face more clearly, and he appeared either unconscious or dead. ---- Then the Lord spoke and said, It will choke off the man and kill it. ---- Then the Lord also said that the waters are the finances and debts which will choke of the man which is Canada

2002 09 28.2 When the crash comes I will bury Canada in debt. -- I shall soon turn this nation's economy around.

The whole Earth will have a sudden Economic Collapse

1997 04 06.1 you MUST be prepared for a financial crisis in the world. This will not be limited to certain areas of the world, but to the whole earth!

1997 11 16.1 and soon shall be when the economy shall completely collapse

1997 11 16.1 First there'll be some problems, then there'll be a crash, and so forth.

1998 05 17.1 I saw a bright flash, and the sound of a popping light bulb (as when it bursts) ---- The Lord then said, "That's how quickly the economy will fall.

1998 07 05.1 This is the circumstances to which this world is now heading. It will lose control of its societies as it heads in to the greatest economic collapse that will befall mankind.

1998 07 05.1 This collapse shall come fairly quickly,

1998 12 02.1 Have I not told them of things to come? Yet you stand on the verge of the greatest destruction of the economy of this earth

1998 12 02.1 This world shall not see an economy like it has now, ever again

1998 12 02.1 I shall bring it down, and I shall keep it there. For they shall try and raise it up, but I shall not allow it.

1998 12 02.1 You stand on the verge of the greatest economic collapse in the history of mankind.

1999 02 13.2 The Lord gave me the following revelation concerning the upcoming economic crash

1999 07 19.1 If you understood how close the time is when the goods of this earth shall fall, and the economy shall no longer be in the ways it was.

1999 07 19.1 If you understood how close the end of this earth's economy, as you know it, is

1999 07 19.4 By the end of this year I shall shake this economy

1999 08 20.1 you shall see the crash of the entire economy

1999 08 20.1 Do not go out in trying to save your goods which you have so hoarded up

1999 08 20.4 the time that the world is going into, shall not be a time of turmoil like any other great depression that has ever been.

1999 08 20.4 It shall be a time that is worse, and worse, and worse.

1999 08 20.4 Even the rich shall lose all their money. Many shall lose every cent they had,

1999 09 05.1 this earth shall reel from the economic deprivation of money

1999 09 05.1 They won't understand how it could happen. The economy was so strong. The economy was doing so great. The economy was excellent. The economy was the way it should be. And yet, it shall not be

1999 09 05.1 the remainder of what's left will be sluggish, slow economy - much unemployment, and much unrest.

2000 05 03.1 NOTE: This prophecy explains the coming economic collapse, including a picture of his vision, which he explains. ---- Those with debt will be stopped early on, with many, or most, ending up in the ditch, but those who have their debt paid off will be able to continue on until the war starts

See also 2002 04 14.1 for additional explanation of this vision

2000 06 25.1 the economy shall be in devastation and the world shall be in turmoil.

2000 06 25.2 coming is a time when the world finances shall fail, and the world's financial system shall collapse

2000 09 20.1 The days are soon coming when you will see the great financial collapse that has bee so prophesied by so many prophets for so long

2000 09 20.1 don't be surprised at the way it comes. --- Don't be surprised at how serious it becomes

2000 10 21.4 Time draws near for the crash, says the Lord, the economic crash that you have heard so much from so many.

2000 10 21.4 Many of My prophets have told you there is a coming crash of the econom

2000 11 01.3 in my spirit I could see a line. This line went upward sharply for a short distance. Then it fell downward, also very sharply, but for a very long distance. Much longer than the distance it had gone up. Then, again it went up sharply for a short distance and down again. It did this several times, but I could not recall how many. After this it somewhat leveled off, and took only small up or downward directions. I had the impression in my spirit that this was part of a much larger graph, and I was only seeing a small part of it

this is the world economy and what shall happen. It is the beginning of My very serious judgments on this earth.

2001 01 04.1 For the times and the seasons ahead are close to the economic crash

2001 01 04.1 and soon shall be that the economic crash will come.

2001 01 20.1 For in these days you shall see a lot more financial problems than ever before. And you shall say, "This is the beginning of the crash," and you'd be right. It is the beginning of it, just at the door, just about to take place; for this is the beginning of it.

2001 01 20.1 It shall not occur at once. And each event will bring it farther down the road toward the bottom.

2001 01 20.1 And each step that comes will be another step toward the bottom of the rock, and the rock at the bottom is the bottom of the financial world - till the financial world only produces what is necessary. Things like food, clothing, and heat and shelter.

2001 01 20.1 At first it will look like a recession, but much more is coming than the recession

At the start of 2002 - the company "Enron" a financial institution, came crashing down with it's false book keeping, which shook the financial world --- this was followed by several more financial companies falling for the same false book keeping. Falling like dominos within months.

2001 02 03.1 When the crash comes - and it shall come, and it shall come soon, and it shall come very soon

2001 03 17.3 The days that come as you see this crash, and as you see things being fulfilled in the prophetic - it is a sign that things are being spoken by God and not by man

2001 03 28.1 This is the time of the crash.

2001 08 26.1 The first major thing you will see is the crash of the economy (The worldwide crash that will reverberate through every nation in the earth) ----- That is the first thing I will do that is of a major type of judgment.

2002 03 16.1 Coming are the days when there shall not be plenty. For the great economic crash, of which many do not believe, is arriving at the door

2002 04 14.1 NOTE: This is an additional explanation of the economic vision that was given in 2000 05 03.1

See 2000 05 03.1 for the original vision that this prophecy explains.

2002 05 06.2 When you see great wrath coming on the United States know that I am bringing down the economy

2002 09 30.1 I will turn their economy upside down

How the Stock Market will crash

1998 01 21.1 For thus says the Lord, you shall see, in the next few months, a big crash on the stock market, and then you shall see it again, and then more of the same

1998 01 21.1 For crash after crash shall occur and it shall come down to the level I have declared.

1998 12 02.1 When the great crash occurs, it shall come down

1998 12 02.1 Have I not for years sent prophets, prophesying that you are to pay off your debts and not borrow?

1999 02 13.2 At the beginning there will be an acceptance of the markets coming back. This will lead to a short term rising of the markets in a significant way. But only for a short time.

1999 02 13.2 Again it will crash and this time it will stay quite low

1999 08 20.4 When the world tries to get out of it and build its finances again, it shall not have success.

1999 08 20.4 Limited success will occur, but it shall be very limited. For I, says the Lord, am putting an end to the god of money.

2000 05 07.1 you're standing at the door of the great crash

2000 06 25.2 those who have put their trust in the finances of this world shall be devastated with the world

2001 01 04.1 You see much turmoil in stock markets and in economic forecasts. ---- This is not the crash, but it is the fore-goings before the crash

2001 01 20.1 know that at the door is the first beginnings of the real crash.

2001 03 28.1 Watch not the market to seek to determine whether it goes up or down. Heed the word of the God of the universe: it is gong down

2001 03 28.1 those who seek the world and its finances, they shall be judged,

2002 07 21.2 do not be in fear of what you see within the stock markets of the United States

2002 08 11.1 I could see a chart with one line on it. It went up and down in a jerky fashion. Suddenly it dropped off so low that it was almost off the bottom. Then I continued its jerky up and down motion, but it was now doing so very near the bottom of the chart.

2002 08 11.1 Then the Lord said: this is the stock market. You will soon see the sudden drop off to the bottom

2002 08 11.1 Many will not believe that it cannot rise again - but each attempt to resurrect their money god will result in failure

2002 09 30.1 But do they cease from the love of money?

The Economy is moving toward its total Collapse - not just the Stock Market

1998 10 27.1 The world stands on the edge of a cliff. They step off, they will fall. And the world shall step off, and they began to lose all the things that they built up, things of man that they have fallen in love with

The money system is a great love which they have fallen in love with.

This is the first of a series --- see also ---- 2000 05 29.1 ; 2000 11 01.1 ; 2000 11 01.2 ; 2001 02 19.1 ; and 2001 03 17.1)

2000 05 29.1 I could see a person standing with his feet partly hanging over the edge of a cliff ---- This is the economy, says the Lord, this is what will happen as they step off into the beginnings of the economic crash. There'll be a short drop, an attempt to catch it which will appear to be working to some extent - that is, you will see a rough bottom, even thought he bottom will still be slowly be going down. There will be an attempt to catch the crash, then without warning, without any need, it shall drop into an unbelievable depths. So says the Lord your God.


He said the economy here, not specifically the Stock Market

See also 1998 10 27.1 - 2000 11 01.1 - 2000 11 01.2 - 2001 02

19.1 - 2001 03 17.1

2000 11 01.1 I could see a man in my spirit standing with his shoes about half way over the edge of a cliff, --- only that last half of his heels were still on the ground.

the economic collapse that he is about to step into

See also 1998 10 27.1 - 2000 05 29.1 - 2000 11 01.2 - 2001 02 19.1 - 2001 03 17.1

2000 11 01.2 As I had seen earlier (2000 11 01.1) the man with the legs and feet (with shoes on) standing over the edge of a cliff with only the last half of his heels still on the ground. ---- But this time he had moved ahead and only the very last little bit of his heels were still on the ground

See also 1998 10 27.1 - 2000 05 29.1 - 2000 11 01.1 - 2001 02 19.1 - 2001 03 17.1

2001 02 19.1 I could see a man standing with his feet so far over the edge of a cliff that only the back of his heels were on the ground. As I watched, he moved his right foot ahead so that he was standing with only the back of his left heel on the ground.

thus saith the Lord, the man represents the economy about to step over the cliff and to fall down

See also 1998 10 27.1 - 2000 05 29.1 - 2000 11 01.1 - 2000 11 01.2 - 2001 03 17.1

2001 03 17.1 I could see in my spirit the man walking up to the edge of the cliff. I could see him step out with his heels so close to the edge that he was barely on the ground As I watched, he stepped right off the cliff and began to fall. The Lord said: this is how far it has gone - it has begun!

See also 1998 10 27.1 - 2000 05 29.1 - 2000 11 01.1 - 2000 11 01.2 - 2001 02 19.1

Economic Collapse will bring on extream Violence

1998 07 05.1 and as it comes people will stop obeying the law, because it is no longer convenient for them.

1998 07 05.1 As they become economically deprived they shall turn to illegal activities in greater and greater numbers, till authorities cannot control it in any way

1999 02 13.2 Violence will become so bad that people will seek to leave the larger cities to take up residence in the country at almost any cost

1999 08 14.1 the Lord said to me: prices are going to drop dramatically, for the people can't afford to buy things - otherwise they won't move their product

1999 08 20.4 There are days coming, says the Lord, when times that are hard shall seem harder

1999 09 05.1 people that are unemployed - they shall seek to live by whatever means they can.

1999 09 05.1 Violence shall erupt as it has not erupted in a long, long time

2000 06 25.1 people shall carefully plan their life around what little they can make work.

2000 06 25.1 Cars will run on the basis of what parts they can find to make them work

2000 06 25.1 They shall plan their lives around necessities such as heat, and food, and water - carefully planning

2000 06 25.1 Transportation will be taken carefully and well planned in advance - as much as they can - for what little that they have

2001 01 20.1 Even then many people will be troubled to be able to afford them.

Warning to prepare for the Economic Crash

1998 02 07.1 Few, very few are prepared for the judgment that is to come.

1998 02 07.1 Few, very few are prepared for the depression that is to take place in the very near future

1999 02 13.2 1. The crash will come soon. It will be a time of great disparity of mankind.

1999 02 13.2 Turmoil and trouble will come to all those who will not put their complete faith in God

1999 07 19.1 If you knew how close to the beginning of serious judgment on this world - You would not be interested in the things of money, or the goods of this earth, or the ways of this earth

1999 07 19.1 If you understood this time, your interest in finances would be absolutely low!

2000 09 20.1 To pay off your debts is a key at this point.

2000 09 20.1 To prepare for the financial problems that shall come is a key at this point.

Signs of the End of the age

1997 09 22.2 There will be a three fold sign of the end times ----

1. the fall of an American President FULFILLED

2. The collapse of the American economy Started 2001, March

3. The infiltration unto American soil of enemy bands of soldiers to begin World War 3

1998 04 28.2 Judgment has come to this nation of the United States. It shall not leave till I bring that nation to its very knees, economically, politically, and as a world power I shall bring it to its knees, says the Lord God.

.2000 05 12.1 the United States shall first fall economically - first by economics, second by war

2002 07 21.2 They will suffer a series of setbacks in their reach to be a word power in the years to come

2002 07 21.2 They will fall as a world power as I have stated through many prophets. They shall not regain that position again

2002 09 30.1 I am willing, says the Lord, to relent of all My judgments on America as soon as she turns away from her sins

Ministers which look to the World instead of God will be brought down

1999 07 19.1 And you would seek this Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit -- And the things of this earth would not be important,

2001 02 03.1 when it comes, I will crash many ministries at that time. For their foundation is built on the love of money.

2001 02 19.1 but speak the word, and know when it comes it shall come by My hand and by My direction

2001 03 17.1 Do not look unto the finances of this world, but look unto the spirit of God, and He shall lead you through.

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