T. Gibson's Prophecies on

The Churches

Compiled by Rev. Jack Barr
On the Prophecies from The Start in the 1970's to 2002 09 30.1

The following are the entire quotes from the Prophecies, of what is related to The Churches in each of the following prophecies
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Churches -

1994 10 01.1

There are so many people searching for an answer to life, to The Answer, Jesus, that cannot find it because the church, My church will not walk in My Ways! ---- I do not these things to destroy My church, but to purge it from sin and worldliness, which is its destruction! Then shall I have a glorious church, says the Lord! ---- So as you see the sins purged from the church, do not change your attitude to the ways of the Lord. They are perfect!

1995 04 02.1

This is the word of the Lord concerning the church, My people. I am not going to reduce your blessing! I will increase your blessings till you can hardly comprehend it. It shall be great in the flesh, but in the Spirit, (those who walk in the Spirit), they will turn around and walk in such great splendor of My will, of My Spirit, that they will astonish even those who walk not in the will of God. ---- This is the way in which the church will begin to walk in this new move of the Spirit to restore the full power of the word to the church

1995 10 23.2

My church, has become so solemn in their disobedience to Me that I can no longer work through most of them.

1995 12 12.1

I have gone forth and shaken the church as a whole to find those who are committed to Me. But no, not many at all! --- I am very upset at this, that the church, My people, will not turn to Me, but will live their own life selfishly before this world!

1996 10 21.2

But heed the Word of God in this age. For there are many that will not heed it. You'll find these in the churches. The world couldn't care less about it, but the church will deny it. ---- Such churches are not of Me. Such leaders in the church who deny My Word, turn away from - do not heed them, they are not of My Kingdom. ---- It is a sad state to say it, but My church is full of sin, and is full of unbelief, and is full of disobedience. ---- However, I am purging My church of sin. ---- first, I will purge sin out of My church: either they will repent, or they will go. For you will see churches rise against churches. And leaders within churches rise against each other and fight. ---- For those of you who rise up in this coming fight within the churches; they are My evil servants. ---- In many cases I will remove churches. Entire churches will fall and split and disappear! Because they fell in the sin of pride, the sin of various doctrines. ---- It is not up to you to decide what doctrines are right, it is up to Me.

1996 11 30.1

But who submits in this day and age. For so few have submitted to the King of Kings. Oh, they play religious games. They go out and they do this and they do that in the name of Jesus. But most of those things I never called them to do.

1997 01 10.1

Those who have turned their hearts to Me, forgiven they are, and shall walk with Me in the holy ways of God. They shall even show the church how to live. For not all that are in the church buildings are saved. Many just go there to appease their conscience of the fear of wrath of their God. They think they can live without following My Word, without following what I want them to do. They have closed their hearts - to listen to the words of their God. They will not turn to another gospel outwardly, but inwardly they have forsaken Me!

1997 01 19.1

I an the Lord your God. I am the One to obey. Not the ones that say they are in charge of the church. No, I am the One that is in charge, says the Lord of all things.

1997 03 14.1

I am the Lord God. I know what is best. Do not worry about stupid doctrinal differences! It is not important. It is important to serve your God!

1997 03 30.2

You will see a strong delusion in the church to turn against My people in Israel. So it will be that the churches will be deceived into thinking that they will do the will of God by turning against all Jews that they find to persecute. It will be so. It is so in many minds right now, but it will be so, sooner than you think, in the churches. ---- But this will go on and expand. It shall be pushed by the world, because they will not persecute the churches against Israel.

1997 05 02.1

It bugs some people, because they would rather state their allegiance to various groups, called denominations. There is only one that is holy, the group called, the holiness of God. They are not in one denomination, but they are where their God has called them, obeying every word, and commandment, of their God.

1997 05 04.1

Look at the early church. Did not they seek to offer their lives for Me?

1997 05 16.1

There is a Spirit of the Lord here which desires the healing of My Church. They have sought the things of the earth, they should have sought the things of heaven. But I will turn them, if they are willing, back to Me, to the true and holy ways of God.

1997 05 21.2

The words of the Lord have not often been followed by those of the church. The ways of God are not the ways of the world. ---- They align themselves with the world, and look like the world. They talk like the world. They act like the world. They work at the things of the flesh.

1997 10 11.1

I looked up and seen the light on the ceiling of my bedroom, and I could see water dripping from it as if the roof was leaking. I then woke up.

And the Lord spoke and told me this: This is My sweet, sweet Holy Spirit and yet people in My church think it is a leak that must be stopped. They think that I must be held back. They think they must quench My Spirit.

1997 10 25.1

For rather in this time of judgment I will raise up a church, like you have never seen a church in your life. I will raise up a church that stands strong, that stands strong, not in the earth in the buildings and in the places that man builds. But rather in this earth, I shall raise up a church out in the open where all can see it. And they shall rise and they shall say, "Yes, I am a Christian. Yes. I serve the Lord. Yes, I am the King of Kings servant. I will go where He says go, and I will do what He says do. And I will have a church that is single-Heartedly devoted too My Will and My cause.

1997 11 13.1

For I am going to weed out of My church those who are in evil, and those who are not right with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. ---- For I will purify My church, and I will raise up a church that is without spot and it is without wrinkle.

1997 11 23.1

This is the word to My church, and hear it! Know that I have called you to holiness and yet you are caught up in the cares of this world. ---- You are caught up in cars, and houses, and wars, and peace. ---- Try to make it run with Me, says the Lord. Bow the knee to the King of Kings, and listen to My commandments. ---- Seek Me, and not the wisdom that comes from Satan!

1997 12 03.2

My churches, says the Lord. My churches, many of them are unclean. They must either repent or they shall fall at My judgment - not the judgment day, but rather at My judgment against the church in this hour. For I desire a clean church, one set aside form the world.

1997 12 14.1

A rise in paganism --- It is at this time that you shall see a persecution rise up against My church like has never risen up against My church. ---- You shall see it rise - in you lifetime, very soon!

1998 02 07.1

Hear the word and know the word, for this is the word. There is a judgment coming upon the church

1998 02 23.2

Hear the word of the Living God. Know this and understand this. Be part of the true work of God, for there is much false throughout My church, says the Lord.

1998 02 24.1

For My people have sought, rather, the things of the world. They have brought it into the church. They have brought it into My place, and they have profaned My place with pride. They have profaned My place with joy of this world, which is the lust after the things of the flesh. They have profaned My place with many things of the world. They have not sought the things of Me. ---- I am bringing out a new people. A people that will be dedicated unto the things of the flesh no more, but rather unto the things of the Spirit. ---- And they are not interested in the ways of the church, or the ways of the world, which are the same ways. ---- Do not be like the ways the church has become, but seek the Spirit of the Lord to go forth into building a true church, the body of Christ.

1998 03 02.1

And I will raise up a church, and I will raise up a people, and I will raise up a voice in this earth that shall reign powerfully strong in My Word.

1998 03 03.1

Hear the word in this hour. Gone are the days in the past when I will allow My church to be flesh filled, and like the earth. I will remove them from those ways. THOSE WAYS SHALL NEVER BE IN MY CHURCH AGAIN, says the Lord!

1998 04 03.1

For thus says the Lord God, there is a falseness in the spirits of the churches, For they are not the Spirit of Me, but the Spirits of Heaven do not lie, but the spirits of hell do. ---- There are spirits of hell - demons - seeking to deceive the churches. ---- And yet many churches will do this. They'll applaud them, and they'll bow down and say, "Yes, we have our prophet in out midst." And as long as that prophet will say the right things, they will be glad of him. ---- And I have tested many in the earth. And they have tested to satan and evil and evil - even in My churches they have tested evil ---- Choose you your side! For there is no difference between the world and those in My churches who say, "Lord, Lord." And refuse to serve Me

1998 09 02.1

For in this time and in this age, I am renewing My church, and I am the I Am, says the Lord

1998 10 17.1

THAT I WILL NOT BE MOCKED, SAYS THE Lord! I will not be mocked. For they have mocked Me from the churches. They are not even answerable to Me anymore. For they have sought to make a circle. A circle where the people are answerable to the pastors, and the pastor to the board, and the board is answerable to those who elected them, the people. And they have made a circle.

1998 10 24.2

I am bringing a revival, says the Lord. There will be a strong revival, but not like revivals that you have known in the past. This revival shall occur NOT in the hierarchy of the churches, but rather it shall occur in the streets. ---- Woe be tied to those who fight against this. ---- And many of the church shall fight against this revival. For they shall see it not as a revival, but as a turning against the ordinances of the church ---- AND I SHALL SHAKE THE CHURCH FROM ITS VERY FOUNDATION, and those things built on man shall fall, and those things built on Me, says the Lord Jesus, shall stand. ---- Some of the so-called revivals of the land: you would go out into the churches, and you ask them and they'll know; but you go out into the streets, and THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT IT!!! For it hasn't even touched them! ---- For the churches are not the major of this revival - not the churches as you know them. The churches as you know them are the hierarchy of man. BUT THIS SHALL BE THE POWER OF THE LIVING GOD! And it will shake many. And a few in the church shall begin to turn, but most will not turn to Me in this revival. They will be in love with their hierarchy, their buildings, their order, and their ways. ---- There shall be a division in the church in this time. And in this division you will be able to see those who walk with Me, and those who do not.

1998 10 31.1

For look not unto the church to find the organizational system that I have planned - look unto the book of Acts. For you'll see a church, in the book of Acts, and throughout many of the books of the Bible, how I have designed it to run, designed it to run. ---- And you'll see the church system crumble and fall, says the Lord. ---- And I shall create a church that shall reach out to the unsaved. It shall not be built in a building which rarely reaches out to anyone outside, who evangelizes its own self, who holds special meetings and bring in other churches, BUT THEY DON'T BRING IN THE SINNERS!! ---- I shall bring in a church to this world that shall reach out and touch the unsaved!! It shall bring revival. It shall bring new birth ---- Look not unto the things of man and the ways of the church. For the church has learned it from the ways of man. There is no difference between the world and the church in many ways.

1998 12 19.1

And there shall be a strong movement to stand against the rising church. The church that I am raising up shall be one of strength and power, like as the book of Acts, but more so. ---- There will stand at this time a strong and complete division between the church and the world.

1998 12 29.1

They have walked away from the Spirit of the Living God. They've turned to the works of the flesh. They've turned to pride. They've turned to the power of church wealth. They have turned to the things of the world, which comes from the pit of hell. ---- I stand here, says the Lord, AND I WARN MY CHURCH, BEWARE OF PRIDE, BEWARE OF THE SIN OF THE LOVE OF MONEY! BEWARE OF IT!! IT IS THE DESTRUCTION FROM THE PIT OF HELL TO FALL INTO THAT TRAP!! AND YET IT IS SO EASY FOR MY PEOPLE TO DO THIS!! ---- Oh turn from your ways, cry unto Me and I will lift you up out of the miry clay, and I will set you on a path, cloaked in humility, straight and narrow, obedient unto the things that I have given to My church to do.

1999 04 30.1

But I say, I look at the hearts. There are so much falseness in the co-called church

1999 04 30.2

But those who do not hear Him, those whose hearts are hardened, walking in the ways of the flesh, doubting the things of God; He does not hear their heart, for they are not of Him. ---- For such are many in the church. They stand and they say, Jesus, Jesus, but they do not follow the ways of Jesus. ---- Those who say, Jesus, Jesus, and do not follow after the ways of the Lord have not heard the Word of the Lord. They have a form of religion, but I am not into forms of religion.

1999 05 19.1

The church has become a light unto itself instead of unto the world!

1999 09 06.1

There is a renewal of the strength of the Spirit in the people of God. It shall come by the reverence, fear, dedication to the Father from My people, says the Lord. ---- When it comes, it comes one way: by the reverence, fear, dedication to My Word and My will, not to religious organizations, not to their particular church of which they like, but to Me says the Lord.

1999 09 27.1

This is the time I am bringing a correction to My church. This is the time I am bringing a correction to My church. And those who are caught up in denominations I will change. They will either have to turn from Me and serve the denomination, or turn from the denomination and serve Me. ---- For I do not serve a split-up church. I serve a church in one faith. Did I not say so in the Word: one faith. And I serve a people of one faith who are not arguing with denominational differences which make no matter to Me. ---- I seek not whether your doctrine is technically accurate of not. My main concern, says the Lord, is that you have your heart turned on to Me, and to My ways, and to My Word.

2000 03 30.1

The glory of the Lord has departed from those who play their religious games. ---- They stand in their churches in the congregation of the people and then they make a pretense of service to the Lord, but their hearts are far from Me. Their hearts have served money. Their hearts have served pride. Their hearts have served the glory of man and not the glory of God. Them I have forgotten. I have turned My back on, and shall turn My back on. ---- but there's a remnant in the church, still a few who seek after Me, who seek My word , who seek My ways, who pray and study and seek the kingdom of God. They shall make a stand. I shall bring them out from the church - the wicked places.

2000 05 14.1

For thus saith the Lord God of heaven. ---- I am moving in My church. ---- Stand and know that this time of commitment to the righteousness of God will create divisions in some places, and in some churches, and in some people ---- They will have to make a commitment one way or the other; to compromise the word of God or to stand for the full righteousness of the Lord. ---- This will create divisions. Some divisions are not of Me, but some are. For when the divisions come, they will come not to divide the church, but to separate those who will truly serve Me from those who want to play religious games ---- For many of them are in bondage - bondage because they listened to worldly thinking in so-called churches which are supposed to be of heavenly thinking.

2000 06 04.1

For thus saith the Lord, here this word and know the power of the Lord in the church ---- for My people who are called by My Name - they seek Me, and I seek them. And together we walk in the power of the Spirit of the Lord God.

2000 06 07.1

For thus saith the Lord. Times and seasons are at hand when I must separate My people from the organized religions to which they belong. For they have become entangled in the works of the flesh, and in works of pride, and in works of mighty deeds of men; and they have forgotten the mighty deeds of their lord. ----- It is My will and it is My desire that a true church, or which some exist, must be raised up in every city, in every town, and in every village so that there is a sign to the world of a true church openly serving Me in the full power and strength of the Spirit of God.

2000 06 07.2

Before Me. Are people crying out to seek truth and strength! For they want to serve the Lord God. They have been entangled in the affairs of this earth in various religious forms which I never created, in various religious forms which have been tainted by the world and its thinking - in various religious forms. ---- Listen and beware and know there is a great power out there that is not of Me. It is a religious spirit that has filled the churches and has taken over many of them, and it has totally imprisoned all of those who have gone there. ---- Now I call them out. ---- As I have raised up prophets, and I have raised up apostles, and I have raised up pastors to take these under their wings and show them the truth, and set them forth a true church unto the glory of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

2000 06 08.1

As I pull My people out of the religious organizations to which they have been attending and set up true churches of power and strength, of which some have already been set up. ---- And as I set this up and strengthen My church and build the strong church - people of strength in the Spirit of their God. Then and only then will the end times really roll in. ---- For you have seen but the beginning of these end times. ---- And yet many years may come to pass, but you are in the end times.

2000 06 11.1

For I am restoring My sheep to My church at this hour. ---- For I will build a church, says the Lord, that is a one church, one faith, one gospel, and one power! This surely cannot be in a denominational church with its many facets of beliefs here and there. ---- But I am calling My sheep to one church and to one faith. I am restoring the church again to its rightful state as you find in the book of Acts: a church of one mind, a church of one Spirit, and a church of one gospel.

2000 06 16.1

But beware, for I am separating the sheep from the goats in the church. I am separating the sheep from the goats in the church. For in the church there is so many that are false. There are entire churches that will not even accept the Word of God. And yet they call themselves by My Name! ---- And I am going through the churches. ---- Remember, those that are false have deceived the church for far too long. They have spoken all the right words, but the spirit is not of Me! ---- The church and the people must be purified. The church cannot stand in what is to come if they are going to be filled with the filth of this world! ----- For I cannot stand by and support and empower a church that is filled with filth. ---- I am purging My church. And I will bring out from the organized religions of this world the people that stand in power and strength for Jesus - for Me, saith the Lord. ---- It will shake up the church. ---- And when I have finished with them, there's going to be a church without spot and without wrinkle. ---- And I will guarantee the power of My Spirit will flow through them like it has never flowed before. ---- And as it flows through them you will begin to see this is the church of the end times! This is the church that satan can't stop!

2000 06 25.2

For they will listen to those people, says the Lord, who set their sights on finances. ---- There was a time and an age when only that sin was found in the world, but not you find it in so many churches: seeking a prosperity blessing, seeking money, seeking cars, seeking houses.

2000 07 11.1

For I have many of My people, that hear My voice and obey My voice, hearing Me now and realizing that there is coming a time of correction for the church.

2000 07 19.1

For the Glory of the Lord has gone forth into the earth to call the apostle, to call the prophet, to call the pastor; and to bring them again into the commands of the New Testament church as He once commanded them to be

2000 07 27.1

For thus says the Lord, in many churches, in many places of worship, there are not mighty deeds going forth. These do not go forth because they have not met the standard of the word of God for a church in this age. ---- That standard is to recognize and uphold the true apostle.

2000 07 30.1

For My church, called by My Name, have been called to go to the streets and to preach the gospel. And yet, so very few have. ---- Among those denominational, organizational churches, who have built themselves huge buildings, who have built themselves great ideals, and a majestic place in the stature and nature of society - they have been the ones who have not gone. ---- Oh they have made great progress at bringing in people to the church, in great organizational systems they have moved to bring more people to the church. But they have yet to go out into the highways and the byways and preach the Word. For that is what I have called them to do. Did not I command this in the 16th chapter of Mark. Did not I command this to every single person to preach the Word wherever you go. ---- Find then that don't go to church. Find them that don't want to, and let them know Jesus loves them, Jesus cares, Jesus died for them, Jesus wants them. ---- That is the calling of every single Christian. That is the calling that the church has missed almost entirely. There are very few of those churches who really accomplish this. ---- And yet, there are some; and there are ministries that are doing that. ---- Yet few have actually gone forth beyond the beginnings of the ministry. ---- I have called the church out to preach the Word in the streets! ---- If they will not answer, I will raise up churches that do. I will raise up churches that will. For I will have the Word preached, says the Lord God.

2000 08 08.1

I will not seek a church, says the Lord, filled with the sins of pride, and the love of money, and the love of power. I will not allow it, and I will not tolerate it.!

2000 08 12.2

Beware and know. For the false has gone forth to deceive, event in the churches. So says the word of the Lord.

2000 08 12.3

So says the Lord God: there shall come a great separation in the church. For I will crash down a dividing sword in every single church on the face of this planet. It shall divide those that are false from those that are true. Some will be found false almost to the last one. Some will be found true almost to the last one. ---- And yet, there shall always be a division. For I, says the Lord, am fed up with the sins of the church, with the filth of those that claim to be Christians who are not! For I see their hearts, and I know their hearts, and I know their ways , and I know their filth. ---- I am going to separate My people, says the Lord! And greatness shall come from those who humbly obey Me.

2000 08 24.1

For thus says the Lord, here this word and understand. I am not against the churches. But I am, says the Lord, against the churches who follow after the structure of man, who follow after the structure of human resources, who seek to glorify themselves, and who seek to do things according to the will of the flesh. ---- My people shall walk in power. My people shall walk in strength. For have you not understood, have you not comprehended that the times and the seasons at hand are to prepare for what is to come? ---- That is why there must be a burning out of sin in the church. That is why there must be churches raised up that will walk truly and dedicated to My Spirit, says the Lord, and not to themselves and to any name they come up with; but the will be churches of Me. ---- For there have been raised up churches of this, and churches of that name, and churches of some other name - all trying too make a name for themselves. But I, says the Lord, I am looking for a church that is raising up the Name of Jesus. My Name, says the Lord, not some other name.

2000 08 27.1

For thus says the Lord, when I look at the church today, when I look at My people; I see marks, marks of sin, marks of wickedness on the churches today. ---- For there are ministers, who are ministers because they called themselves to be so! ---- They liked to be foremost in the church. They liked to be looked up to. They liked to be in power and in control. ---- So many of the ministers in the churches today fit that description. ---- But there are so many who have led the church into pride ---- Hear and know this: that when you see the real division occurring between those that serve and those that rise up to control and to take charge, note where you stand. ---- And they are the evil that is the problem in the churches today! ---- Thus says the Lord, so be it. There has to be a division between right and wrong. I cannot allow the church to continue in the sin it is. So says the Lord God.

2000 09 03.1

My people, called by My Name, seek together to send a message to the world that they are like them. For they do not want to be laughed at. They do not want to be make fun of. So they have holed themselves up in churches, not taking the gospel to the streets; and said to themselves, we are preaching God's Word because we ask those outside to come in! ---- Oh foolish fools, for where were you when those people walked the earth seeking truth, not knowing where to find it. ---- I did not say, ask them to come in; I said, go out into the world and preach the Word!

2000 09 07.2

For thus says the Lord. Coming is the day when it will be easy to tell those who are religious from those who stand in truth. ---- Here and know this. Thus says the Lord. There is a division between the truth and the false as has existed in the organized churches. This division is not of Me to create a war, or a fight, or trouble. For it is satan that shall raise up the war - and it shall come. ---- But it is Me that wants My people to stand free from the religion of the world.

2000 09 10.1

Look now and see as I raise up My church, My true church, those who are not organized by the system on man, those who are not organized by the systems of the world, those who have not gone after the pride of the world; but those who have gone after the things of God, those who have humbled themselves to the ways of God

2000 09 22.3

Yet in the churches there are those that are truly called of Me: called in humility, called in obedience, and called to the ministry. Many of those are heart-broken at what they see around them.

2000 10 08.3

This is My will. Persecution hasn't been on My church in the western world for years and years and years. So many that they have forgotten what it is like. ---- But look at the first church in the Book of Acts. Was it not a church that met persecution daily? Was it not a church that met persecution every day of its life? And they grew in strength!

2000 10 21.2

Look unto the gospels - where into He has serve you, that is, the Lamb of God - He has served you in faithfulness and holiness. Where in that time did He say create a denomination? Look and see if I created one! ---- Follow My apostles in the Word. Where did they create a denomination? ---- For I did not create a denomination, and neither did they. ---- For those things are of the world and they are of the spirit of the world.

2000 10 21.6

Within the church organization that call themselves Christian, that call themselves denominational - they have made My power of no effect. They have raised up the church, a democracy. Voting in this, voting in that . You become a member and vote. But where am I says the Lord? ---- did not I say I rule My people? Did I not say I am in charge, says the Lord? Where in the Word did I institute a democracy? Where in the Word did I state to vote in those in leadership? ---- You'll read in My Word I appoint them, I anoint them, and I place them in those positions. I've trained them. I've built them up. ---- No one votes Me in, says the Lord. And no one votes My appointed people in.

2000 12 02.4

These nations shall rise up in persecutions against My people. It shall purge the church. ---- For thus saith the Lord, I am God, and I am allowing this for it shall purge My church. ---- But they have a form of Godliness in the church, and they were in the church shining as Christians and looking as Christians in the outward appearance, but in their heart they were not of Me. ---- This shall purge the church and bring it to pass that I have said, I will split the sheep from the goats, that is My people from the world.

2001 01 13.2

For thus saith the Lord, never again will I have My church so deceived as its been in the past.

2001 02 11.1

There is coming a time when the church shall strike against the church, and fight against the church, Christian against Christian; beware of this time. ---- This war is brought about by Me; not to bring war, for it is not My will for Christian to fight against Christian. But I prophesied of such things when I said, "the mother will be against her daughter, a mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law." I shall split people: one side on the truth, and one side on evil. ---- Take note: do not participate in this war. When it comes, pray for those who fight against you. Pray for those who speak against you. Pray for those who verbally abuse you. Pray for those against you.

2001 02 25.1

This is the end time church. This is the church that shall walk in the end times, that shall bring people to the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ.

2001 03 28.3

There are days coming, says the Lord, when My church, My true church, called by My Name, shall raise up in such power and such glory that they shall be greater than the Book of Acts church. These days are fast approaching, but much must be done. ---- For My church seeks after one wave and then they're blown to some other doctrine, and then a different doctrine, and it is not of Me. ---- But My church must humble themselves and seek the things of the Word of God. And as I purify them, and burn sin out of their life, they shall become that church of great power and glory. So says the Lord.

2001 04 05.1

As I closed my eyes during prayer this morning I could see a mass of people coming toward me, more than I could count. ---- In the distance I could see from where they had come. They were coming out to many different churches. As I watched I understood in my spirit they were leaving because they had been pushed out. ---- Now thus says the Lord. These are My people called by My Name. In every church and in every denomination I have placed My people, called by My Name, serving Me in truth, serving Me in humility, and serving Me in holiness. ---- There is coming a time when they shall not compromise the Word. And there will come a division between those of My people who will not compromise the Word - the Word of God - and those of the world which fill the churches having placed themselves in positions of power, and positions of control, and have made the churches power of none effect. ---- For the church power is My power, says the Lord, and none of it is being put forward in these churches because of the control of the people of the world over the people of God. ---- There is coming a great war within the church, a non-compromising people, some of which will leave of their own free will but most will be pushed out in this war, a great spiritual war, which will see many people pushed out of the church. ---- And some will come out dazed and not understanding that it is My will for them to come out. ---- For you see there is a great compromise within the churches: a compromise of My Word, a compromise of My will. And as I bring out My people they shall become united like the first century church and they shall go forth in the power of the Holy Spirit and the church shall return; and the church, the true church, the people, shall be united in great strength on the streets, and in the cities, and in towns, and wherever you go. They shall be united. And they will become the church. ---- Yes, there will still be divisions, denominations here and denominations there, but they will not be of Me! ---- For either the denomination will repent and bow its knee and serve Me and just become the church and not a denomination, or I will reject the denomination and bring My people out. ---- For I will not have a divided church in the last days. ---- for in these last days there must come a great harvest of souls into the church and without this unity it can never come. ---- Don't rush out, and don't rush to stay in. Heed My Spirit and when it comes, follow the Spirit of the Lord. ---- Do not argue differences of doctrine.

2001 04 05.2

With my eyes closed in prayer I can see a street of a city with many people on it. I am aware that these people are walking in their busy lives straight to hell. ---- Thus says the Lord, these people are headed to hell. They are headed into destruction. My people called by My Name, locked in various churches of various orders , have not reached out to bring these people to a knowledge of the salvation of God. ---- Stand in faith and know that this time may be harrowing when you see the divisions of the church between the righteous and the unrighteous. But it is nevertheless going to bring about a great revival.

2001 04 09.2

For thus says the Lord. Hear the word, understand the Word. Carefully research any ministry. Those sent to support one sector or another of some church are being deceived or are deceiving. Those sent to support the Word of God wherever they find it - they are of Me, and I of them.

2001 04 11.1

They will witness and not be silent ---- This is my will. This has always been My will for My people. But so many have gone into their churches and into their homes and been quiet about their worship with Me. They haven't noised it abroad. They haven't spoke it forth unto the world. They have been quiet.

2001 04 11.2

They shall seek ways to persecute. ---- They shall come from within the organized churches, from without the organized churches, from any walk satan can find them. They shall fight against My people.

2001 04 28.1

But so many, says the Lord, hide in the church. They go to work, mention nothing of the gospel, come home, sit down, eat their meals, live their life, go to bed, have witnessed to no one. ---- Many of My people are like this. But I did not call them to be so. ---- I called them to stand up, to be a witness both in word and in deed wherever they go. And to lead those to the Lord who will listen to the Word. That Word is found throughout My Bible.

2001 05 18.1

Remember, that though there come a time of separation of the sheep who follow Me, and the goats who follow the world, I am with you through all things. You shall see a separation of those in the world, who are also in My church; and those who are of Me in the church. ---- This separation shall be with considerable spiritual violence.

2001 06 17.1

For as I raise up My church, My true one church, says the Lord, united in love, united in Spirit, united in action, united in obedience to the Spirit of God ---- For as I raise up this church, which I am doing in this day, there shall come a great revival. ---- For the fractured church of Jesus Christ, which seeks its own divisions cannot bring revival. But a church that is not named by man, but is simply The Church, it can bring revival ---- But until I burn out divisions, bring unity, and a humble obedience to the Spirit of God, the church cannot lead this revival. For the church itself is in need of reviving. --- But it will take judgment, chastening, burning sin out, to get the church back where it ought to be ---- This is occurring now, and shall be occurring for some months and yes, even years.

2001 12 06.1

This word of the Lord comes as a result of the nation of America and its attempts to get back with Me. For they have used My Name, says the Lord, but their heart is not toward Me. They have gone to church, but they love their money. They have sought everything but the truth. ---- So many play religious games. So many call themselves Christian. So many seek to play a game. But I look on the heart, saith the Lord. I look to see whom they are dedicated to: to the god of this earth which is satan, or to the God of heaven which is Me.

2002 05 06.1

The church has completely failed the nation of America. They have turned their back to God's ways and become as sinful as the world. ---- For I find that they have openly committed fornication, that is, sex outside of marriage, without shame; they have committed adultery in that they have openly divorced and remarried as the world: they have none nothing about the sins within the church except promote and defend it - even the pastor's have been guilty.

2002 07 21.1

For the church must walk righteously before Me and I must burn out all sin which is found therein, and bring it to a place of purity, and to a place of holiness, and to a place of true repentance and obedience to the Spirit of God. So says the Lord God.

2002 08 24.2

In the coming days I will, says the Lord, make unto the church a Spirit of power. This Spirit is My Spirit, says the Lord, and I will place it within any church that will humble themselves and obey my voice.

2002 08 31.3

There shall come a time of great division within many churches. Several shall say, "go not after the world," and the whole church that they are part of shall persecute them. So shall it be in many, many, many churches. They shall persecute until My people leave the churches that they have called home. ---- From them shall many new uncompromising churches rise and be lifted up for the world to see ---- A church undivided, sold out to the Lord.

2002 09 24.3

Thus says the lord. Remember that I have said, I am returning the church to the days of old.



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