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Compiled by Rev. Jack Barr
On the Prophecies from The Start in the 1970's to 2002 09 30.1

The following are the entire quotes from the Prophecies, of what is related to Canada in each of the following prophecies
** The The Next section tells what each of the Prophecies says about Canada

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Key parts of prophecies are in Blue text, My notes (if any) are in Red text.

Canada -

1970 .1

A dream showing a change that would take place sometime in the future in the town of Wainwright. ---- shows how prophecy can be misinterpreted.

1985 .1

Driving a truck route from Wainwright to Lloydminister for Bison Freightline, and was in Lloyd stopping at a stop sign. ---- These same buildings I was seeing with my physical eye, I could see spiritually, but these had whole pieces missing, like they were what was left after a bombing.

1994 10 05.1

This is the word of the Lord concerning Canada ---- I have dealt with this nation for far too long. I have been patient with it to repent of all her actions against My will. ---- It is no longer possible that I will hold back My desire to scourge and punish this nation for its evil and its desire to go its own way. ---- This nation has developed its system of evil with no desire to repent or turn from their sin. ---- This country of late has had severe financial problems. -- At first there will be some success in converting the enormous debt of this nation - to reducing it somewhat. But I will not let this happen to any length This country will go down in a sea of debt. ---- No longer does this nation have My blessing! ---- Therefore I shall turn My back on this country of Canada and I shall bury it in a sea of mire, of iniquity debt., evil corruption in high places: and eventually to its total destruction. ---- For I shall remove this country of even being in existence. ---- This nation shall not exist any more! ---- I give this nation to the US, but I will turn every way to see that it is destroyed in a manner that is well pleasing to its evil neighbor who desire its destruction. ---- So you see that in this way this nation shall be judged in a complete and total manner.

1995 02 25.1

This is the word of the Lord concerning the future of the country of Canada. I will not be dismayed over the passing of this country. It has not walked in My ways in My things that I have called it to do. ---- This time I will judge the nation of Canada till it no longer will exist. ---- I have already judged this nation with a debt load it cannot handle. This is the beginning of sorrows for this country. ---- It has been under judgment of the Lord for some time. But when I judge further, I will take apart this nation one piece at a time with the nation of Quebec being the first piece to go. ---- This will not at first be the great judgment; it is on Quebec, but it will not walk in any sinfulness in this separation from the country of Canada. It's sin is in its rebellion to the Holy One of God. It can not stand by itself and will fall a great fall! ---- From that time, the time of the removing of Quebec as part of this country of Canada, ---- and judge it even more severely. It will have a great increase in the crime of violence in the streets, especially where the nations of Indians are. ---- There will also be a great increase in taking the government for a financial evil windfall by not paying taxes and by not declaring income. This will get worse over a period of time. ---- The national debt will get gradually worse ---- Canada's nation currency will suffer greatly due to this problem on the exchanges of the world. ---- In My judgment of this country I will never allow it to have a balanced budget for the remainder of the life of this country. ---- Quebec will suffer serious problems financially till it can no longer cope with the situation. ---- As these things occur, the nation of Quebec will suffer serious violence in its street and in its reserves (Indian). I will allow this to occur ---- Nations have risen against nations in the past but now I choose to rise against nations such as Canada, who will not repent! ---- This nation of Canada can not survive My judgment. --- Now as to the time of this prophecy, I will bring it all to pass over a period of days, weeks, and years, even to dragging it out over several decades.

1995 04 02.2

At this time I have chosen to allow this war because of the evil that is occurring in this nation and the one to the south. Canada and the USA have walked partly in My will. They have not walked before me in the way I would prefer. ---- I will bring about a system of problems that will result in a third world war.

1995 09 02.1

This is the word of the Lord concerning the separation of Quebec from Canada. I have anointed this spirit of separation that is filling the heart and mind of Quebec. ---- I will send in a much more strong way of the spirit of separation so that they will separate and suffer the financial problems that will come with it. ---- This separation will not come at the vote scheduled for later this year. It will rather come from a decision made at a later time. This vote scheduled in 1995 will turn down the separation FULFILLED as of Nov. 30, 2000 ---- There will be a change in the attitude of the people of Canada, that will say; just let them go! ---- There is going to come a movement into the country of Canada that will make it look good to Quebec to separate from this nation.

1995 11 04.3

In the next few years there are people who will seek to learn the ways of the earth, that is, the ways of nature as a god, not as a system ---- but will become a much more accepted way in the next two to three years. This they will push on television and on radio broadcasts to the end that it will be looked on a common sense approach to this life. But it is a religion out of the pit of hell! FULFILLED in USA and Canada by 2002 ---- Witchcraft increasing and the worship of nature over man's use of nature.

1997 03 30.2

In the days to come there will be a strong will of the people to say that Christianity is the cause of all the trouble in the world today. They will lump together Jews and Christian for persecutions. Yes, in Canada and U.S. this will occur.

1997 07 01.1

For this is the word of God: there shall come in the days ahead, a strong word of judgment upon this land (Canada) that shall turn it again toward the things of the Lord. ---- But first, there shall be judgment upon this land of its sin. ---- Says the Lord, there shall come a great wrathful time of God upon them, that they learn to repent and turn from their wicked way. ---- Till the repentance comes, there will be a will of God to curse this land with the following three things

1. There will be a spirit of separation. Quebec shall be first, but there shall come other separation movements to separate the land.

2. There will be an economic judgment upon it.

3. There will be spirits of separation from God, which come from the devil, upon this land that will turn it toward godless things -- and they will reap the rewards of what they sow!

1997 12 14.1

For this word of the Lord is to warn My people to prepare in Canada and the U.S. for a rise of paganism like you have never see before.

1998 03 17.1

There is a prophecy of judgment, and this prophecy of judgment shall come to pass ---- First I shall bring about a strong judgment of the fall of this nation's economy, and after this will come the judgment of the fall of technology, says the Lord God

1998 04 28.1

This country of Canada is not so holy as some might have thought. For it has sifted out the things of God, kept the things of satan within itself. ---- I say to this country, it shall come under greater judgment than that of the U.S. for its sin before Me, because it has so greatly turned against the things of the Lord. ---- that it can no longer stand before Me without coming under great wrath and great judgment.

1998 06 25.1

Never again will I bring wrath on this nation, and on this world like about to do. Canada, U.S., and much of the world will suffer severe hardship because of their sin, and their rebellion against God.

1999 02 13.2

Violence shall come to all areas. While cities and larger areas will be worse, it will be bad everywhere on the North American Continent.

1999 05 22.1

Those in Europe, America, and even Canada, they sit safely. ---- But how safe are they? For their safety has been designed of the flesh, but the judgment shall come of the Spirit. ---- And when it comes they shall know that their fleshly designs can not help them.

1999 06 08.1

Beware of the coming drought on Canada in the west. It shall come when I choose, says the Lord!

1999 06 13.1

Then the Lord said this. There is war and bloodshed coming to this continent of North America.

1999 06 13.3

The Lord gave directions for T. Gibson to travel to a location about 22 km south of the town of Bobo, which is about 125 km south of Lloydminster near the Alberta/Saskatchewan boundary. --- God spoke and said this was the first place where east and west will meet in military conflict in the air.

1999 06 25.1

Woe be tied, Canada. For you too, have not listened to the word of the Lord. And you too, have filled up your pages of wrath to come. ---- Therefore you too, will be judged. Wrath shall be poured out. And I shall take that nation, and I shall utterly destroy it from one end to the other; for its sins are so much greater, in many ways, that that of America.

1999 09 06.2

For on the city of Red Deer, on the towns that surround, I shall bring a phenomena because of the sin of the region. ---- I will bring them down and humble them. I will bring wrath, judgment, condemnation of God upon them. ---- There will come a tornado upon it and through the area that will be utterly devastating to the people it surrounds and hits. So be it, for the Lord has spoken.

FULFILLED July 14, 2000 A tornado F3 in intensity---- see also 2000 07 15.1 and 2000 08 07.1

1999 09 20.1

God has given me some direction in what I am to do. He has told me that I will receive prophetic warnings concerning several cities, and that I am to take these warnings to the streets of them to tell the people. The warning concerning the city of Red Deer (see prophecy 1999 09 06.2) in the central part of this province (Alberta, Canada), was the first such prophecy.

2000 04 23.1

The Lord has directed me this month to go to Red Deer and hand out a tract on the streets with the prophecy of the judgment on Red Deer (see 1999 09 06.2). This is in keeping with the commandment He gave me concerning taking these judgment prophecies, concerning specific cities (see 1999 09 20.1) to the streets of those cities. ---- Under the direction of the Lord I printed a tract that contains the judgment of Red Deer, ---- As of late Saturday night (April 22) the Lord told me it is done.

2000 05 01.1

For thus says the Lord, the day of persecution is coming ---- beware those in America, beware those in Canada who think the day of persecution is afar off - it shall come.

2000 07 09.1

Watch Stockwell Day. He will have a cloud over him that will prevent him from going all the way to the Prime Minister of Canada. Part Fulfilled --- He did not succeed in the latest election.

2000 07 15.1

Headlines this morning in the paper: "Tornado Hits Campground." A tornado hit the Green Acres campground at Pine Lake. This is about 30 km (18 miles) in a straight line south-east of Red Deer, or about 50-60 kilometers drive from Red Deer. This appears to be a fulfillment of the prophecy of 1999 09 06.2 ---- The report as of Saturday night are 9 dead, over 130 injured. ---- Tornadoes this far north that are of this magnitude are very unusual. To my knowledge Alberta has only had one other tornado anywhere near this bad - that was in Edmonton in 1987. Both of these tornadoes are classified as an F3 in intensity.

FULFILLED judgement ---- see 1999 09 06.2 and 2000 07 18.1 and 2000 08 07.1

2000 07 18.1

A correction to my last comment. Alberta has had 6 F3 tornadoes (counting the Pine Lake one of July 14, 2000), in the last 17 years. The others hit sparsely populated areas and did not result in any significant number of deaths. Also we had one F4 tornado which was the one in Edmonton in 1987, which resulted in 27 deaths. This makes the Pine Lake the second worst in Alberta history.

Pine Lake tornado the 2nd worst tornado in Alberta Canada's history.

2000 08 07.1

Another tornado has touched down in the Red Deer area, about 15 kilometers from the last one. Meteorologist Dennis Dudley was quoted as saying, "For this to occur a stone's throw from Pine Lake, that's just bizarre." It was a small one touching down in a remote area for only 30 seconds, with no real damage.

Continuing Fulfillment of judgment

2000 10 08.2

The Lord led me to drove to a place called Loverna, Saskatchewan, a very remote area 33 kilometers north of Alsask, Saskatchewan. ---- a small dying hamlet that has almost disappeared. ---- Some day God's people will take refuge in such towns. These places will become a refuge in Western Canada for the persecution that will come.

2000 10 08.3

Warning, says the Lord God ---- Hear Me. Persecution is coming unto this earth to My people. It is coming to Western Canada in a severe way. When it comes it will get so bad - as it progresses - that you My people will resort to small towns and places you can live, in remote areas

2001 02 07.2

Thus says the Lord, coming is the Russian invasion throughout Canada and most of the U.S. You will see a significant invasion of foreign forces. ---- It is after this time that you will see great persecution against My people But after this time you shall see the greatest revival ever to come.

2001 03 17.2

The drought in western Canada has begun (see 1999 06 089.1) ---- (In most of western Canada we have had a winter of very low precipitation. Very little snow. In Alberta, January was the warmest and driest on record. Records have been kept since the 1880's)

2001 04 11.2

They shall seek ways to persecute. Even in the nations of Canada and the U.S. they shall seek ways to persecute.

2001 07 02.2

Edmonton (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) shall be judged by storms. For I shall send strong storms its way. ---- Its due judgment shall come upon it. So says the Lord!

2001 07 24.1

For thus saith the Lord. Stockwell Day was never My choice for a leader. He himself chose to go his own route. And he himself chose to rebel against My will.

2002 01 23.1

Now thus says the Lord, Canada in this year of 2002 shall be visited by God for judgment, for its sins have come up before the Lord. It shall be visited by storm, it shall be visited by fear, and it shall be visited by violence. For these judgments shall come upon it in this year in a severe way. I will bring it to pass, says the Lord.

2002 05 06.1

Even Canada will now be judged by the side of America for they have gone much further than the U.S.. They have promoted homosexuality in the government. The churches have ceased to stand against this; with some so-called churches supporting it. ---- There is to come much wrath of God on these two nations.

2002 06 22.1

The drought in Western Canada shall continue. (The area through central Alberta an Saskatchewan has been experiencing a severe drought this year, as well as past years.)

2002 06 24.1

Calgary (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) shall be judged by storms: storms of wind and storms of rain. They shall be severe in order to bring those who will listen to the ways of God to repentance.

2002 09 02.1

Thus says the Lord. Red Deer (Red Deer, Alberta, Canada) is going to suffer severe storm damage. This will include tornadoes as well as other severe storms. ---- It is My will that this city will come under judgment until there is a substantial repentance.

2002 09 02.2

The city of Calgary (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) is to be judged by the crash of the economy. They have built this city on the love of money; therefore, they shall be brought down with the crash.

2002 09 24.1

Listen and learn. When you see the next judgment on the U.S., both Canada and the United States will be in fear for their future.

2002 09 28.2

When the crash comes I will bury Canada in debt. ---- It thinks it is going good economically, however, I shall soon turn this nation's economy around. ---- So says the Lord.

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