T. Gibson's Prophecies on

The Bible

Compiled by Rev. Jack Barr
On the Prophecies from The Start in the 1970's to 2002 09 30.1

The following are the entire quotes from the Prophecies, of what is related to The Bible in each of the following prophecies
** The The Next section tells what each of the Prophecies says about The Bible

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Key parts of prophecies are in Blue text, My notes (if any) are in Red text.


Bible -

1995 11 20.1

Look at My Word, the Word of God, and know what I have said. I wrote all of the sixty-six books to tell you what is in My heart, what is right, what is not correct, what is the ways of the world, what is the ways of the Lord God of Heaven.

1996 05 09.1

So stand and be alone with My word, My deeds, My will! ---- Always learn to stand on the Word of the Lord. ---- Do you not understand, that the scriptures will make you strong? ---- So do not despise this word. For it is for your glory, for your understanding, for your prosperity ---- Have not I said so in My Word. Then why do you doubt Me?

1996 05 21.1

But look at My word. In My word, in the last book of My Bible I wrote that the one thousand year reign would would have a time when satan would be released, and judgment would fall.

1996 05 23.1

Spend time with Me in prayer, fasting, Bible study. Know the ways of God

1996 10 21.1

Read My Gospels. ---- Spend time in the Word.

1996 11 03.1

Now, says the Lord, now is the time to begin the study of the Word of God, both Old and the New Testaments. Study it. Learn about Me and I will but My heart in your heart. And you will learn the ways of God ---- Study the Word of God. Study it thoroughly. Study it completely. Learn about God, and do what He has told you to do.

1996 11 09.1

Then simply serve Me as I show you personally, and from My Word, the Bible, what I want you to do in this kingdom that I have on this earth.

1997 01 04.1

Look at the whole Bible, from beginning to end. Look at it. Know what I say in it. Know what the Word of God says about all things. ---- In it I reveal everything you need to know about the God of all the creation. I reveal all there is to know to save you from this wicked world.

1997 01 10.1

Now therefore, stand fast in the Word. Study the Word. Know the Word. ---- Know therefore, the ways of God. Study the Word. Study it!! Study it all the time! Let your heart be immersed in it. Know all it has to say. Do not be brought to a misunderstanding concerning the words of the New Testament.

1997 02 09.1

Spend time in the Word.

1997 03 14.1

Listen to the word of the Lord in the Bible. Listen! So what you are called to do. Listen to the word of the Lord in the Bible. Listen to ALL OF IT! Not what you want, but what I say, which is all of the word in the Bible - not the parts you quote, but the parts you do not quote as well. ---- Go back and read the Word. Read it all. Read it again. Read it.

1997 03 16.1

Look at the Word of God. Know that it guides you too.

1997 04 21.1

Read My Word.

1997 04 27.1

For I created every man to stand on My Word, not on his own thinking, but on My word as God of all.

1997 04 28.1

You know the things that I have said in My Word.

1997 05 04.1

Turn to the ways that I have spoken to you. Look at the words of My Bible. Look at it.

1997 11 23.1

And I say to My church, and to My people. Listen, listen, and know the word of the living God. Listen and know the word of the living God. Listen and know. ---- spend your time in study of My word.

1998 01 11.1

Do not be lead aside by the word of men. Study the Word. Show yourself approved unto the Lord. Study the Word. Know the truth that you not be lead aside from the ways of righteousness to the errors of men.

1998 01 19.1

For the word is strong in My Spirit this day, says the Lord.

1998 01 30.1

Hear the Word, Know the Word. Hear the Word, Know the Word. Hear the Word, know the Word of the Living God.

1998 02 07.1

Hear the word and know the word, for this is the word. There is a judgment coming upon the church.

1998 03 01.1

So stand fast in My Word and know that the Lord is on your side.

1998 04 03.1

But those who have walked in evil and in the sins, (that I have commanded are sins in My Word), --- Obey My word.

1998 04 10.1

Thus says the Lord, hear the word, know the word. I am the word, says the Lord, I am the word. Hear the word, know the word. Believe the word, understand the word. Go with the word of the Living God. ---- Hear not the words of man, for they are strange unto Me, and they are evil. For the word of God is the only true Holy Word. Hear that word and understand that word. ---- So put your faith in Me. Keep putting it in the word of the Living God.

1998 08 20.1

But if you stand on the Word of God, and on the righteousness that He has provided to the Blood of Jesus, then you shall go on.

1998 09 13.1

Stand fast on the Word of God

1998 10 24.2

But read the Book of Acts, and know that this is the revival that shall come. ---- But rather they'll stand up and just preach the Word. They'll stand up and they'll just love the Word. They'll walk in the Word, and the power of God shall be upon them, says the Lord God or all!!

1998 10 25.1

Choose to study the Word and see what God is like, and you will know that ways of God and what you should do!

1998 10 31.1

Look unto the book of Acts. For you'll see a church, in the book of Acts, and throughout many of the books of the Bible, how I have designed it to run, designed it to run.

1999 04 30.2

Listen to the word. Not all who say, Lord, Lord will enter into the kingdom of heaven

1999 05 29.1

For this is the will of the Lord: that you stand and believe all of the word of the Lord, all of the Bible, all of the things it says ---- There are so many that pick and choose a part here or a part there. They like this part, and they will gladly accept it. But they don't like some other part, and they avoid it! ---- If you want truth, seek the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Seek and you shall find. For the truth is there for all to see.

1999 05 30.1

Seek your answers from the Word of God. For there you shall find true answers - truth beyond measure!

1999 07 21.1

So harken unto the word of the Lord to prepare yourself for the time that is about to come. So says Jehovah, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Spirit of Grace.

1999 09 08.1

In my spirit I see a man ---- He is holding a sword ---- But he is just holding it, not moving it at all. ---- The Lord then said: this is the Word that the man has. But he isn't using it, because he doesn't know how, or he is scared to, and so the Word is of no effect. The Word is sharper than a two-edged sword. Use it by speaking it against evil forces, against sin, against powers of this earth. ---- The Lord placed in my heart a revelation that this man represents many Christians, holding the Word, but not using it.

1999 09 09.1

Search the Word. Search it! Search it! Search it thoroughly! Search it and understand that God had given promises, and conditions of promises, in the Bible.

2000 02 24.1

But daily serve Me, seeking the Word in My Bible. Seeking those books which I had My people write so that you can study and show yourself approved unto the Lord. Study and know to follow these words, be careful of those that deceive, and be careful of those that are true, for even those that are true can lead you into deception if you will allow a false interpretation of a true word. So says the Lord God of Heaven!

2000 03 09.1

Throughout all persecution, I will meet your needs. ---- To understand this, read the book of Acts. To understand this, read the epistles of Paul. To understand this, read how they stood in the midst of persecution and I was with them. Even to the death of Stephen I was with them.

2000 03 22.1

Look in the Bible ---- There has always been judgment after that sin is allowed to continue for a season!

2000 03 30.1

But there's a remnant in the church, still a few who seek after Me, who seek My word, who seek My ways, who pray and study and seek the Kingdom of God

2000 05 14.2

Christians who stand for everything in the Word: do not compromise My Word. ---- Stand for the Word of God and you shall have a part in the end time revivals that are coming very soon.

2000 05 28.1

Listen and be careful that you haven't studied greatly the news of men and took it as the word of God. Study the Word, get into the Bible, study It from cover to cover, backwards and forwards; learn that Word, for it comes from the Throne of God. ---- The Word says fear God.

2000 05 28.2

For do you not understand that my Word shall never fail

2000 09 20.1

Look through the Old Testament. Look at the prophet Elijah. When the brook dried up I sent him to a widow woman who had no food to feed him, save for one meal. Yet that one meal lasted to the end of the drought.

2000 09 22.1

Much of the time not working needs to be spent in the Word and prayer.

2000 09 22.2

Go now, therefore, and test this word. Look in My Bible at My Word of judgment. When I said it would occur, it happened!

2000 09 22.3

Learn to pray and spend time in the Word of God ---- And as you spend time you will recognize the power of the Holy Spirit in your life.

2000 10 05.1

For thus says the Lord, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Heed Me and My Word. Study the truth of the Word of God. ---- listen to the Word of God. Study that Word. That's why I gave it to you, to study it! Genesis through Revelation: study it and know that truth. Because when you know the truth you will recognize the difference between the truth and the lie. ---- So to know the truth study that Word. Research it. Make it part of your heart. Make it part of your being.

2000 10 21.1

For thus says the Lord, the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords, do not despise the Word of God. Do not despise it. ---- listen to the Word, read the Word.

2000 10 21.2

Look unto the gospels - where into He has serve you, that is, the Lamb of God - He has served you in faithfulness and holiness. ---- Seek the Word and the things of the Word. Seek the Word.

2000 10 21.3

But I tell you: the busyness of the world is a deceit of Satan to draw you from prayer before Me, to draw you away from the Word of God

2000 12 13.1

If Russia wants to continue to be blessed it must repent. If it does not it can be cursed the same way I curse America. For have you not looked to the Word and understood this?

2000 12 13.3

Read the Word daily. Read and study the Word. Study the life of Jesus Study the life in the New Testament. Study, study, study!! Know the Bible. Know it is My Word. And know that it is there to guide and strengthen you and teach you.

2001 01 04.1

But seek Me and My ways, and seek My Word. Spend time in My Word. ---- Take note of the book of Acts. Take note of the book of Acts. For in there great revivals occurred, but also great persecution! The two must go together.

2001 01 13.1

Listen to My Word, and look at My Word. ---- So beware and know that you should spend your time in the Word of God seeking carefully what is true and what is false, comparing what you find in the Word to what you find in the world.

2001 02 23.1

Listen to the Word of God, the Bible. Carefully listen to what is found in there. This word of God (Bible) contains all truth for mankind ---- Those who listen to the Word of God, and accept it for what it is, not for how they wish to interpret it, listen to God and truth.

2001 03 17.3

Thus says God. Repent and turn fully to the ways of the Bible. Study it and look at it. Look throughout the New Testament. Are you living this kind of life? Those who will seek Me and live according to the New Testament commands I will fully deliver in the coming days

2001 04 28.1

I called them to stand up, to be a witness both in word and in deed wherever they go, and to lead those to the lord who will listen to the Word. That Word is found throughout My Bible, and it is My Bible. Read it. Study it, Know it. ---- For My Word is truth. And what lines up with it is truth. What does not line up with it must be false. ---- Stand for the Word of God.

2001 05 18.1

They shall call you names - those who will dare to stand up and believe all that God has said in the Lord. ---- But continue to stand and follow the Word of the Lord and you will be brought to a place where you will proclaim the gospel throughout the world.

2001 06 02.1

But My people, called by My Name, must repent and turn from the fleshly ways and remember that God's Word, My Word, must be followed . When they turn away from this Word they are in error.

2001 07 02.1

Thus says the Lord, remember My Word, remember My might. Those who follow My word humbly submit to the things of the Lord - they are Mine and they shall be rewarded.

2001 07 03.1

Rebelling against the God of the Bible ---- So it shall pay. Its due judgment shall come upon it. So says the Lord!

2001 08 12.1

The Lord is in control of all things. Therefore get into the Word of God

2001 08 26.1

Stand fast in the Word of God

2001 10 17.1

Search the Bible. Read it. Carefully examine it

2002 09 24.2

Spend time in the Word of God.

2002 09 24.3

The ways of God as outlined in scripture. ---- Therefore, study the word of the Lord

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