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Compiled by Rev. Jack Barr
On the Prophecies from The Start in the 1970's to 2002 09 30.1

The following are the quotes from the Prophecies, arranged according to specific subjects of what is related to America in each of the following prophecies listed

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My notes in Red type.


Judgment against Canada

1994 10 05.1 Now shall I give this nation to the ones who at least in part will hold to some of My will, to a few of My ways, ---- to the nations of the United States of America.

Speaking of giving the country of Canada to the U.S.A., that is, the U.S. will gain control over Canada before Canada is destroyed

US in many wars before the Third World War

1998 12 17.1 In the years to come much more than one little war with one little nation by the United States. I say, says the Lord, there will be many more wars, and many nations involved.

1999 04 24.2 little by little, war by war, piece by piece, YOU SHALL BE DRAWN INTO conflict after conflict, till you can no longer protect yourself.

Third World War

1994 11 01.1 I will bring about a system of problems that will result in a third world war.

1995 12 09.1 This war that shall occur on America will be My judgment on it.

2002 04 28.1 I am going to rain judgment upon them. -- until the day I bring war on American soil.

1994 11 01.1 This force that will come against them is the power of the demon of Russia. ---- But then the destruction of world war three.

2000 12 13.1 Russia -- I am allowing it to rebuild itself - and it shall! It is being brought forth because I will use it as a tool to judge other nations, such as America,

2001 02 07.2 coming is the Russian invasion throughout Canada and most of the U.S.

1997 09.22.2 The infiltration onto American soil of enemy bands of soldiers to begin World War 3.

2001 02 07.2 You will see a significant invasion of foreign forces

The invasion forces will show no mercy

1998 12 23 3 for many shall die, many shall die, many shall die.

1999 06 13.1 There is war and bloodshed coming to this continent of North America.

2002 02 17.1 Coming up is a time that in one day many shall die and many shall see a terrible destruction that will come on America.

A rain of nuclear bombs in one day

2000 05 12.1 For the United States shall fall second by war-

Judgment against America for sin

1995 12 09.1 evil will be judged in this land of America!

1997 05 31.1 In the coming future, I will judge the U.S. in a severe way.

1997 12 27.1 This is the word of the Living God to the nation of the United States of America. ---- you shall reap judgment and evil upon your nation.

1998 01 05.1 We are getting close to the beginnings of serious, serious judgment coming upon the United States of America.

1998 03 17.2 but one judgment after another shall be followed. It shall begin, and it shall not end until I shall return, says the Lord. --- not only in America.

1998 04 28.2 This nation of the U.S. shall come under great wrath, great judgment in the days to come.

1998 04 28.2 Judgment has come to this nation of the United States. It shall not leave till I bring that nation to its very knees, economically, politically, and as a world power.

1998 09 26.1 They have brought their own judgment upon their own heads!

1998 11 14.1 The United Sates of America has stepped so steep into sin that it shall fall, and fall hard!

1998 11 14.3 There is a time coming when the United States shall fall a greater fall than what you shall soon see.

1999 01 08.1 to the United States of America, says the Lord to the U.S. -- Stand and note the glory of God has departed from this nation.

2000 12 13.1 I curse America

1999 04 08.1 The United States has not come to the crossroads. ---- It has passed the crossroads, turned its life over unto sin, entered in a day of judgement. It has begun.

1999 04 24.2 Woe unto America. The time of judgement is coming.

1999 05 22.1 the judgment shall come of the Spirit. And when it comes they shall know that their fleshly designs can not help them.

1999 06 25.1 I am preparing now to bring the judgment that I have prophesied upon it.

2000 06 21.1 For the great America will be judged very soon, ---- I will pour out My wrath on their sin

2000 11 20.1 For My hand is upon the United States of America. --- Expect Me to bring judgment; first a little, and then more

2000 12 02.1 Thus says the Lord, hear Me and know the United States of America is fully under My hand. But it is under My hand for wrath and judgment.

2000 12 13.1 his nation stands at the brink of judgment and wrath.

2001 09 16.1 So therefore, I am going to continue with My judgments.

2001 12 06.1 America shall be judged

2002 02 17.1 the sins of the nation of America have come up before me and they shall be judged. So says the Lord!

2002 09 24.1 the wrath of God is about to fall on America.

2002 09 24.1 When you see the next judgment on the U.S., Both Canada and the United States will be in fear for their future.

2002 09 27.1 look now for the fulfillment of the further prophecies of judgment of America.

2002 -9 28.1 Soon America will shake with judgment

Why God's Judgment

1994 11 01.1 Most of the people of this nation, the U.S., will not look to me, but they will look to a god that will support their selfishness!

1994 11 01.1 They have wholly chosen not the right path of righteousness, but the wrong path of their own devices.

1998 06 25.1 U.S. will suffer severe hardship because of their sin, and their rebellion against God.

1998 12 23.2Three Woe's for the United States for its sin!

1999 06 25.1 the United States has filled up its sins which I will allow.

2000 10 21.5 The United States produces more pornography,

2000 10 21.5 The United States flows its filth throughout the earth

2001 09 16.1 They have continued with the creation of pornography.

2000 10 21.5 The United States kills more children.

2001 09 16.1 They have continued with the murder of the unborn

2001 10 17.1 But 40 million children have died because of what you call freedom. And yet you do not stop this.

2001 12 06.1 for it murders the unborn child,

2000 10 21.5 The United States produces more weapons.

2001 09 16.1 They have continued with the immorality of adultery

2001 09 16.1 They have continued with the flowing of alcohol and drugs.

2001 09 16.1 They have continued to be in love with money

2001 12 06.1 it loves money,

2001 10 17.1 America has not repented

2001 10 17.1You have perverted what I gave America.

2001 11 04.3 the United States entered Iraq without My blessing,

2001 12 06.1 The nation of America wallows in sin.

2001 12 06.1 it loves its power,

2001 12 06.1 it gives the credit for all its power to themselves.

2002 04 28.1 Americans have not turned away from the sins


What will happen during this Judgment

The Fall of an American President

1997 09.22.2 1. The fall of an American President. FULFILLED - In the fall of 1998, President Bill Clinton impeached. (see also 1998 01 30.1 and 1998 08 12.1)

1998 01 23.1 Bill Clinton shall fall before the end of this year!. FULFILLED -- Clinton impeached in the fall of 1998. (see 1998 08 12.1 and 1997 09 22.2)

1998 08 12.1 The fall of America, and the fall of it's Leader. You shall see it, says the Lord. The fall of America is yet to come. --- The fall of it's Leader FULFILLED with the impeachment of President Bill Clinton in the fall of 1998.

1998 09 26.1 They have turned toward their president, and said in their hearts that they love him and his ways. ---

1999 03 20.1 I sent Clinton and his sins to be a test of those people who have chosen their own way. --- So they have chosen their future, the future of Wrath and of judgement and damnation.

collapse of the American economy

1997 09.22.2 The collapse of the American economy. Started in March of 2001, stock market and companies failing, men put out of work.

1998 08 12.2 Time for Christians to get their lives in order for the coming crash of the United States.

1998 11 14.3 What you shall soon see, is the economic fall.

1999 02 13.2 Economic crash

2000 05 03.1 At this point the economy of the United States, America, ---- will collapse.--- it will collapse because of not economic problems, but of an invasion of the United States of America.

2000 05 12.1 For the United States shall first fall economically

2002 05 06.2 know that I am bringing down the economy.

rise of paganism

1997 12 14.1 to warn My people to prepare in Canada and the U.S. for a rise of paganism.---- In your lifetime, very soon.

In the process of being Fulfilled at the end of 2002 - Witchcraft is being looked at as just another acceptable religion.


1998 01 02.1 Terrorists will turn to the United States in greater numbers than ever before. FULFILLED - 9/11/2000 Terrorists training in this country since 1998, crashed airplanes into World Trade Centers, and Pentagon buildings, causing collapse of both buildings and great loss of life. -- Ship USS Cole bombed -- Embassies bombed. Crash of hijacked airplane in Penn.

2001 09 13.1 Many other occurrences will occur, and all of this will lead to extreme trouble for the United States of America. This is in reference to the attack on the World Trade Centers on 9-11-2001 see also 1999 01 09.1

2001 09 15.1 the terrorists will make a number of successful strikes against the United States - some of them devastating.

2001 09 13.1 if the USA had not attacked Iraq in December of 1998 --- that the attack by the us spurred on the terrorist to take the action they did.

2001 09 16.1 I suddenly could see a high rise building with fire coming out of the top. --- It was definitely not the Trade Center in New York.

2001 09 16.1 The United States will be attacked over and over.

2001 11 04.2 Terrorism in Canada and in the United States will not go away until after I have brought about the Russian-Chinese invasion.

2001 11 04.3 Terrorism will not stop. I will allow it to continue. Says the Lord.

2001 11 04.4 There will be many more attacks on the United States,

2001 11 04.2 The oil industry will become a target of the terrorists.

2001 12 21.1 how fast and how sudden it will occur when the terrorists strike again.

2002 01 11.1 Osama bin Laden has already put forth the command to attack the U.S.

2002 01 27.1 this man is not bin Laden but a leader which will lead a new rebel group against America.

2002 04 28.2 A little while and the United States shall suffer a severe blow.

2002 04 28.2 it will come from terrorism,

2002 06 22.2 In the United States, says the Lord, I have directed terrorism to continue;

2002 06 22.2 there will be an attack against the U.S. again.

2002 08 25.1 Thus says the Lord. I will allow another terrorist attack on New York. This attack will create fear throughout the city.


1998 04 10.3 For there is coming a time when persecution shall hit even United States.

2000 05 01.1 beware those in America ---- who think the day of persecution is afar off - it shall come.

2000 05 12.2 Christians will be imprisoned ---- This is coming to America

2000 08 24.1 For great persecution shall come, even in America it shall be!

2000 12 02.4 There shall be persecutions arising in all places, throughout the United States ---- persecutions against My people

Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Storms, Weather

1994 11 01.1 A number of things will be brought on them for their evil, starting with their financial problems, earthquakes, and other disasters, of a way that is from the earth and weather.

1998 04 28.2 an increase in tornadoes, an increase in disasters.

1998 12 23.1 you will see much disaster in the United States.

1998 12 23.2 This year, says the Lord, for the United States, is the worst year for disaster that they shall ever have in their history from the beginning until now

1998 12 23.2 The year of 99, that is just about upon you, this year, is the year of disasters. ---- the wrath and judgment that shall appear in the United States in the year of 99 shall be greater than anything else, than anyone could have ever imagined.

1998 12 34.1 you will see destruction and damage to the U.S. like has never been seen before.

2002 04 28.2 The United States shall be hit severely

2002 04 28.2 from natural disasters,

2002 04 28.2 and other things I will bring against it.

2002 05 06.1 America will be continually brought down by increasingly severe judgments of earthquake, power of enemy, weather, and other judgments of God.

2002 08 11.2 The year 2003 is marked for great destruction in America.

America will fall as a World Power

1998 11 14.3 Many things shall come to pass. And each one will take the United States down another notch.

1999 01 10.1 Take up a lament over the nation of the United States. --- How far have you fallen -- For soon is your time to fall and fall hard.

1999 04 24.2 America the Great shall fall

2000 12 13.1 So is the United states. The great nation shall be weakened.

2001 02 07.2 During this time the United States will be brought to its knees.

2002 02 17.1 They stand at the forefront of the time of the greatest crash of a nation that this earth has ever seen.

2002 04 28.1 in that day America shall fall a great fall - down to third world nation level

2002 07 21.2 They will suffer a series of setbacks in their reach to be a world power in the years to come

2002 07 21.2 They will fall as a world power

2002 09 30.1 I will topple the nation till she is a shadow of herself

Violence against people

1999 02 13.2 Violence forcing people out of the cities to avoid the gang wars.

1999 02 13.2 it will be bad everywhere on the North American Continent

2000 11 14.1 The United States, ---- will begin to be in turmoil.

2000 11 14.1 In the years to come you'll see turmoil like you have never seen it in your life.

2000 11 14.1 And the turmoil toward the end shall come quickly.

2002 02 16.1 As fear descends on American's

Increase of Evil - no oil, gasoline, heating

1999 08 14.2 this is the case of America where nudity, full frontal nudity, will become the rage. It will begin with toplessness of woman, and will continue with men wearing very skimpy clothes. The next step after this will be full frontal nudity.

2000 12 02.1 My hand is against the evil of that nation. Everything that could go wrong, shall.

2000 12 02.1 My hand to begin to shake the confidence in the United States.

2000 12 25.1 this is the oil supplied to the United States by the Arab countries. Nothing else shall flow through this pipe until the time they release their grip on the United States.

2001 04 11.2 in the nations of Canada and the U.S. they shall seek ways to persecute.

2002 05 06.2 great wrath coming on the United States

What will limit, or stop this Judgment

1994 11 01.1 Canada and the USA have walked partly in My will.

2001 09 16.1 If the United States does not turn as a nation from its wicked ways and back to God, this will happen.

2001 09 16.1 I have pleaded with My people in America.

2002 03 27.1 When this nation of America fully comes to its knees My hand of oppression shall lift.

2002 09 30.1 I am willing , says the lord, to relent of all My judgments on America as soon as she turns away from her sins

What will happen when this Judgment ends

1998 10 24.2 I am bringing a new revival to this land of North America


A test

1998 09 26.1 I have brought about a test to the people of America. ----

America was tested with Bill Clinton' sins, and failed the test.

1999 05 20.1 Explanation On Bill Clinton falling. ---- Certainly being impeached by the House, but not the Senate was a significant fall.


1999 01 09.1 The great dread against the United States came in December of 1998 when they invaded Iraqi

1999 01 09.1 That dread upon the United States shall not leave until the United States has suffered a severe blow -- more than once, says the Lord. (see 2001 09 13.1) Hate against U.S. from Dec. 1998 Iraqi Bombing by U.S.

2002 08 18.1 These two agreements are compromises by Bush in order to get permission to go into Iraq. ---- this will create ruffled feathers both in America and in Arabic areas.

2002 08 24.1 the U.S. President will then backtrack on these two agreements creating trouble on both sides.

Assassination of American President

2002 08 31.2 George Bush shall not leave his office before the end of his second term, but rather shall be killed before that time.

Bush will be elected to a second term as president, but will be either assassinated, or have an accident causing his death, sometime during that second term.

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