T. Gibson's Prophecies on

By Subject

Compiled by Rev. Jack Barr
On the Prophecies from The Start in the 1970's to 2002 09 30.1

The following are the quotes from the Prophecies, arranged according to specific subjects of what is related to Abortion in each of the following prophecies listed

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My notes are in Red



1994 11 01.1
from the will of Satan, He will first desire that abortion on demand be law, and it will be so.
Jan 1978, U.S. Supreme Court rules in Roe ver. Wade, that abortions are legal.---- Apr. 1996, President vetoes law to stop partial birth abortions.

2001 10 08.1
They have continued with the murder of the unborn.
Abortion on demand is common in the U. S. A., including young teenagers.

2001 10 17.1
But 40 million children have died because of what you call freedom. --- Yet you allow it to continue.

2001 12 06.1
The nation of America continues its evil; for it murders the unborn child

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