Ray Richard BARR

7 March, 1891 to 15 November, 1989

Ray was born Richard Ray BARR, on 7 March 1891, Van Wert, Ohio on the Stephen BARR homestead to William and Sarah Annis RHODES BARR. Ray later changed his name to Ray Richard BARR. It is said that he went as far as the 8th grade in school. In 1907, at the age of 16 Ray left home and went to Saint Louis, Missouri, Ray's father William BARR went after him and told him if he would come home for the Winter he would give him some money if he still wanted to leave in the Spring. Ray returned and left again in 1908, at the age of 17. Ray traveled around the country, working as a farmer -- horseshoer, making about $100.00 to $125.00 a month.

In 1917, at the age of 26 4/10 years, Ray decided to join the Army. He enlisted on 23 July, 1917, at Fort Sheridan, Illinois, at the time of enlistment he was 5 feet 8 inches tall, brown eyes, brown hair, had a ruddy complexion, moderately flat footed and had two teeth missing. He served in many battles, which are listed on his honorable discharge, received for the Convenience of the Government on 10 May, 1919, Camp Grant, Illinois.

In 1919, after being discharged Ray tried to work as a horseshoer but due to a physical disability he was having trouble doing that. Ray worked as a farm hand in south Dakota for a few months; at the steel mills in Gary, Indiana about 9 months.

In 1920, at Chicago, Illinois Ray was seen by Dr. BISDON for nervousness. He was also treated by a chiropractor in Chicago, Illinois and Gary, Indiana. After Ray worked in the steel mills he went to Stuart, Nebraska and worked as a farm hand for one season, then he worked odd jobs in Chicago, Illinois for 3 years.

In 1925, Ray worked at the following places;

1. Overland Motor Car Company, Toledo, Ohio for 1 « years.

2. Percy Stapleton, Detroit, Michigan, as a polisher for 6 months.

3. Chicago, Illinois as a metal polisher for 1 year. making a total of 3 years.

In 1927, Ray returned to Overland Motor Car Company, Toledo, Ohio for 6 months, leaving there he went to Packard Motor Car Company, Detroit, Michigan. At Packard before the depression he was working 5 « days a week, then about 2 days a week during the depression. He worked there as a metal polisher till Packard closed its door. There Ray made the highest pay that he ever made in his life, making $5,306.00 in one year, 1952.

In 1927, while Ray lived at 1748 Stalewood, Toledo, Ohio, he applied for a disability pension from the Army. He did receive a pension of $12.00 a month for a disease called "Moderate Neurasthenia" from 24 July,1930 to 7 April,1933, when it was discontinued by the Government.

In 1928, while Ray worked for Packard Motor Car Company he met Lillian M. CORMIER, who was born on 9 August,1909 in Greydon, Louisiana to Rene and Louisa LAVERGNE CORMIER. At the age of 37 years and wearing a mustache Ray decided to marry Lillian who was 20 years of age at that time, on 14 April, 1928. They had six children, then the marriage ended in a divorce which was filed on 29 February, 1952. During the years after the divorce, Ray moved around to different places. While he lived in Chicago, Illinois he opened his own shop for a few years.

During the years of 1954 to 1956, Ray's employment record was as follows: 1. Applied at the employment office on 24 May,1954, but when he was called in for an interview said he had started working 27 August, 1954, at a metal shop for about 2 months.

2. On 11 November, 1954, he returned to employment office, was referred to and hired by Cronane where he worked till 16 February, 1955.

3. On 24 November 1954 he returned to the employment office and was referred to and hired by Speed O Print and worked there till 28 April, 1988.

4. On 3 May, 1955 he returned to the employment office, was referred to and hired by Elkwood Plating.

5. On 23 May, 1955 he returned to the employment office and was referred to and hired by Markstone Manufacturing Company.

6. 26 October, 1955 to 29 February, 1956 he worked for Clyborn Metal Polishing Company.

7. 8 August, 1956 to 9 October, 1956 he worked for Rembrandt Lamp Company.

8. On 30 April, 1956 he returned to the employment office, no referrals were made because of his age.

Ray was unemployed after October of 1956 when he reapplied for the pension for his disability. Awarding of the pension was received on 6 November 1957 of $78.75. He also started drawing Social Security. Ray lived on his pension and Social Security until he put himself in the Veteran's hospital in Ohio.

On 13 May, 1965, Ray was admitted to the Veteran's hospital in Ohio as a patient and was discharged on 10 October, 1966 due to a disciplinary action for 6 months. On 17 September, 1969 Ray was again admitted to the Veterans hospital. A competency status was asked for on 13 October, 1969 and on 13 May, 1970 Ray was notified of change in his pension and hospital care. His pension was reduced to $39.37 effective 1 February, 1970. Ray was given a leave of absences from the hospital for thirty days as of 7 September, 1972.

On 23 May, 1973 at the age of 82, Ray visited the domiciliary clinic due to slight difficulty of motion of the right knee, no restrictions were made, he could still take care of himself, was alert, had some difficulty hearing, had Generalized Atherosclerosis. He was still able to go down town once a month. He also used a cane. In August of 1973 his eyesight got poor and he had a cataract operation.

Ray was declared incompetent after a consolation on 21 March, 1973, at that time his VA benefits were being mailed to a P.O. Box in Dayton, Ohio. In 1975, his pension was discontinued due to being hospitalized and having a large income of about $2588.00 per year or $215.00 a month in Social Security.

Ray was moved to the Veterans hospital in Knoxville, Iowa to be closer to his friend Father James Janssen on 27 April, 1981, where he lived until his death on 15 November, 1989. He is buried at Calvary Cemetery, Grand Mound, Iowa. Undetermined cause of death was "Arteriosclerotic Heart" disease.

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