Jack And Shirley Barr's Wedding Picture


Shirley Brown
Jack Barr

2 July, 1955

Our Wedding took place at St. Benedict Church, Pontiac Michigan on July 2, 1955, at 10 o'clock, by Father Thomas.

Jack and Shirley Barr in May 2001

BY Shirley Brown Barr


I [Shirley], was born in Evergreen Township Sanilac County Michigan, lived in a small town called Snover, Michigan till about seven years of age, then my parents moved to Pontiac, Michigan so my dad could work in the factories. I went to grade school in Pontiac, then my parents moved to Waterford Township where I attended Waterford High school till I graduated. I was in the first class to graduate from the new Waterford High school in 1955.

While in my senior year I met my husband Jack who was in the Navy, and from Detroit Michigan. We both belonged to a pen pal club which led to our meeting each other. We were married 2 July 1955 and moved to the Detroit area where Jack was working for Michigan Bell Telephone Company.

Our first daughter was born in Detroit, then we moved to Pontiac to live with my parents for awhile, we bought our first home in Pontiac where our second daughter was born. When we found that we were expecting a third child we needed a bigger home so bought a new home in Taylor Michigan where we had 3 sons born.

In 1968 when the Bell Telephone Company was talking strike, Jack began looking for another job, he got one with Eastern Airlines in Miami Florida. So we then moved to Miami with 5 children. After living there for a few years we wanted out of the area so we found a nice home in Fountain, Florida which is in the northern part of the Florida panhandle.

We moved to Fountain in Nov 1975, with four children, our oldest daughter was in the Army then. Jack continued working for Eastern Airlines. At first he was driving back and forth on weekends to Miami, then he got a transfer to Atlanta Georgia, where he worked until retirement and Eastern's bankruptcy. I lived in Fountain with the children until the youngest was out of school, then we purchased a home in Georgia for a few years, just before Jack retired I returned to the homestead we had in Florida. After Jack's retirement we both worked again for a few years till we could get Social Security to go with the small pension he got. We love it here, the weather is changeable but no snow.

Jack became an ordained minister after his retirement, he enjoys that very much. The children are all married and we have plenty of grand children.

Shirley Brown Barr
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