Over the span of many miles
On a cold, brisk day
A voice, happy and bright cries
"Mom, you have a grandchild"

Oh what joy, what happiness
A Grand child !! My first !!
Almost like an afterthought
"Son, was it a boy or a sweet miss?"

A girl with hair of brown and eyes of blue
With love in my heart, I cried
Thinking of the bundle of joy
My little baby, will I ever see you?

The time will swiftly fly by
Taking those "firsts" along the way
The weeks turn into months then years
Missing first smile, word, spill and cry

But low and behold the day will come
When grandma and grandchild come face to face
My little angel hides behind daddy's leg
Dear God, will she cry, hold back, show fear

Oh what beauty, Father, Mother each
Shining from this angel, looking so sweet
Eyes so huge, her whole soul gleams through
From bud-shaped mouth flows a speech

In my arms I'll swing her so high
I'll kiss her, and make her blush
Maybe not meaning, wanting to harm
I'll hug too tightly and make her cry

Dear God, as a grandmother, make me be
Gentle, stern, loving and ever so kind
To understand her parents wish and plea
A love for one another, not forced, but free





There's a girl whose name is Sue
Born in very early fall
Hair so blonde and eyes of blue
But not so very tall

She's a blessing and a joy
to those who live around her
Spreading a warmth to all
Making men's hearts stir

Some days she is grumpy and sad
Not knowing what the problem is
Thinking all has gone astray
Knowing life is one great big mess

If she would look around
See the hearts of man
There are many she has broken
But each one thinks she is grand

This girl whose name is Sue
Is a wonderful, sweet girl
Rough around the edges
But worth more than a pearl





As a baby your smile took my heart
Dimples edged deeply in each cheek
As I held you so very close
I knew I loved you from the start

Not so many years ago
You were the toddler on my lap
Between then and now time shows all
Micah honey, you sure did grow

Tall, handsome and so very smart
With a touch of parent in your soul
But Micah dear, I want you to know
Your grandmother is in your heart





There is a lad of three
whose name is Jacob
His eyes twinkle of mischief
But has a face if glee

His feet like wings on shoes
Dancing to and fro
Singing when he is happy
but cries when he is blue

This lad is my grandson
The last of them all
He is small and full of fun
But soon will be tall and handsome

So play on dear Jacob
Enjoy your youth each day
Soon you will be a man
Giving others your love


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