God's Will Be Done - Jack's Heart attack.

From Jack Barr to all of my church family.

What Satan means for evil is turned by God to good for God.

Here is what happened on this occurrence.

In a short form,--- I had a heart attack on Monday, had quadruple bypass surgery on Wednesday morning and was sent home from the hospital by early afternoon on Saturday. Walking into my drug store for my prescription minutes later.

It is now evening of Saturday, the day I was released from the hospital, as I type this on my computer.

In a little longer form,---- here is what happened:

On Sunday the 21st of November, I had a tightening in my chest, which went away within a few minutes.

On Monday Morning the 22nd of November, I went to the back of my property to cut through a survey line, after hammering in a fence post at one corner, I set a transit at the next corner and set up for the line that I had to cut through heavy brush. I would take a sighting and then go cut out the brush with a machete and ax. After cutting a while, I went back to the transit to make sure that I was cutting the line straight, I again felt the tightness in my chest and ignored it. I went back to where I was cutting and had cut another 5 feet or so out of very heavy brush when the heart attack hit me. This would be nothing to tell you about if it were not for what came before and followed.

In early September, My Lord God told me that I had to finish all of the interpretations to Raymond Aguilera's prophecies from God, by the end of December, for after that things would start to happen. I finished the last interpretation on 10-28-99.

On Monday, 11-22-99 while I was having the chest pains, I walked 50 ft. to sit on a boat to rest and let it pass, instead of passing, It got worse and I also starting throwing up. When that passed, I laid down on the ground and continued praying about the situation. I was 600 feet from my house and out of sight of my wife. I began to wonder how many hours it would take for my wife to find me out there.

All of this time, I had no fear, I had a sure knowledge that God was not going to take me then. I laid on the ground for another 10 or 15 minutes, when God said to me, "OK, now get up, and walk to your house." I got up, the chest pain never left, never got easier or harder. I walked about 600 feet back to the house, stopping several times to throw up along the way. When I got into the house, I laid on the floor and I called to my wife to call 911 for an ambulance and to get me an aspirin. All this time I was feeling an absolute peace in my heart, as I continued to submit to God's Will.

Now I live in the country side. But in less than 5 minutes from the time that my wife called 911, In fact, while she was still on the phone with 911, We had the police and Two Ambulances at the house and I was receiving medication. I have to say that we have a first response unit 12 miles from me and the ambulance would have to come out of a town 40 miles away. Only God could have positioned them to be in place at the time needed.

Within minutes of entering the Emergency room at the hospital, they announced to us that it was a heart attack. My wife tried to locate our pastor, and within a few minutes he was located less than a mile from the hospital and was there before my children could make it there.

Throughout all this time I felt so relaxed and at peace. It was now early afternoon. Within 15 minutes, they had me ready for a catherazation to see how bad it was. They performed this operation within the hour and found that all four blood vessels to the heart was blocked. I elected surgery, and the only bed available in the hospital at that time was in the Surgical ICU, where they placed me, Where could I receive better care? The Best cardiac Surgeon in town was called in to do the operation.

That night, Monday, the nurse called my wife Shirley to tell her that they would operate on me the next day, Tuesday, sometime in the afternoon. On Tuesday morning Shirley called the hospital to check and was told that surgery was put off until Wednesday morning, meanwhile, two sons were traveling to get there from a distance, and holding off the surgery until Wednesday allowed them to be there with their mother when they operated.

The doctor operated on Wednesday morning, 11-24-99, very early. Before they took me to the operation room, there was a nurse who took my hand and prayed for and with me. I was back in ICU by noon and had very little pain that day.

The next morning, on Thursday the 25, Thanksgiving day, they had me sitting up in a chair to eat breakfast, and were amazed at how fast I was progressing, due to God's Hand, and was transferred out of ICU to a regular room in the cardiac section by noon that day. Two beds in the room and the other not occupied.

By this time, all of my children were gathered from all over the country, This was the first time that they have all been together in five years.

On the 25th they had me sitting up in a chair to eat, and I was up and walking the halls of the hospital during the night, and the nurses found it hard to believe that I looked so good and was up so soon after surgery. The doctors thought that I might even be able to go home on Sunday or Monday.

By Friday morning, I was up and walking, and the doctors thought that maybe I could go home the next day, Saturday the 27th.

On Thursday evening, One of my sons from South Carolina, came up to spend the night with me, and they let him use the extra bed in my room. Is it not strange that that bed remained empty all of the time that I was in there? Isn't God Good?

So today, Saturday November 27, I am sitting at home writing this letter to thank all of you that prayed for me and my recovery. Satan may mean it for evil, but God will turn it for Good. One more thing, I live on a dirt road that most of the time resembles a wash board, (Bump, bump, bump) but as we turned onto our road, we found that the road had just been graded smooth as silk and no more than one car had passed over it before us.

I praise and Glorify God for his work that he has done on me as a testimony for Him. Every doctor and nurse that came in contact with me were amazed at the progress that God worked in me. Testimony was given to so many people this week.

I thank each of you who took the time to pray for me in this situation, and ask each of you to continue praying for Raymond Aguilera and his ministry.

Love to all, Jack Barr

It is now Sunday morning, as I was writing the above, my computer disconnected from the internet server and would not reconnect until this morning, after rebooting the computer.

a recap -- from the time of the heart attack through surgery and discharge from the hospital was 5 days, almost to the hour.

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