The way I get my information that I have on this page is.

1. A big share of what I have was passed on to me after a relative had died, every one in the family knows that I keep the family history, so most things are past on. Some of these things are at least 50 years old, such as family bibles.

2.. I ask my relation question, I either write them or visit them if possible, I usually take along a tape recorder to record what is being said because it is hard to write it all down or try to rember it. Things just seem to come out when you are just talking more then they do if you have to stop and think about them.

3. I research the internet and any CD's I can get, books, magazines, through e-mail from friends and family.

4. Send for birth, death, marriage records that may be available watch the obituaries in the news paper.

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