by Elnora Watters

While walking around Morrisville, where I live, I looked down on the ground and saw a piece of colored paper with a message written on it. I picked it up and read


Thinking it was a joke someone was playing on whomever saw it, I threw it in a hole filled with water and walked away.

A few seconds later I heard a noise behind me and turned around, I saw what I thought was a lizard, but as I watched it continued to grow as tall as the school. I was shocked to see a large dinosaur.

I started to run but also noticed no one else around me paid any attention to what was going on, as if they didn't see it.

As I ran, I heard a THUMP, THUMP behind me but the dinosaur seemed to stay the same distance behind me.

I continued to run until I became very tired. I didn't hear the THUMP, THUMP of the dinosaur so I decided to sit down to rest.

After I finally rested for a while I again heard the THUMP, THUMP. I looked back and saw the dinosaur coming, so I began to run again.

Later, when I came to a city I discovered I was very hungry so I went into a Fast Food store and had a hamburger and a cola. It was so normal in there and I decided to start back home, thinking I had just been dreaming.

I walked out of the Fast Food store deciding to walk back home again, but I heard the THUMP, THUMP of the dinosaur coming down the street so I started to run again.

When I glanced back at the dinosaur I noticed he never got any closer to me or bothered anyone else walking down the street.

After several hours of walking, and running, I noticed the sun was going down and I was getting cold.

Looking ahead, I noticed I was coming into another little town so I decided to go to a store. I bought a jacket and a flashlight.

When I left the store I noticed a candy store and decided to buy some candy, (I love candy) I went into the store and bought some chocolate, my favorite.

As I came out of the candy store I again heard the THUMP, THUMP of the dinosaur. I said to myself " Your not going to catch me, you crazy dinosaur". I started to walk faster but noticed the dinosaur was always the same distance from me.

After, what seemed like hours, I got real tired and it was getting very dark outside. I couldn't hear the dinosaur anymore so decided to lay down and get some sleep.

Early the next morning, I was awaken by the famous THUMP, THUMP of the dinosaur. He was about a block away, so I started to run again.

Off in the distance I saw a town I had never seen before and a mountain just past it.

When I got to the center of the town, a little girl, about eight years old came up to me and said she would help me hide in a place where the dinosaur wouldn't get me.

Surprised, I looked at the girl and asked her if she could see the dinosaur, and she said "Oh yes,lots of people come here when a dinosaur chases them.

I looked back at the dinosaur and noticed him just standing at the edge of town.

I followed the little girl, she told me we would need supplies to keep us safe until the dinosaur goes away.

As we walked she told me her grandfather took her to a nice cave in the mountains where the dinosaur couldn't get us.

As we walked down the street's of the little town, we went into a second hand store and bought sleeping bags, flashlight batteries for my flashlight, cooking utensils, and warm jackets. We went into a hardware store and bought rope to climb the mountains.

After we got all of these things we went into the grocery store and bought food for us to eat.

When we walked out of the store we noticed the dinosaur was moving toward us again. We could hear the THUMP, THUMP. It seemed like the whole street was shaking so we started to run toward the mountain.

When we got to the mountain we started to climb up the side, noticing the dinosaur was still behind us but at the same distance.

Finally we came to a hole in the side of the mountain, just big enough to crawl through..

We crawled quite a ways when we heard a noise ehind us. Looking back we could see the dinosaur's big eye staring in the opening of the cave.

The little girl said "Don't worry, he can't get through the hole."

We crawled for some time until we came to a large opening inside the mountain. It was as big as a house. The cave was lit up like jewels and crystal's. it was so pretty. At the end of the room was a large beautiful waterfall.

I looked at the little girl and asked her "What is this place?"

The little girl said "This is a safe house to get away from the dinosaur."

I asked the girl "But how do get out of here when we want to leave?"

The little girl looked at me and said "There are two ways to get out of here. One, at the other side of this mountain there is another exit or Two, we can wait until the dinosaur dries up and turns back into a piece of paper and flies away for someone else to find, then this dream will start all over again."

At this time I woke up and realized I had been dreaming. I looked around my room and saw a toy dinosaur sitting on the chair in my room.

Elnora can be reach at the followind address ms-ellie69@prodigy.net and has a page

at; http://pages.prodigy.net/m-ellie69/granny.htm

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