What was the Bible Written On?

By Rev Jack Barr

The Spirit of God moved upon the authors of the Bible to record their messages upon whatever object was in current use at the time of the writing. These writing materials would include:

A. Clay (Jer. 17:13; Ezek. 4:1)

B. Stone (Ex. 24:12; 13:18; 32:15-16; 34:1,28; Deut. 5:22; 27:2-3; _ Josh. 8:31- 32)

C. Papyrus (made by pressing and gluing two layers of split papyrus reeds together in order to form a sheet) (2 John 12; Rev. 5:1)

D. Vellum (calf skin); and Parchment (Lamb skin), -- 2 Tim. 4:13; and Leather (cowhide),

E. Metal (Ex. 28:36; Job 19:24; Mt. 22:19- 20)

None of the original writings have survived, only copies. However, it has been shown by archaeology that these copies have been copied with such precision that from the oldest known copies of the Old Testament to the newest hand copied Jewish scripture used today there in not one letter changed. As the inspired word of God, to make a mistake in copying even one word when making a new copy resulted in destroying the entire copy and starting over. The copiers permitted NO errors in copying, from the time Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible until the present time.

There are those who try to discredit the Bible by claiming all sorts of errors because of being hand copied, and also claim changes in many different versions of the KJV. They do this to justify the changes that they make in the Word of God. These same people are trying to deliberately change the word of God with new improved versions (with their own deliberate changes to take God out of the Bible) to deceive you. But, God has preserved His word. The critic would have you believe that Our All Powerful God is incapable of preserving His word, and if you believe this lie, then they can sell you the lie that there is no God. We will go into this in much greater detail in our later issues. The Word of God as given to us in the Bible, Has Not Changed by even one word, since it was first written by the inspiration of God.

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