A Vision


By Rev. Jack Barr


Shortly after I came to The Lord, late in life, I was in prayer when I received the following vision.

Picture of Gods Mountain


I saw a mountain with the top in the clouds. The mountain was rising out of a body of water. Around the base of the mountain just inches above the water was a platform like a board walk which had no railing around the outside. The inside of the board walk touched the mountain.

I saw the board walk was crowed with people who, for the most part, were just milling around aimlessly. I looked at the water and saw peoples heads bobbing in the water as far as I could see and in every direction. As I watched I saw a few people on the board walk reaching down to some who were in the water. Some in the water reached out and were being drawn toward the outreached hands and some were being lifted out of the water to join the crowd milling around on the board walk, but others refused the helping hands, swimming away. Some on the board walk were throwing out life rings, like you see on a boat, with ropes attached that they held onto. As I saw the rings land in the water, again some turned their backs on it and swam away, yet a few grabbed hold of them and were drawn in to safety. As I watched, I saw some of the heads in the water slip below the surface and not come up again.

As I watched, some who were milling around on the board walk would come too close to the edge and would fall back into the water. Most of these turned their backs and swam away. A few were helped back onto the board walk.

I looked again and I saw that every once in a while, someone would leave the crowd on the board walk and start climbing the mountain. I then noticed that there were many who were climbing the mountain. As they reached the clouds they would vanish from sight.

I was given to understand, that the water that I saw was the sea of all humanity, from the beginning to the end. The heads that I saw bobbing about in that sea were the people who were living at any given time. Those who slipped below the surface were those who died without coming to salvation. The board walk represents salvation. Those who accepted salvation through Jesus Christ were lifted up out of the sea onto a safe platform where they would not die. There were many who helped others to reach salvation. Those milling around on the board walk were those who had accepted salvation and for the most part went to church. While most did nothing but walk in circles, they were all saved from the sea. Some who wandered about aimlessly walked too close to the edge and fell back into the sea of sin. The mountain is God's mountain and the clouds represent God. There are those on the board walk that when their time comes climbs the mountain to God and heaven.

From this I was given to understand that almost all of humanity will die the second death. That only a relative hand full out of all of humanity will reach salvation. That I am to help as many of them come to salvation as I can but that I can not save all of them. That even some who I lead to salvation will fall back into sin and be lost

May God Bless All Who Read This Vision.

Rev. Jack Barr


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