There Comes a Time

There comes a time to face a task
And steal away from life's frail grasp
To leave behind all care and strife
And cross the Jordan at the end of life

There comes a place in the road that's paved
To part with loved ones and then take the way
To answer the deeds and things that were done
And stand before God and the Savior, his Son

There comes a time when no more we can borrow
And miss the next sunrise of a day called tomorrow
And all of life's care that mattered so much
Will all be forgotten at the masters sweet touch

And there my crown I shall place at his feet
And thank him for salvation he came to complete
And praise him for ages and never grow old
Cause I'm telling you this day, I'm walking on gold.


By Simon Joel Hathaway

Nov. 7, 1993

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