Jesus Our Protector

Jesus Our Protector!

By Rev. Jack Barr


I would like to tell about something that happened to me shortly after I came to the Lord and accepted His call to me to enter the ministry.

I was in the house one night after dark when the Lord said to me "Go Outside." I stepped outside without taking a flashlight with me, now we have several lights out there attached to the house to light up the area, and they do a good job of it.. This is important because it plays a very large part in what Jesus was showing me.

I stood outside for a few minutes waiting on the Lord, then He said, "walk back to your pond." The pond was at the back of my property with a small stand of woods between the house and the pond. I started walking back there and found that I could see where I was walking very well because even though I was not carrying a light with me, there was a full moon and the ground was easy to see.

As I got about half way, about 100 yards, there I suddenly heard and felt some kind of huge creature stomp on the ground, pawing the ground, and something snorting like a huge animal came from somewhere about 5-8 feet above me on my left side, I couldn't see anything there. It sounded like it was about 10-15 feet away. All that I knew was that I had instant TERROR. Not just fear, but TERROR. I shrank back and heard a voice next to me say "Don't be afraid, I am with you, He can't hurt you." There was a peace come over me then and the voice said "go on back to the pond." I walked down a pathway through the trees till I reached the pond.

I stood by the pond praying to Jesus for the glory that He was showing me. By the light of the moon I could see everything clearly, some fish jumped, the breeze blew gently. After awhile. Jesus said "Ok, now go back to the house." As I walked back toward the house I could see where I was walking as I went through the trees, but from then on I began to have difficulty in seeing my path because the lights on the house started to blind me. The closer I came to the house with its outside lights the harder it was to see where I was walking, I couldn't see the ground, I stepped in holes, lost my balance several times. I finally had to put my hands up, blocking the lights on the house from shinning directly into my eyes so that I could see my path by the light of the moon.

Before I reached the house I understood. As long as I moved away from the lights of man and trusted in the light of Jesus that we can see but when we move toward Man's light we will be blinded and fall into ditch. Jesus was showing me that we can always see by God's Light but will always be blinded by man's light. That we MUST turn away from the things of man so that we can see to follow Jesus.

As for the Beast in the field. Jesus showed me that by trusting Him I would always be safe. Is this the end? No. The next morning I went back to the place where I had met the beast. Except for the path that I was on, all of the grass and weeds were knee high. As I searched, there was not one blade of grass bent over, none of it was trampled as it would have been if it had been a creature of flesh and blood. I knew then that I had met Satan in that field. He is still out there waiting for me, wanting to devour me and rip me into pieces. It is only Jesus that keeps this from happening.

Thank you Jesus for your Love and Mercy. Thank You for leading me back to You. May I never forget that Beast that is out there waiting for me.

May God Bless Each one of you.

Rev. Jack Barr

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