His One Mistake

He wore his rubbers when it rained.

He brushed his teeth TWICE a day with a nationally advertised toothpaste.

The doctors examined him twice a year.

He slept with the windows open.

He stuck to a diet with plenty of fresh vegetables.

He relinquished his tonsils and traded in several worn-out glands.

He golfed --- but never more than 18 holes at a time.

He got at least eight hours sleep every night.

He never smoked, drank, or lost his temper.

He did his "daily dozen" daily.

He was all set to live to be a hundred. The funeral will be held Wednesday, He's survived by specialists, three health institutions, two gymnasiums and numerous manufactures of health foods and antiseptics.

"HE FORGOT GOD." That was his one mistake.


Are you making the same mistake today. You do not have to because Jesus Christ and God are waiting for you to come to them.

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