House on a Hilltop

by Elnora Watters

Sitting on a hilltop is a house
Shaded by a snarled Elm tree
A lane winds to its side
Quietly waiting for you and me

Weeds cover what used to be
A garden of beauty and life
Windows darkened black with mud
A house once with laughter and delight

Inter with me, feel the past
Walk in steps that are gone
Hear the groans of those lost
Stay with me until the dawn

Feel the warmth, then the cold
As we walk from room to room
Watch the walls breath in and out
Every moment feeling the doom

Inter the room up the stairs
See the light below the door
If the door opens without stress
We will awaken to dream no more

Published in "Best Poems
of the '90's" The National
Library of Poetry

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