Claim: That Satan is the Father of Cain

Claim: That Satan is the Father of Cain because the word "beguiled" in Gen. 3:13 is shown in Strong's Concordance to mean having Sex with Satan.


The following list is from Strong's Concordance, and shows how many times the word "beguile" is used, and which verses use the word "beguile", and which of the Strong's identification numbers have been assigned for location in the Hebrew Dictionary. It list a few words around the word "beguile" (b') to help in finding a passage you may be looking for.

beguile See also BEGUILED; BEGUILING.
Col 2:4 lest any man should b' you with 3884
18 Let no man b' you of your reward 2603

Ge 3:13 The serpent b' me and I did eat 5377
29:25 wherefore then hast thou b' me? 7411
Nu 25:18 they have b' you in the matter of 5230
Jos 9:22 Wherefore have ye b' us, saying, 7411
2Co 11:3 as the serpent b' Eve through his 1818

2Pe 2:14 b' unstable souls: an heart they 1185

Strong's Concordance Hebrew Dictionary list the definition for the Hebrew word #5377 (beguiled as used in Genesis 3:13), is shown here as

5377 nasha', naw-shaw'; a prim. Root; to lead astray, i.e. (mentally) to delude, or (morally) to seduce:-beguile, deceive., X greatly, x utterly.
5878. nasha', naw-shaw'; a prim. Root; [perh. Ident. with 5377, through the Idea of imposition]; to Lend on Interest; by impl. to dun for debt: x debt, exact, giver of usury.

This is a Prime Root, which means that this is used as the core word, which is then modified with the addition of letters which then changes the basic meaning slightly. However, each modified word must have the basic meaning of this word, in a different form. The main meaning of this word and all variations of it means "to lead astray. "It does not and can not mean anything else! The reference above in it's condensed form does make reference to the word "seduce" as an example of deception, and not as a definition of having sexual intercourse. Lets take a look at what our English Dictionary has to say about the word "seduce". From the NEW CENTURY DICTIONARY, a two volume set gives the definition:

seduce (se-düs'), v. t.; -duced, -ducing.[L. seducere (pp. seduct us), ducere, lead.] To lead or draw away, as from one's chosen course, accepted principles, faith, allegiance, etc., by persuasions or inducements (as, "Cecilius... seduced others from the religion he had left," J. H. Newman's "Cellista," viii.; "The French King attempted by splendid offers to seduce him from the cause of the Republic," Macaulay's "Hist. of Eng.," ii.); win over or beguile (as, "Condé, won over and seduced by the Sirens of the Court, signed it (a peace]": Besant's "Coligny," viii.); entice (into, to, etc.: as, "Or if not drive, seduce them to our party," Milton's "Paradise Lost," .ii 368); lead astray, entice away from duty or rectitud, or Corrupt (as "Celius... tried to seduce Cesar's garrison, and was put to death for his treachery"; Froude's "Cesar," xxii.); specif, to entice (a woman) to a surrender of chastity. -- seduce'ment, n. The act of seducing, or the state of being seduced; also, a means of seducing.-- se-du'cer (-du'sêr), - se-du'ci-ble, a. Capable, of being seduced.

We see from this definition that the Word "seduce" has to do primarily with changing ones path by deception, and can and does apply primarily to many more things than to just tricking a woman into sexual relations, which you can see here is almost a "by the way addition to the definition. The first paragraph gives the meaning and the rest are examples.

Now We see in the definition below of "beguile" from the same English dictionary used above, what it's meaning is. We see here that this definition has the same meaning as does the Hebrew word nasha' (Strong's #05377) used in Genesis 3:13 and translated as "beguiled". They both mean deceived. The reference to seduction shown in Strong's is clearly referring to the deception used in seducing one and not to the act of sex itself

be-guile (be-gil'), v. t. To work upon by guile; delude; cheat; disappoint or foil; deprive artfully (of) ; draw (into, out of etc.) as by wiles; charm or divert; while away (time) pleasantly. - be-guile'ment, n. The act of beguiling; the state of being beguiled; a beguiling agency or influence.-- be-guil'er (- gi'ler), n. -- be-guil'ing-ly, adv.

Therefore we can say with certainty that EVE did NOT have sex with Satan which led to the birth of Cain. Eve herself said that she believed that Cain was the man child promised by God in Genesis 4:1

There is one other way to look at it. Let us substitute into the verse the words or actions that has been claimed for this verse by an alternate reading.

Alternate reading for example only.
Genesis 3:13 And the Lord God said unto the woman, What is this that thou hast done? And the woman said, The serpent HAD SEX WITH ME, and I did eat.

What on earth or in heaven would having sex with the serpent have to do with eating the forbidden fruit??? I just does not fit!! I stand with my belief that the bible says exactly what it means with NO Truth Hidden. Both the Hebrew and the English have the same meaning, Eve was tricked or deceived. This is confirmed by Paul in 2 Corinthians 11:3 where he uses the Greek word translated also as "beguiled" (Strong's Greek #1818) which means "deceived".

And finally: Gen. 4:1 "and Adam knew Eve his wife: who conceived and brought forth Cain

Written in answer to the claim that the word "beguiled" as used in Genesis 3:13 means that Eve had sex with Satan and therefore Satan was the father of Cain. I believe that this claim has been refuted.

Rev. Jack Barr

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