What does it Represent?

As shown in Raymond Aguilera's Prophecies
As Interpreted by Rev. Jack Barr

It must be stated that there has never been, nor will there ever be, any Prophecy that will, or can, replace any part of the Word of God as given to us in God's Holy Bible. The Prophecies are a supplement, an additional word from God, that will, if from God, reinforce the message that God has given us in His Bible and by which the Bible itself will be the key to understanding any and all prophecies. Any Prophecy, from any source, that is in conflict with God's Word in the Bible, is not of God.

Rev. Jack Barr


141. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 6 July 1992 at 4:56 PM.

There are five or six armadillos with their plated skin going in one direction. Then, they change into pigs. I can't understand this but they did somehow and now five or six pigs are running side by side from the right to left. I see a beaver beating his tail in the water. I have no idea what this vision means, it's totally bizarre.


The armadillos are nations that will join with the pig which is Russia (see prophecy 53) The armadillos are a group of nations that are working very closely together. The hard shell of their skin shows that they do not care what the rest of the world is saying to them. These will most likely be nations like Iran, Iraq, Yugoslavia. Each of these nations has thumbed their collective noses at the rest of the world while attacking their neighbors, and are friendly with Russia. They have each told the world by their actions that they don't care if the rest of the world drops bombs on them, they are tough, they will do their thing anyway.

Rev. Jack Barr

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