Who Do The Animals Represent In The Prophecies ?
Who Do The Animals Represent In The Prophecies
The Animals

As shown in Raymond Aguilera's Prophecies
at http://prophecy.org
As Interpreted by Rev. Jack Barr

It must be stated that there has never been, nor will there ever be, any Prophecy that will, or can, replace any part of the Word of God as given to us in God's Holy Bible. The Prophecies are a supplement, an additional word from God, that will, if from God, reinforce the message that God has given us in His Bible and by which the Bible itself will be the key to understanding any and all prophecies. Any Prophecy, from any source, that is in conflict with God's Word in the Bible, is not of God.

Rev. Jack Barr

Who Are The Animals in God's Prophecies from Raymond Aguilera?

Alligator = Mexico
Armadillos = Group of nations around Iraq - friendly with Russia.
Bear = Satan / Leviathan
Beetle = - many nations -South Korea
Buffalo / Bison = United States
Cat = Jaguar = Egypt ??
Coyoye = False Christians
Dog = False Prophet = Second Beast
Donkey = Democratic Political Party of the United States
Eagle = There are three, God's; United States; and Germany
Elephant = Republican Political Party of the United States
Fox = unknown = Accomplice of the Beast (Antichrist)
Goat = Christians who are selfish, egotistical, controling, sinfull and evil.
Hairy Buffalo = Yak = China
Hog = Russia
Pigs = Russia
Boar = Russia
Hornet = Japan
Lamb = 1st Jesus Christ, 2nd Those who are of His flock.
Lion, Demonic = Translators of new bible versions and Ministers who preach from all the
bible versions. = brings sickness and fear
Lion, two headed & rise from grave = Jesus Christ
Mouse = Cuba
Owl = Unknown
Parrot = Antichrist
Prostitute = #1 Unknown, #2 The Jewish Nation
Rabbit = Sinners who will not repent, and Pagans who worship false gods.
Ram = Ministers and priests who turn from God to follow man's religion.
Red Turtle = Unknown
Saber Tooth Tiger (Tiger) = North Korea
Vulture = Demons
White Winged Horse = The Son of Man = Jesus
Wolf = those who delibertly twist the Word of God. = 1st - One particular high placed
priest, unknown = 2nd many who are in the church body

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