by Elnora Watters


1.         The first time, I saw an Angel, I was six years old. I lived in a one-car garage with my mother, father, two brothers and one sister in Van Dyke, Michigan.

        My sister and I were asleep in bed when I awoke and saw a person standing at the foot of our bed. I called out thinking it was my mother. The person looked at me and smiled, I called several times for my mother. When she came into the room, turned on the light, the person had disappeared. My sister saw nothing but I knew I had been awake, the person couldn't have walked past my mother without bumping into her. I believe to this day I had seen an Angel and not been dreaming. Thank you God.

2.         I was very sick one night and remembered the bible verse " If two or more pray together, your prayers will be heard." I called my cousin, who was a Christian I asked her to hold out her left hand and hold the phone with her right hand and we would pray together for a healing. This was aprox. 1959, in Warren, Mi.

        I felt, even though we were in separate homes, He would hear our prayers and take the pain away. As we held out our hands, praying, we each felt someone take our left hands and held them. After we had finished, my pain went away. We both knew the Lord had taken each of our hands that night. Thank God.

3         In 1954, on Ford St. Warren, Michigan., Jim and I had used all of our fuel-oil and had no money to buy anymore. I had called my dad and asked him if we could borrow some money, we didn't tell him why, but he said they had no extra money. I hung up the phone and asked Jim to try one more time to see if there was at least a gallon in the Tank. There was five gallons still in the tank, which got us through Monday night.

        When Jim came back in the house he said that was all, He had tipped the barrel on it's side and none came out. Jim came home that night saying he couldn't borrow any money. That night we prayed for God to help keep the children warm and please send us some help.

        Tuesday morning, Jim went outside and noticed a couple of drops of fuel oil coming from the barrel, he took the can outside and filled it. Then It stopped.

        We Thanked the Lord, feeling we would receive some help from someone this day but again Jim came home telling me we would have fuel oil delivered Saturday early.

        Wednesday Morning Jim went to the tank hoping for another blessing, he took a stick and stuck it through the top and it came out dry. He started to turn around when he noticed it dripping again like the day before. Jim filled the can again.

        This went on for two more days, We felt the hand of the Lord was on us that week. Jim got paid Friday night.

        Saturday morning Jim thought he would go see if there was anymore oil in the tank but when he tipped it up all he got was a few pebbles he had thrown in before and some dry rust . We knew God had said "That is all you asked for."

4.         One year when the children were younger we went camping in South Dakota. While there we ran out of money and had no way to get back home. We went to the bank and asked them to cash a personal check and they refused saying we were out of state. We asked everyone we could think of but no luck. That evening back at the camp Jim and the kids went for a walk through the camp and I was alone. I started to pray for advise not knowing what to do. Suddenly the picnic table and I was in a bright light. I could still hear the others talking but still felt at ease. A voice told me to go to the manager in the morning and ask her to cash a $40.00 check and explain what we needed it for and she would cash the check. The light faded away, I asked Jim if he saw it and he said no.

        The next morning I went to the office and asked the manager and she told me that only one other time she had cashed a personal check and it was for a minister, but she felt she should cash this check for us. We got home fine and still had one nickel left over. We are so thankful God hears our prayers.

5.         About 1966 when we lived on Shelley in Warren I had a very bad spell with my heart and went to the hospital. The doctor's sent me home saying there wasn't anything more to be done for me. At home my family and friends were with me.

        I could hear them speaking in hushed voices. I asked Jim to please have everyone leave me alone for a while, I closed my eyes but then I heard a noise.

        I looked by the foot of my bed and saw a Angel like person. He was dressed all in white and was looking at me. I got scared and he faded away. I realized then who he was and prayed for him to come back, within seconds he reappeared .

        He stood in the same place he had been before, as if he had never left. I looked at him and said " If it is for me to die please take me while I am in your presence" He smiled and faded away. I called Jim back in the room and told him to send everyone home because I wasn't going to die. He asked what happened and I told him "The Lord doesn't want me yet." Thank God

        My Grandson Joshua said I have a Guardian Angel setting on my shoulder because of all the near deaths I have had in my lifetime. I also feel a presents with me all of the time. Whenever I am in trouble that could cause serious problems it seems like someone else steps in and takes over. I thank God for all of his blessings and guidance. I know I continue to let him down and I ask forgiveness for this but I also know in my heart some day I will be with Him and His Son Jesus.

        God has given me the greatest gifts a person could ever want in life, A wonderful husband, great, Christian children and so many beautiful grandchildren.

        He also has given me a way to express my feelings, fears, and love through poems and stories.

        I pray that through my belief of God, I will be a shining example to others and help guide others to Christ. I have had to be humbled to be able to understand the true meaning of Love.

        he following true story will let you know what I mean. I failed to obey a message from God and even though he never left me and continued to guide me I had to be brought back to God by showing me true obedienance.



        This is a true story of the time I disobeyed God and the torment I went through. It is also about the second chance God gave me to show my faith.

        My husbands grandfather Bailey was an atheist. He knew there was a God but didn't believe in him. Grandpa was a wonderful, loving man and I thought the world of him.

        He lived with us several times during our early married life, the rest of the time he lived out of a suitcase in flea infested hotel rooms. He drank but never in our house and his language was under control all the time. He respected us and we respected him.

        A week before he died the hotel he had stayed at called and said he was awful sick and they couldn't take care of him anymore. It was in the winter and there was lots ice and snow but Jim and his brother went to get him. We took him to the Doctor the next day and had lots of tests taken and came back to our house.

        The next day while I was washing clothes I heard someone calling my name, I turned around but saw no one. I continued with the wash and again I heard my name called. I turned and answered "Who is it and what do you want?" The voice said "Go tell Jim's Grandfather about me, his time is very short." I answered back "I have but he doesn't believe."

        The voice answered again "Go now, there isn't much time." I went back to washing the clothes thinking I was just imagining it and decided I would pray about it.

        Grandpa wanted some pop, but I didn't have a car to go to the store.

        Just then my Dad came over and I asked him if he would go to the store and get a can of pop for Grandpa and he agreed.

        After Grandpa finished his pop he stretched in the doorway and said he was going to go to bed. I forgot what the Lord had told me to do and when Jim came home we all went to bed.

        The next morning (Sunday) my folks came over to pick up the children for Church due to the fact we didn't want to leave Grandpa alone. I went into the bedroom where Grandpa was sleeping to get a dress for our daughter when I glanced over to Grandpa and noticed his eyes open, I spoke to him but he didn't move. I called Jim into the room and we discovered he had died in his sleep. I had disobeyed God.

     For month's I saw Grandpa either standing in the doorway, setting on the couch,or laying dead in our bed. I almost sink into a breakdown. For several years I lived with the ghost of Grandpa and the knowledge I had disobeyed God.

     Although God never turned his back on me, he still sent Angels to watch over me and showed his love for me. I lived with the knowledge I had failed God .

     Seventeen years ago I went to Kansas by bus to help my daughter with her new born son. While there my son-in-law explained his ministry with Prisoners and College Students. It sounded so interesting. I took some of the literature with me.

     While on the bus I felt a calm come over me and a feeling I was on the bus alone. At that moment a voice I had heard many years before was in my head telling me he had a job for me to do.

     While sitting there in my seat God was talking to me in my head, He told me that when I got home he wanted me to contact Ministers and Churches and introduce them to "Ministry in Prisons" He told me not to tell anyone until he was ready to start it but to go into a quiet place and he would instruct me. The Voice also told me a person would be sent and tell me she had been sent.

     It seemed like the bus trip was only for a few minutes but was a long time. When I got off the bus I saw Jim and rushed over, forgetting what I had been told, and started to tell him about what happened, All I could do was stutter. In my head the voice said "Remember what I said."

     For a month I went down by the river and sat on a rock and let God talk to me. He made it sound so easy.

     A few days later my neighbor Barbara Arts came over and said something had told her to come visit with me. It was so good to tell someone what had happened and who truly believe me.

     She told me to call her whenever I needed to talk. I told Jim then and he said he felt something important happened but felt I would tell him when I was ready.

     At that time I was going to the Assembly Church in Morrisville and I went to talk to Bro. Partan and ask him for his help, He refused, saying it was only the Devil trying to work on my mind. I told him I had never heard of the Devil trying to do the work of the Lord. I went home and prayed and remembered Barbara, and I called her for advise. She told me to go see her minister at the Methodist Church in Morrisville and see what he would say.

     The next day I went to speak to him and he agreed to let us meet in his church. He got together names and address of other churches and ministers that could be contacted and said he would help me write the invitations.

     I still hadn't contacted my son-in-law to find out if this would be possible to put together. When I called, he called the head of the ministry, and let me know.

     Several days later he called back and said if they could stay with us and pay for gas they would be very happy. We sit up a date.

     I went back to the minister at the Methodist Church and he drafted a letter to be sent out. He also said they could take up a love offering to pay for the gas on the night they came to talk.

     Jim and I made copies of the letter and got envelopes but didn't have the money to send out 50 invitations. While trying to decide what to do Jim's boss called and we asked him if he could help. He said yes and we got the stamps. God had the plan all laid out.

     Keith and another man came the day of the meeting and I started feeling like it was going to fail but we all prayed about it. I know the Devil was discouraging me.

     That night only a hand full of people showed up, Again the Devil discouraged me. Lots of questions were answered that night and all seemed interested but I still felt I had failed God. I had forgotten God had planned this and not me.

     After we got to the house I started to apologies for what I thought was a failure. Keith, Our son-in-law and the other man said they got gas money and a place to stay and got the word out and that was their job, now it was up to the people that were there.

     After they left to go back to Kansas I went down by the river and started to cry, still feeling like I had failed God. The comforting voice came back into my head and said "Child, what I wanted did happen. you obeyed me and those that were there last night will do a great work. You planted the seed, I love you."

     I knew by this God had forgiven me for disobeying him so many years ago.




1.      Richard told me when we lived in the house on Ford he saw an Angel sitting on his dresser in his bedroom. She smiled at him and when he walked over to her she disappeared.

2.      One day my children came running down the steps from the upstairs bedroom,also on Ford St., to tell me the rocking chair was rocking by itself in their room, I wentup stairs to witness the movement of the rocker, It was rocking back and forth then stopped by itself.

3.      Also on Ford St. One raining day, I went to hang some clothes on a line up stair when I smelled perfume. I looked around but found none or anything that would have had the smell of Roses on it. I started shaking and went down stairs. A hour later I went back up to finish hanging up the clothes I didn't smell any perfume odor then or the following days after.




        One time when I was to have a tooth pulled the Dentist told me I would have to have Penicillin to keep from having infection, due to my heart condition. I went to the Doctor for the shot. When I got home my throat started to close up, Jim called the Doctor and he said to rush me up as fast as he cold, I had a reaction to the Penicillin.

        When I got there, I passed out, but I felt like I was leaving my body. I drifted above myself and saw the Doctor and Nurse working over me. I saw them place a large needle into my chest. As I watched I felt very calm and still remember saying to myself "If this is how you feel dying it isn't so bad" just then I felt a terrible rush of pain in my lungs, the feeling that you get when a person run and runs until their lungs feel like they are going to burst.

        I came too and the Doctor told me my heart had stopped and they had to bring me back to life. I was told never to take any kind of Penicillin again . I know I had an experience of near death or was it an experience of death?

        When I went into the Hospital in 1964 for my first Heart operation, I told them not to give me any penicillin, but the night before the operation a nurse came in and proceeded to give me a shot, Jim asked her what kind it was and she said Penicillin,He yelled at her to get the Doctor and they came in and gave me the antidote. I was soThankful God had Jim asked what the shot was.

        While having my second operation for heart replacement of valves again we told everyone not to give me Penicillin, they reassured me the all knew about my problem.

        The Doctor gave me the medicine to put me to sleep, according to the nurse in the room, she said I was put under. When I woke up I told Jim they gave me Penicillin,

       I told him " I heard the Doctor ask the nurse what happens if I get Penicillin and she told him I have 20 minutes to get help or I will die."

        Jim called the nurse into the room and asked her if that was said, she was shocked and said yes, the Doctor had given me Penicillin before he realized I could not have it. She said I should not have heard them talking because I was deep under.

        I feel God let me hear them talking so I would know why I had so much damage done with my throat at that time due to he swelling around the tubes they put down my throat.

        I Thank God for his Blessing and always watching over me. I still don't know why. I pray through my testimonies and the Faith I have I may help others to find Jesus.


Dec. 17, 1997

        This afternoon while curling my hair I received a message from God for my Grandson Joshua. It was so strong, after God finished talking to me I said I would call him when he got home and have him come over for me to talk to him and God said I must go now to the school and tell him, This reminded me of the time I didn't talk to Grandpa Bailey and I knew I had to do it.

        I went to the school and got Joshua out of his class, I was so emotionally moved,and almost couldn't speak.

        I told Joshua " The Devil doesn't like it when Joshua does the will of God and the Devil is trying any way to pull Josh away from the Lord. The Devil knows every one Joshua's weakness and is using others to push Josh away from the work of the Lord. God said he has many plans for Joshua and has had them every since Joshua was born."

       God told me I must express this on Joshua so that he will know why and where this anger is coming from and why the Devil is doing it.

        I asked Joshua if he understood what I was trying to relay to him and he said yes Him and his boyfriend had been discussing prophecy and the work of God just that day . I told Josh I loved him and to think about what I said, because I truly believe God told me to say these things to Joshua. I thank God for his love and his contact with me. I don't know what I would do without God's Love. Thank you Jesus.


March 1998

        Another year facing illness and having only one I can trust and know what he will want of me, and that is Jesus. It is hard though, Each illness I have works on my body and mind. I get so many negative feelings, wondering if I am doing what Lord wants me to do or am I making a fool of myself thinking He has more work on this earth for me to do.Sometimes I feel like just giving up and let all of this illness take over my body and die. I know this would be hard on my family but also they could go on again with their lives, not always waiting for the phone to ring telling them of another illness, another near death, causing them pain. Oh God I don't want this.

        February 1998 again was another close call with death, I fought again to live even though I have no fear of death, but knowing the sorrow my loved ones will feel.

        It seems strange that it is one thing after another that breaks down my body. This month it is the return of cancer in the bladder.

        A friend of mine said she blames Jesus whenever she gets sick, I can't do this If it wasn't for Gods love I would never have had the chance to see my children grow up,see nine grandchildren and so far one great-grandchild. I feel it is the Devil who keeps kicking me down. He knows my weakness and works on this by making me feel sorry for myself.

        God fills my life with needs of writing, fellowship of the youth of the church and a close Christian family and the love of my lovely family.

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