Cormier Family Photos

Update Jan. 1, 2005

Aristile Cormier
and Josephine Blanchard
Jack's Great Grandparents
On his mother's side

Jack's Grandparents and family
Rene Cormier family - about 1925
Back row:Wilfred, Rene, Louisa, Mack
Middle row: Lillian, Floyd, Fred, Eloi
Bottom row: Wilson & Nelson,

Rene and Louisa Lavergne Cormier
Jack's Grandparents

Rene Cormier and grandson Charles Jupe 1955

Wilfred, Volia standing, Lillian sitting,
and Jessie Cormier

Back row: Alvin, James, Arnold
Middle row: Theresa, Diedre
Front sitting: Jessie & Carole Cormier

Eloi Cormier

Eloi and Violet Lester Cormier

Eloi, Violet, Lester, John, Carl and Roy Cormier 1967

Carl Cormier

Carl, John & Roy Cormier

John Cormier

Carl, John and Roy Cormier 1970

Violet 'Lester' and Eloi Cormier 1970

Floyd, Wilson, Lillian 'Barr', Wilfred 'Frenchy', Eloi

Floyd, Eloi, Lillian 'Barr', Wilfred & Wilson

Lillian Cormier Barr
Jack's Mother

Wilfred "Frenchy" and Ruth Cormier 1980

Shirley Cormier Jupe 1980

Wilfred,& Ruth 'Summers' Cormier
Grandchildren and his brothers 1980

Wilfred & 2nd wife Lorena Cormier 1995

Floyd Cormier 1980

Floyd and Lula Cormier

Back Row Robert Cormier       Doris 'Ciomperlik' Cormier              Eloi Ray Cormier
Front Row Michael Cormier

Lula 'Leesch' Cormier, Debbie Crawford {Marilyn's daubhter], Nicole Lehman [Debbie's daughter} and Marilyn 'Cormier' Dugger

Michael Cormier Eloi and Doris's Son

Gale 'Galindo' Cormier Robert Ray Cormier and daughter Jennifer Renee Cormier

Michael and Annabelle 'Rodriguez'

Robert and Michael Cormier
Floyd and Lula Cormier's
Grand children

Nicole Lehman
Floyd and Lula Cormier's
Great Granddaughter

left to right: Michael Cormier, Marilyn Cormier Dugger, Debbie Crawford, Nicole Lehman [Debbie's daughter], Eloi Cormier[in back] and Robert Cormier
Children, grandchildren and great grand daughter of Floyd Cormier

Lula's daughter Marilyn, Lillian Barr, Marilyn's granddaughter Nicole and Marilyn's son in law Harry Lindgreen

Darlene Cormier
d/o Fred and Audrey Cormier

Fred and Audrey Cormier 1979
Miami Florida At Jack Barr's home

Darlene Cormier Leonard's Children
Barbara Jean and James Robert

Sadie Rhea Cormier wife of Nelson Cormier

David Cormier;s children

Sharon Cormier and Mike Mc Manus family

Mike Mc Manus Jr. 1 year old

Mike Mc Manus Jr. 1983

Wilson and Evelyn Cormier 1973

Susan Cormier's wedding

Cormier fellows

Diane Cormier