Fulfillment of Prophecy

The White House Falls

As shown in Raymond Aguilera's Prophecies
at http://prophecy.org
As Interpreted by Rev. Jack Barr

It must be stated that there has never been, nor will there ever be, any Prophecy that will, or can, replace any part of the Word of God as given to us in God's Holy Bible. The Prophecies are a supplement, an additional word from God, that will, if from God, reinforce the message that God has given us in His Bible and by which the Bible itself will be the key to understanding any and all prophecies. Any Prophecy, from any source, that is in conflict with God's Word in the Bible, is not of God.

Rev. Jack Barr

Most prophecies from Raymond Aguilera have multiple prophecies or parts within each numbered prophecy. Therefore, the part fulfilled does not include everything in the numbered prophecy, but only the one part listed here.


Fulfilled: The White House will Fall - Prophecies #746, 900, and 999 [All shown below]

From the Prophecies shown below, history has shown that they have been fulfilled.

The White House fell when President Clinton was Impeached at the end of 1998

The U.S. House of Representatives gave its approval, Dec. 19, 1998 to 2 articles of impeachment charging President Clinton with grand jury perjury (228-206) and obstruction of justice (221-212) in connection with a coverup of his sexual relationship with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Two other impeachment articles failed. Clinton became only the 2nd president in U.S. history to be impeached.

Clinton was acquitted by the Senate in 1999, and thus was able to remain in office to the end of his term, inspite of having been impeached by the House of Representatives.

The Impeachment of President Clinton fulfilled the prophecies of the White House falling, as given in Prophecies #746, 900, 999.

There are additional prophecies which shows him mocking God, which are not shown here. While those prophecies shows why he fell, they cannot properly be called a prediction of events to come, but rather are of an explanation of what he was at that time that led to his fall.

746. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 8 June 1995 at 5:12 AM. in Spanish.

The house of white is going to fall. Hear Me with your ears and look with your eyes, all that you have read. The white house is going to fall to the point with the force of the devil. The flames of the United States have arrived. It has arrived, all that I have told you in the prophecies. It has arrived for I don't lie, to the point, to the letter. This is the Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit.

I know that you still have your eyes closed and your ears closed because you don't want to hear the Word of God, but I am telling you the truth and to the point. The white house is going to fall rapidly. You believe that you know it all. You believe you know the manner of God. I am telling you this minute; "You don't know a thing.", and I am going to show you with the Force of MY WORD!, with the Force of the Holy Spirit, with the Force of My Son. This is your Father.

The people of the churches of the United States are deaf. They believe they know, the manner, the way of God, the One who made all, with the WORD, with the Force of the Holy Spirit. I am going to awaken you. Did you HEAR ME? You are going to get mad, but I am going to awaken you, because you are asleep, and you are not doing what I have told you. You are going to CRY, but I am telling you this minute with My WORD, that you have to change. You have seek your Father with the Force of the Holy Spirit.

Open your eyes. Open your ears, before the White House falls because you are going to begin to suffer. You believe because you are so intelligent, that you are going to know, but you don't know a thing. Put in on your calendar. It has arrived the Flame of Heaven, the Force of the Holy Spirit. Yes! This is the WORD of your Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit, with My prophet Reymundo. (over)

900. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 25 April 1996 at 3:55 PM. in Spanish.

It has arrived. Yes, Reymundo, it has arrived. The White House is going to fall, with the force of the devil and to the point. The force, that is hitting your head now, is from the devil. It's because he doesn't want you to write what I am telling you; but it is the Truth. The White House is going to fall. You know that this is your Father, the One who made the world, the stars, all that you see, all that you touch. It has arrived, the day of the end of the White House. The President, of the United States , thinks a lot of himself. He believes he knows how to fix the things of God. But I tell you to the point, He knows nothing. All the force, of the devil, is going to be placed on top of the head, of the President, of the United States, for the devil is going to push down the White House, with the force of the devils. The White House believes they can fix the things of the devil; but when you are walking with the devil, you cannot tell him what to do, for he will push you down. I know that the Word, that I am telling you, is hard; but it is the Truth.

999. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera 22 December 1996 at 5:28 PM.

The White House! Yes, the White House is going to fall with the peace. The White House is going to fall. For it is walking with it's chest sticking out with the flame of the devil. The peace is going to end. It radiates the eyes of the devil, with the heart of the devil, for the heart of the White House is the heart of the devil.

Watch yourself! See and hear the things of God. Read the Bible to the point. For it has arrived, the day, the hour, the minute, that the White House is going to fall to the point. They can say lies to all the people, but they cannot lie to God. For God knows the hearts of the all people, who run the White House, and all of it is filthy; the President, to the man who cleans the restroom. I am telling you the truth! I am telling you ALL to the point! It has arrived; all that I have told you in the Bible. For the chest of the White House is the chest of the devil. For the same reasons the devil fell. For they believed they were so great. They (White House) believed more in the man than in God.

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