Fulfillment of Prophecy #1127

Fulfillment of Prophecy #1127

Ship on a Ship

As shown in Raymond Aguilera's Prophecies
at http://prophecy.org
As Interpreted by Rev. Jack Barr


It must be stated that there has never been, nor will there ever be, any Prophecy that will, or can, replace any part of the Word of God as given to us in God's Holy Bible. The Prophecies are a supplement, an additional word from God, that will, if from God, reinforce the message that God has given us in His Bible and by which the Bible itself will be the key to understanding any and all prophecies. Any Prophecy, from any source, that is in conflict with God's Word in the Bible, is not of God.

Rev. Jack Barr

Most prophecies from Raymond Aguilera have multiple prophecies or parts within each numbered prophecy. Therefore, the part fulfilled does not include everything in the numbered prophecy, but only the one part listed here.

Prophecy #1127 November 28, 1997
Then the Lord gave me a vision of ship, but on this ship there was another ship. It was a vision of a ship within a ship.

Possible Confirmation report From Ron Viessman 8 Jan 2001 - USS Cole after the terrorist attack in Mid October 2000; was hauled aboard a large ship by crane and transported back to the U.S. I'm retired Navy and didn't know it was possible to pick up a destroyer and transport it on another ship; but I saw this in the paper.

Fulfilled -- October 2000. The USS Cole, an American Destroyer that had a hole blown in its side by terrorist, was carried back to the United States on top of another ship.

USS Cole

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