September Update

C. Alan Martin

I am sitting back watching as a number of dreams, visions, and prophecies all seem to be all moving toward a conjunction. Some of these are very old (in my life) and some are personal in that they would only mean something to me.

(1.) In a 1971 dream, I saw a young man fall. I helped him up and prayed "lord have mercy" This was the initial event in the house vision of the night, and occurred just before the events of that dream began to occur. For many years I did not know who that young man was. I now know who he is. He is my second oldest son. He had not been born yet (indeed I have not even met his mother yet) when I had the dream. Events in our family life are now taking place that I believe are the fulfillment of this portion of the dream.

(2.) Of course the other events of the same dream, including the problems being encountered by the Clinton Admin, as well as the possible appearance of Gore as the man at the end of the dream.

(3.) In the mid-eighties I had a dream that I would have several teeth removed and replaced. I of course had no idea what this was about, but I did know that it was another "sign" that would occur in my personal life telling me that certain other things were about to occur. On Tuesday my dentist recommended this course of action. He wants to remove four front teeth which have been giving me trouble for the last 6 months, and replace them with a partial plate. In the afore mentioned dream, I saw myself walk out of a complex of rooms where this treatment took place. Dr. William's office looks very similar to this complex (I even know which room). This event was to occur immediately prior to the great outpouring in the USA.

(4.) Last week I had a very powerful dream where I was standing in the middle of a field. Huge thunderheads where appearing on all sides overhead and growing high into the sky. These thunderheads continued to appear and grow all over the sky until there was only one place that was not covered. The hole in the clouds was a narrow opening that reached thousands of feet high. Suddenly a very powerful gust of wind grabbed me and flung me high into the air, and up into this hole in the sky. I was facing downward as the wind carried me upward at a fantastic rate of speed through this tube shaped hole in the clouds. As I looked down at the ground that was becoming further and further away, I noticed that a thunderhead was beginning to form at the bottom of the hole directly beneath me, and was growing so as to fill this last opening in the clouds. This dream marks the end of a two month long drought for me of spiritual manifestations.

(5.) There is an increasing divsion between the blues and the grays. On the one side is a very rigid, theology oriented belief system, and on the other a free flowing Jesus oriented belief system. This is even becoming evident in the "prophetic". The main area in the prophetic where we can see this is the attempt to model the NT prophetic after the OT system of the law and the prophets. Many are missing the weightier matters of justice mercy, and faith, and replacing them with legalism, judgmentalism, and religion. This is a part of the judgment on the church in preparation for the great outpouring.

(6.) In 1995 I related a dream where I saw a volcano rising up in the Caribbean, and render an island virtually desolate. Within a matter of days the island of Montsierat erupted and today the island is virtually desolate except for a few hold outs. I believe that this was another sign.. telling us that when the island reaches the point of desolation, then we know that days of the desolation of the US are upon us, as well as the great outpouring.

(7.) Last year I related a vision where I saw a bucket of fire being poured out in the sky over the center of the North American continent in the area between the Great lakes and the Hudson bay. Since then I have also shared that science has detected decreased levels in the 0-Zone in this area resulting in deadly radiation pouring to the earth. Today we are seeing deformed animals in this area of the US and Canada. It will get worse.

(8.) From the "house" vision of the night, we can expect to see the Clinton administration continue to suffer from problems within and without. The darkness will grow steadily and overshadow everything else in the news and likely cripple the Gov. Such a crisis could very well trigger the economic crash that must come.

(9.) Tonight on the CBS evening news we finally heard what we have suspected all along. 100 nuclear weapons are missing from the arsenal of the former USSR. They could turn up anywhere. Terrorists, rogue nations, even a criminal element. Today we live in greater danger than at any time during the cold war.