From - Thu Nov 19 22:12:20 1998
From: Mark Gabrielson 
To: "'Ray Aguilera'" 
Cc: "''" 
Subject: Prince Charles == Fox???
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 22:25:26 -0900


I have been thinking about a couple of prophecies that you had.
Prophecy 108 states:
...Yes Ray, the hour will come when the monarch is assassinated in the
 streets of London.On the Day that will mark his Coronation.  For the 
Beast has planned, and executed this assassination from the beginning...
This has to be Prince Charles unless he dies before his mother.
Then in Prophecy 64 it states:
...The Fox is coming out of his hole, he is beginning to get the courage to 
put his plan into motion.  The Fox will roam the wilderness slowly and 
cautiously at first.  But he will get the confidence he needs to place his 
organization into power.  For the Fox is one of the players in the scenario 
of the end.  
	The Fox will help the Beast in the beginning, then the Beast will 
destroy the Fox.  The Fox will accumulate wealth and wisdom that will be
 used to manipulate the Rulers of certain countries. And the Beast will use
that information to manipulate, to separate, to destroy the Rulers of these 
	That information will become an important tool for the Beast. But 
at the time, and the hour, the Fox will not be needed, he will be destroyed.
  He will be executed.  He will be denounced.  He will become one of the 
stepping stones of the Beast.  So beware of the Beast and the stepping 
In prophecy 289:
...A vision of a Fox.  The Fox changes into a Lamb...
In prophecy 1034:
I am, I am, I am.  Stay awake, be alert.  The horse and the hound dog are 
ready for the hunt.  Watch the fox.  He is fast, and he is swift.  The hunt 
will avail nothing; for the fox is too clever for the horse and the hound.  
Mark My Words, the day of the fox is here.  If you look closely; you will 
see the fox.  The fox will make himself known within the next three years.
  Look for the fox; for the horse and the hound are right behind.  (over)
Charles seems to be venturing forth since Diana's death last August.  His 
newweb site is was just announced on 
Nando News
  Prophecy 1034 was in April 97 a couple of months before Diana's death.
In prophecy 70:
All of Germany will unite.  Russia will reassemble, reorganize.  The False 
Prophet will be risen from the Middle East, and he will unite with the 
Beastat the appointed hour in time.  This False Prophet from the Mid East,
 Middle East, is going to use the Power of Satan to deceive.  He is going 
to create Miracles.  He is going to do things that you're going to consider 
wondrous, great.

And in prophecy 287:
...Islam, Islam will be the way of the future.  The antichrist, the false 
prophet will eat Islam, will digest it, adore it, will live it.  Remember My 
Words.  Islam will be the way of the devil, will be the way of the antichrist
.  Islam.  Remember the Words.  So saith Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the 
Holy Spirit, the way, the manner of the future, of the devil.  Islam, and the
star capital of the devil.  Islam.  So saith Jehovah, so saith Jesus Christ, 
so saith the Holy Spirit...
The False Prophet comes from Islam.  Read these following articles and 
speeches by the Prince.  He seems to be very sympathetic with the way of
Islam in the interest of world peace and cooperation.  This could be in 
preparation to introduce the False Prophet as a good man of peace.

I think Prince Charles could be the Fox.  He talks about God but it doesn't
seem like he really knows who God is. The Price seems harmless (a lamb) 
but we really don't know 1997.
God Bless You,

Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God
and Jesus Christ our Lord  [2 Pet 1:2]
      Mark Gabrielson